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Proceedings of the International Conference on Power Systems Transients (IPST)

ISSN: 2434-9739

Conference Location: Seoul, Republic of Korea

Paper #: 17IPST001
Large Induction Motor Reacceleration due to Fast Bus Bar Transfer
Author(s): P. Marini

Paper #: 17IPST002
On Tower Modeling using Fitting Techniques for Analysis of the Lightning Performance in Power Transmission Systems
Author(s): E. C. M. Costa, A. J. G. Pinto, S. Kurokawa, B. Kordi, J. Pissolato

Paper #: 17IPST004
Scale model test on a novel 400 kV double circuit composite pylon
Author(s): Q. Wang, C. L. Bak, F. F. Silva, H. Skouboe

Paper #: 17IPST005
Comparison of Transient Simulations on Overhead Cables by EMTP and FDTD
Author(s): H. Xue, M. Natsui, A. Ametani, J. Mahseredjian, H. Tanaka, Y. Baba

Paper #: 17IPST006
Analysis of D-STATCOM Impact on Protection of Distribution Network
Author(s): K. Pandakov, E. Tedeschi, H. Kr. Høidalen

Paper #: 17IPST012
Evaluation of the Effect of Advanced Core Settings of the Hybrid Transformer Model on the Harmonic Content of Inrush Currents
Author(s): J. R. M. S. Souza, C. S. Pereira Filho, A. De Conti

Paper #: 17IPST013
Designing and Training an Artificial Neural Network Fed by Harmonic Content of Differential Currentsfor Inrush Detection
Author(s): J. R. M. S. Souza, C. S. Pereira Filho, A. De Conti, C. L. Castro

Paper #: 17IPST014
Application of Controlled Switching for Limitation of Switching Overvoltages on 400 kV Transmission Line
Author(s): B. Filipovic-Grcic, I. Uglešic, S. Bojic, A. Župan

Paper #: 17IPST016
Alternative Approaches and Dynamic Analysis Considerations for Detecting Open Phase Conductors in ThreePhase Power Systems
Author(s): Robert M. Carritte, Kawa Cheung, Mohit Malik

Paper #: 17IPST018
Novel Indicator of Transmission Line Towers Backflashover Performance
Author(s): P. Sarajcev, D. Jakus, J. Vasilj

Paper #: 17IPST019
Lightning Overvoltages in a HVDC Transmission System comprising Mixed Overhead-Cable Lines
Author(s): M. Goertz, S. Wenig, S. Gorges, M. Kahl, S. Beckler, J. Christian, M. Suriyah, T. Leibfried

Paper #: 17IPST021
Harmonic Background Amplification in Long Asymmetrical High Voltage Cable Systems
Author(s): C. F. Jensen

Paper #: 17IPST023
Internal Converter- and DC-Fault Handling for a Single Point Grounded Bipolar MMCHVDC System
Author(s): S. Wenig, M. Goertz, W. Schulze, S. Beckler, M. Kahl, J. Christian, M. Suriyah, T. Leibfried

Paper #: 17IPST024
Locating Lightning-Originated Flashovers in Power Networks using Electromagnetic Time Reversal
Author(s): R. Razzaghi, M. Scatena, M. Paolone, F. Rachidi, G. Antonini

Paper #: 17IPST025
Comparative Research into Transients by Switching of High Voltage Shunt Reactor
Author(s): S. Bojić, B. Babić, I. Uglešić

Paper #: 17IPST026
Synchronized Measurement Technology Supported AC and HVDC Online Disturbance Detection
Author(s): M. Naglic, L. Liu, I. Tyuryukanov, M. Popov, M. A. M. M. van der Meijden, V. Terzija

Paper #: 17IPST027
Field Experience with Enhanced Hybrid Single Phase Tripping and Reclosing
Author(s): Charles Henville, Hongbo Apollo Zhang, Mukesh Nagpal

Paper #: 17IPST028
275 kV Cable Discharge Field Measurement and Analysis of SVLS Chain Failure Using ATP
Author(s): F. Ghassemi, S. Dennis, A. Ainsley, M. Haddad, S. Robson

