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Proceedings of the International Conference on Power Systems Transients 2007 (IPST 2007)

ISSN: 2434-9739

Conference Location: Lyon, France

Paper #: 07IPST001
Dynamic Stability and Optimal Control of a Multi-Machine Power Networks Modeling and Simulation
Author(s): N. Abu-Tabak, J. Auloge, P. Auriol

Paper #: 07IPST002
Lightning Induced Voltage on Telephone Cables and Power Systems
Author(s): A. S. Ahmad, T. Aka-Ngnui

Paper #: 07IPST003
A Comparison of the Performance of a Conventional Transmission Line and Expanded Bundle Regarding Transient Overvoltages
Author(s): F. R. Alves, O. Regis Jr.

Paper #: 07IPST004
EMTP Simulations and Theoretical Formulation of Induced Voltages to Pipelines from Power Lines
Author(s): A. Ametani, Y. Hosakawa

Paper #: 07IPST005
Surge Voltages and Currents into a Customer due to Nearby Lightning
Author(s): A. Ametani, K. Matsuoka, H. Omura, Y. Nagai

Paper #: 07IPST006
Transformer Short-Circuit Representation: Investigation of Phase-To-Phase Coupling
Author(s): A. Avendaño, N. Chiesa, B. A. Mork, H. K. Høidalen, D. Ishchenko, F. Gonzalez, A. P. Kunze

Paper #: 07IPST007
Transformer Mechanical Stress Caused by External Short-Circuit: A Time Domain Approach
Author(s): A. C. de Azevedo, A. C. Delaiba, J. C. de Oliveira, B. C. Carvalho, H. de S. Bronzeado

Paper #: 07IPST008
A Study of Current Waves Propagating Along Vertical Conductors and Their Associated Electromagnetic Fields
Author(s): Y. Baba, V. A. Rakov

Paper #: 07IPST009
Analysis and Simulation of Switching Surge Generation when Disconnecting a Combined 400 kV Cable/Overhead Line with Shunt Reactor
Author(s): C. L. Bak, W. Wiechowski, K. Søgaard, S. D. Mikkelsen

Paper #: 07IPST010
Continuous-Wavelet Transform for Fault Location in Distribution Power Networks: Definition of Mother Wavelets Inferred from Fault Originated Transients
Author(s): A. Borghetti, M. Bosetti, M. Di Silvestro, C. A. Nucci, M. Paolone

Paper #: 07IPST011
Control of Switching Overvoltages and Transient Recovery Voltages for Hydro-Québec 735-kV Series-Compensated Transmission System
Author(s): Q. Bui-Van, A. Lecompte, N. Leblanc, P. Larivière

Paper #: 07IPST012
Advantages in Using Kalman Phasor Estimation in Numerical Differential Protective Relaying Compared to the Fourier Estimation Method
Author(s): B. Bukh, U. S. Gudmundsdottir, P. B. Holst, K. B. Jensen, L. C. Jensen, C. L. Bak

Paper #: 07IPST013
ATP Simulation of the Out-of-Step Phenomenon in the Batlle Thermal Power Plant
Author(s): G. Calzolari, C. Saldaña

Paper #: 07IPST014
Electromagnetic Interference in the Substation Jose up 400/115 kV
Author(s): G. Carrasco

Paper #: 07IPST015
Effects of Phase-Shifting Transformers, and Synchronous Condensers on Breaker Transient Recovery Voltages
Author(s): W. Chandrasena, B. Bisewski, J. Carrara

Paper #: 07IPST016
Validation of a Power Transformer Model for Ferroresonance with System Tests on a 400 kV Circuit
Author(s): C. Charalambous, Z. D. Wang, Li, J., M. Osborne, P. Jarman

Paper #: 07IPST017
Dynamic Harmonic Domain Transmission Line Modeling for Transients
Author(s): J. J. Chavez, A. Ramirez, J. L. Naredo

Paper #: 07IPST018
Determination of Study Zone for Sub-Synchronous Oscillation Analysis in Large Power Systems
Author(s): E. P. Cheriyan, A. M. Kulkarni

Paper #: 07IPST019
On the Ringdown Transients of Transformers
Author(s): N. Chiesa, A. Avendaño, H. K. Høidalen, B. A. Mork, D. Ishchenko, A. P. Kunze

Paper #: 07IPST020
Overvoltage Problems of Small-Scale Generators Connected to Large Systems
Author(s): J. R. Cogo, H. W. Dommel

Paper #: 07IPST021
Lightning overvoltages in HV-EHV "mixed" overhead-cable lines
Author(s): L. Colla, F. M. Gatta, A. Geri, S. Lauria

Paper #: 07IPST022
Temporary Overvoltages due to Harmonic Resonance in Long EHV Cables
Author(s): L. Colla, S. Lauria, F. M. Gatta

Paper #: 07IPST023
A Wavelet-Based Algorithm for Disturbances Detection Using Oscillographic Data
Author(s): F. B. Costa, K. M. Silva, K. M. C. Dantas, B. A. Souza, N. S. D. Brito

Paper #: 07IPST024
Accurate Electromagnetic Transient Simulations of HVDC Cables and Overhead Transmission Lines
Author(s): H. M. J. De Silva, A. M. Gole, L. M. Wedepohl

Paper #: 07IPST025
Accurate Transmission Line Modeling Through Optimal Time Delay Identification
Author(s): L. De Tommasi, B. Gustavsen

Paper #: 07IPST026
Real Time Simulation of Internal Faults in Synchronous Machines
Author(s): A. B. Dehkordi, A. M. Gole, T. L. Maguire

Paper #: 07IPST027
A Link Between EMTP-RV and FLUX3D for Transformer Energization Studies
Author(s): S. Dennetière, Y. Guillot, J. Mahseredjian, M. Rioual

Paper #: 07IPST028
Real Time Simulation Testing Using IEC 61850
Author(s): M. Desjardine, P. Forsyth, R. Mackiewicz

Paper #: 07IPST029
PC-Cluster-Based Real-Time Simulation of an 8-Synchronous Machine Network with HVDC Link using RT-LAB and TestDrive
Author(s): C. Dufour, J. Paquin, V. Lapointe, J. Bélanger, L. Schoen

Paper #: 07IPST030
Evaluating the Importance of Properly Representing Actual Transmission Line Transposition for Electromagnetic Transient Studies
Author(s): A. V. Elguera, M. C. Tavares, C. M. Portela

Paper #: 07IPST031
DWT-Based Detection and Transient Power Direction-Based Location of High Impedance Faults Due to Leaning Trees in Unearthed MV Networks
Author(s): N. I. Elkalashy, M. Lehtonen, H. A. Darwish, A. I. Taalab, M. A. Izzularab

Paper #: 07IPST032
Sensitivity Studies for AC Railway Networks Design
Author(s): P. Fayet, P. Auriol, G. Clerc

Paper #: 07IPST033
Fault Resistance Influence on Faulted Power Systems with Distributed Generation
Author(s): A. D. Filomena, R. H. Salim, M. Resener, A. S. Bretas

Paper #: 07IPST034
ATP-EMTP