Paper #: 17IPST029
Study of series resonance overvoltage at LV side of transmission transformer during EHV cable energization
Author(s): F. Barakou, A. Pitsaris, P. A. A. F. Wouters, E. F. Steennis

Paper #: 17IPST031
General Approach for Accurate Evaluation of Transformer Resonance Effects
Author(s): M. Popov

Paper #: 17IPST033
Overview of Generic HVDC-MMC Control under Unbalanced Grid Conditions
Author(s): Anton Stepanov, Hani Saad, Jean Mahseredjian, AurélienWataré

Paper #: 17IPST035
Accurate and High Speed Electromagnetic Transient Modeling of Two-Port Sub-Modules based MMC-HVDC Converters
Author(s): Jianzhong Xu, A. M. Gole, Shengtao Fan, Chengyong Zhao

Paper #: 17IPST036
On the Influence of Earth Conduction Effects on the Propagation Characteristics of Aerial and Buried Conductors
Author(s): T. A. Papadopoulos, A. I. Chrysochos, G. K. Papagiannis

Paper #: 17IPST038
A Special Case of Ferroresonance Involving A Series Compensated Line
Author(s): K. Gauthier, M. Alawie

Paper #: 17IPST040
Wood and fiberglass crossarm performance against lightning strikes on transmission towers
Author(s): I. Mohamed Rawi, M. S. A. Rahman, M. Z. A. Ab. Kadir, M. Izadi

Paper #: 17IPST041
Application of wide band transformer models
Author(s): Bruno Jurisic, Paul Poujade, Alain Xemard, Ivo Uglesic, Françoise Paladian

Paper #: 17IPST044
Modeling and Experimental Analysis of the Transient Overvoltages on Machine Windings Fed by PWM Inverters
Author(s): Mohammed Khalil Hussain, Pablo Gomez

Paper #: 17IPST051
Optimal Planning of Battery Energy Storage Systemsfor Mitigating Voltage Fluctuations in Active Distribution Networks
Author(s): Khawaja Khalid Mehmood, SaadUllah Khan, ZunaibMaqsoodHaider, Soon-Jeong Lee, Muhammad KashifRafique, Chul-Hwan Kim

Paper #: 17IPST052
Development of Countermeasures for Transient Phenomena in Low-Voltage DC Distribution Systems due to ACCB Operation
Author(s): C. H. Noh, G. H. Gwon, J. I. Song, C. H. Kim, R. K. Aggarwal, H. C. Seo

Paper #: 17IPST053
Adaptive Centralized Protection Scheme for Microgrids Based on Positive Sequence Complex Power
Author(s): S. B. A. Bukhari, R. Haider, M. S. Zaman, Y. S. Oh, G. J. Cho, M. S. Kim, J. S. Kim, C. H. Kim

Paper #: 17IPST054
Improvement of power factor in smart grid connected with EV charger and optimal sizing of SVC capacitor using SMC
Author(s): Saeid Gholami Farkoush, Chang-Hwan Kim, Abdul Wadood, Tahir Khurshaid, Kumail Hassan Kharal, Sang-Bong Rhee

Paper #: 17IPST056
Reduction of Harmonics using Active Filter for Power Quality Improvement
Author(s): Abdul Wadood, Chang Hwan Kim, Saied Gholami Farkoush, Tahir Khurshaid, Kumail Hassan Kharal, Sang-Bong Rhee

Paper #: 17IPST062
Zonal Operation Scheme of Distributed Generationsfor Voltage Regulation in Distribution Networks
Author(s): Y. S. Oh, G. J. Cho, M. S. Kim, J. S. Kim, S. B. Ali Bukhari, R. Haider, M. S. Zaman, C. H. Kim

Paper #: 17IPST063
A Study on Protective Coordination for Low Voltage DC Last Mile Distribution System
Author(s): G. H. Gwon, C. H. Noh, J. Han, J. I. Song, Y. S. Oh, M. O. Khan, S. Zaman, M. Mehdi, C. H. Kim

Paper #: 17IPST064
Analysis of Quadrilateral Out-of-Step Protection Relay Operation
Author(s): Ji-Kyung Park, Kwang-Hyun Kim, Chul-Hwan Kim, Ji-Sung Kang, Young-SikLyu, Jeong-Jae Yang, M. M. Saha

Paper #: 17IPST068
Development of Protective Method based on Superposition Principle along with Fault Current Limiter in Low Voltage DC Distribution System
Author(s): S. Zaman, S. B. A Bukhari, M. O. Khan, G. H. Gwon, J. Han, C. H. Noh, M. Mehdi. C. H. Kim

Paper #: 17IPST072
Electromagnetic Disturbances in Gas-Insulated Substations and VFT Calculations
Author(s): A. Ametani, H. Xue, M. Natsui, J. Mahseredjian

Paper #: 17IPST074
Comprehensive Investigations of Transient Processes in Medium Voltage Distribution Networks with Long-Distance Power Transmission
Author(s): Alexey A. Kuzmin, Ivan Ye. Naumkin, Leonid I. Sarin, AyuurzanaErdenebileg, AltanduulgaBazarragcha

Paper #: 17IPST075
Charging Capacity Compensation Device for Application during Energization and Single-Phase Automatic Reclosing of Power Transmission Lines
Author(s): D.V. Kochura, I. Ye. Naumkin, L. I. Sarin, R. I. Naumkin

Paper #: 17IPST076
Transient and Steady-State Analysis of Flyback Converter with Non-Dissipative LC Snubber
Author(s): Muhammad ArifSharafat Ali, Khawaja Khalid Mehmood, Ji-Kyung Park, Chul-Hwan Kim

Paper #: 17IPST078
Load Flow Analysis for DER integrated AC/DC Distribution System affected by Converter and DC line Outages
Author(s): M. Omer. Khan, S. Zaman, M. Mehdi, J. Han, G. H. Gwon, C. H. Noh, J. I. Song, C. H. Kim

Paper #: 17IPST079
New HVDC LCC replica platform to improve the study and maintenance of the IFA2000 link
Author(s): Y. Vernay, A. DrouetD'Aubigny, Z. Benalla, S. Dennetière

Paper #: 17IPST083
Lightning in hybrid cable-overhead lines and consequent transient overvoltages
Author(s): F. Faria da Silva, Kasper S. Pedersen, Claus L. Bak

Paper #: 17IPST087
A First Step Towards the Implementation and Software-to-Software Validation of an Active Distribution Network Model
Author(s): Aboutaleb Haddadi, Hossein Hooshyar, Jean Mahseredjian, Christian Dufour, Luigi Vanfretti

Paper #: 17IPST088
Modeling and Analysis of Resistive Type Superconducting Fault Current Limiters for Coordinated Microgrid Protection
Author(s): R. Haider, M. S. Zaman, S. B. A. Bukhari, Y. S. Oh, G. J. Cho, M. S. Kim, J. S. Kim, C. H. Kim

Paper #: 17IPST089
A Vertical Conductor Circuit Model Including Up- and Down-ward Traveling Waves
Author(s): A. Yamanaka, A. Hori, H. Murakami, N. Nagaoka

Paper #: 17IPST090
Suppression of Voltage Violation in PV Connected Distribution System via Cooperation of Battery Energy Storage System and SVR
Author(s): Yan Qingyuan, Mutsumi Aoki

Paper #: 17IPST091
A Design Procedure for Control Systems of Inverter-based DG in Microgrids
Author(s): Toshihisa Funabashi, Shota Igarashi, Yusuke Manabe, Muneaki Kurimoto, Takeyoshi Kato

Paper #: 17IPST092
Electric Field Characteristics of Ending Box-Air (EB-A) Type Outdoor Termination under Switching Impulse Superimposed on DC Voltage
Author(s): Ik-Soo Kwon, Kuniaki Sakamoto, Jae-Hong Koo, Byeong-CheolMun, Sung-Won Ahn, Dong-Uk Kim, Bang-Wook Lee

Paper #: 17IPST093
Transient Evaluation of Grounding Encased in Concrete: a Study Based on Real Measurements in Power Systems Configurations
Author(s): Alex B. Tronchoni, Daniel Gazzana, Guilherme A. D. Dias, Roberto C. Leborgne, Arturo S. Bretas, Marcos Telló

Paper #: 17IPST095
Analysis of distance relay tripping an industry plant due to sympathetic inrush currents
Author(s): H. Kr. Høidalen, V. Berg

Paper #: 17IPST096
New Hydro-Québec Real-Time Simulation Interface for HVDC Commissioning Studies
Author(s): François Guay, Pierre-André Chiasson, Nicolas Verville, Sébastien Tremblay, Per Askvid

Paper #: 17IPST098
Transient study of rural electrification using induced voltage at transmission lines'shielding wires
Author(s): J. S. Chaves, M. C. Tavares

Paper #: 17IPST099
Automation of model exchange between planning and EMT tools
Author(s): C. Martin, Y. Fillion

Paper #: 17IPST101
FDTD Analysis of Distribution Line Voltages Induced by Inclined Lightning Channel
Author(s): Masashi Natsui, Akihiro Ametani, Jean Mahseredjian, Shozo Sekioka, Kazuo Yamamoto

Paper #: 17IPST102
A New Approach to Model Frequency Dependent Network Equivalents in Transient Simulation Tools
Author(s): Meysam Ahmadi, Aniruddha M. Gole

Paper #: 17IPST106
Characterization and Transient Analysis of AC Link with Half Wavelength Line Properties under Critical Fault Condition
Author(s): J. A. Santiago Ortega, M. C. Tavares.

Paper #: 17IPST108
A New Hierarchical Approach for Modeling Protection Systems in EMT-type Software
Author(s): Henry Gras, Jean Mahseredjian, Emmanuel Rutovic, UlasKaraagac, Aboutaleb Haddadi, Omar Saad, IlhanKocar, Ali El-Akoum

Paper #: 17IPST118
Modeling of nonlinearities in MMC stations for real-time and offline simulation
Author(s): S. Dennetière, H. Saad, J. Mahseredjian, T. Ould-Bachir

Paper #: 17IPST121
Comparison of system identification methods applied to analysis of inter-area modes
Author(s): Kaur Tuttelberg, Jako Kilter, KjetilUhlen

Paper #: 17IPST122
Fault Locator Using Travelling Waves: Experience in the Belgian Transmission Network
Author(s): X. Bustamante-Mparsakis, J. C. Maun

Paper #: 17IPST123
Torsional Interactions in Drivetrain System of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generators Based Wind Farms
Author(s): H. Y. Min, N. R. Watson

Paper #: 17IPST126
Coupled Electro-Thermal Transients Simulation of Gas-Insulated Transmission Lines Using FDTD and VEM Modeling
Author(s): D. I. Doukas, T. A. Papadopoulos, A. I. Chrysochos, D. P. Labridis, G. K. Papagiannis

Paper #: 17IPST127
Estimation of Current Distribution in the Electric Railway System in the EMTP-RV
Author(s): Bosko Milesevic, Bozidar Filipovic-Grcic, Ivo Uglesic

Paper #: 17IPST128
Implementation of a unified modelling between EMT tools for Network Studies
Author(s): B. Bruned, C. Martin, S. Dennetière, Y. Vernay

Paper #: 17IPST129
Design and Validation of Pre-Insertion Resistor Rating for Mitigation of Zero Missing Phenomenon
Author(s): Kiran Munji, Jonathan Horne, Jose Ribecca

Paper #: 17IPST130
Ferroresonance in MV Voltage Transformers: Pragmatic experimental approach towards investigation of risk and mitigating strategy
Author(s): W. Piasecki, M. Stosur, T. Kuczek, M. Kuniewski, R. Javora

Paper #: 17IPST131
A Study of Solution Process Parallelization for an EMT Analysis Program Using OpenMP
Author(s): Rikido Yonezawa, Taku Noda

Paper #: 17IPST134
Simulation of the effect of parameter uncertainties on transient overvoltages during power restoration: comparison with field measurements
Author(s): P. Poujade, B. Caillault, M. Martínez Duró, V. Renouard, F. Zgainski

Paper #: 17IPST139
Development of a Computer Program for Calculating the Transmission-Line Constants of Cables Installed in a Tunnel Taking the Skin and Proximity Effects into Account
Author(s): Yohei Tanaka, Taku Noda, Yoichi Sekiba, Eiichi Ito, Kazuhiro Misawa, Takuji Chida

Paper #: 17IPST140
New Investigations on the Method of Characteristics for the Evaluation of Line Transients
Author(s): Thomas Kauffmann, IlhanKocar, Jean Mahseredjian

Paper #: 17IPST143
Equivalent Signal Theory for Frequency Domain Modeling of Linear Time-Periodic Systems: PWM Application
Author(s): Mohamed Abdel-Rahman, Abner Ramirez

Paper #: 17IPST145
Case studies for high voltage network development with respect to resonance conditions
Author(s): T. Kuczek, T. Chmielewski, P. Oramus

Paper #: 17IPST146
Co-Simulation of Electrical Networks by Interfacing EMT and Dynamic-Phasor Simulators
Author(s): K. Mudunkotuwa, S. Filizadeh

Paper #: 17IPST150
Evaluation of the Accuracy of Real-time Digital Simulator Voltage Source Converter Models Determined from Frequency Scanning
Author(s): Yi Qi, AniruddhaGole, Hui Ding, Yi Zhang

Paper #: 17IPST151
Dynamic Modeling of an Improved In-Phase Motor Bus Transfer Scheme
Author(s): Normann Fischer, Joseph D. Law, Andrew G. Miles, Brian K. Johnson

Paper #: 17IPST154
Implementation of Smart DFT-based PMU Model inthe Real-Time Digital Simulator
Author(s): Dinesh Rangana Gurusinghe, Dean Ouellette, Athula D. Rajapakse

Paper #: 17IPST157
Impact of Instrument Transformers and Anti-Aliasing Filters on Fault Locators
Author(s): R. L. A. Reis, W. L. A. Neves, D. Fernandes Jr.

Paper #: 17IPST158
Challenges in Fault Detection and Discrimination in Multi-terminal HVDC Grids and Potential Solutions
Author(s): M. H. Naushath, A.D. Rajapakse

Paper #: 17IPST159
Development of a Symmetrical Multi-Phase Synchronous Machine Model for Real-Time Digital Simulation
Author(s): A. B. Dehkordi

Paper #: 17IPST163
Optimal Operation and Dispatch of Voltage Regulation Devices Considering High Penetrations of Distributed Photovoltaic Generation
Author(s): Gyu-Jung Cho, Yun-Sik Oh, Min-Sung Kim, Ji-Soo Kim, Chul-Hwan Kim, Barry Mather, Bri-Mathias Hodge

Paper #: 17IPST170
Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) Testing of Synchrophasor Based Out-of-Step Protection
Author(s): J. R. A. K. Yellajosula, S. Paudyal, B. A. Mork, S. Paravastu, H. Kr. Høidalen

Paper #: 17IPST171
Contribution of ESS to Grid including Multi WTGsin Power System Reliability Aspect
Author(s): Ungjin Oh, Yeonchan Lee, Duy-Phuong N. Do, Zhao Jing Feng, Jaeseok Choi

Paper #: 17IPST172
Performance of Transmission Line Tower Models used for Electromagnetic Transient Studies: Comparisons with Experimental Results
Author(s): A. R. J. Araújo, A. Piantini, S. Kurokawa

Paper #: 17IPST174
Verification of the Effects of the Harmonic Voltages in the Distribution System by Single-Phase SCs for Suppressing Voltage Unbalance
Author(s): Y. Ikai, M. Aoki, Y. Fujita, H. Kobayashi, M. Oguri, T. Yamada

Paper #: 17IPST176
An Experimental Study on Uninterrupted Switching between Grid-Connected and Isolated Operation of Inverter Power Source
Author(s): Yuki Kimpara, Muneaki Kurimoto, Yusuke Manabe, Toshihisa Funabashi, Takeyoshi Kato

Paper #: 17IPST178
Investigation and Simulation of Ground Faults and Group Ferroresonance in 6 kV Industrial Cable Network with Involvement of Results of Transients Digital Recording
Author(s): A. I. Shirkovets, A. Yu. Vasilyeva, A. A. Bazavluk, A. V. Telegin

Paper #: 17IPST185
Study on Transient Overvoltages in the Converter Station of HVDC-MMC links
Author(s): H. Saad, P. Rault, S. Dennetière, K. Dudas

Paper #: 17IPST192
Spurious Inductor Loss of High Switching PowerConverter in EMT Simulation Study
Author(s): J. Na, H. Kim, C. Lee, K. Hur

Paper #: 17IPST193
Analysis of Switching Transients of an EHV Transmission Line Consisting of Mixed Power Cable and Overhead Line Sections
Author(s): M. Kizilcay, K. Teichmann, S. Papenheim, P. Malicki

Paper #: 17IPST196
On the Measurement of the Grounding Impedance of Tall Wind Turbines
Author(s): Alexander Smorgonskiy, Daniel Gazzana, Nicolas Mora, Marcos Rubinstein, Farhad Rachidi

Paper #: 17IPST201
Energization of Multi-Terminal Half-Wavelength Transmission Line
Author(s): A. M. P. Mendes, M. C. Tavares, L. M. N. de Mattos

Paper #: 17IPST203
Effect of Superconducting Fault Current Limiter on Short Line Faults
Author(s): Himanshu J. Bahirat, Shrikrishna A. Khaparde, Shankar Kodle, VikasDabeer

Paper #: 17IPST204
Fast Computation of the Electrical Parameters of Sector-Shaped Cables using Single-Source Integral Equation and 2D Moment-Method Discretization
Author(s): M. Shafieipour, J. De Silva, A. Kariyawasam, A. Menshov, V. Okhmatovski

Paper #: 17IPST206
Massively Parallel Real-Time Simulation of Very-Large-Scale Power Systems
Author(s): P. Le-Huy, M. Woodacre, S. Guérette, É. Lemieux

Paper #: 17IPST208
Minimum Delay Systems for the Modeling of Transmission Lines at EMT Power System Studies
Author(s): Martin G. Vega, J. L. Naredo, O. Ramos-Leaños

Paper #: 17IPST212
Different approaches on modeling of overhead lines with ground displacement currents
Author(s): Antonio C. S. Lima, Rodolfo A. M. Moura, Marco A. O. Schroeder, Maria Teresa Correia de Barros

Paper #: 17IPST214
Three-dimensional FEM model of an AC/DC hybrid high voltage transmission line to analyze the electrical field along composite insulators
Author(s): D. Potkrajac, S. Papenheim, M. Kizilcay

Paper #: 17IPST216
Experimental results from field testson a 225 kV HVAC cable
Author(s): I. Lafaia, J. Mahseredjian, A. Ametani, M. T. Correia de Barros, I. Koçar, Y. Fillion

Paper #: 17IPST222
CPU Based Parallel Computation of Electromagnetic Transients For Large Scale Power Systems
Author(s): A. Abusalah, O. Saad, J. Mahseredjian, U. Karaagac, L. Gerin-Lajoie, I. Kocar

Paper #: 17IPST228
DC Distribution System to Enhance RES based DG Penetration through Converter Voltage Control
Author(s): Bokyung Ko, Sungyoon Song, Yeuntae Yoon, Gilsoo Jang

Paper #: 17IPST232
Low inductance winding installed around GIS core-conductor dampsVery Fast Transient Overvoltages
Author(s): R. Malewski, J. H. Park, W. H. Heo

Paper #: 17IPST234
Analysis of Harmonics and Resonances in HVDC-MMC Link Connected to AC grid
Author(s): H. Saad, Y. Fillion

Paper #: 17IPST235
Assessment of the Steady State Voltage Stability of the Ghanaian Transmission System with the Integration of Renewable Energy Sources
Author(s): M. W. Asmah, R. Baisie, B. K. Ahunu, J. M. A. Myrzik

Paper #: 17IPST236
Investigation of Statistical Distribution of Energization Overvoltages in 380 kV Hybrid OHL-Cable Systems
Author(s): Hossein Khalilnezhad, Marjan Popov, Jorrit A. Bos, Jan P. W. de Jong, Lou van der Sluis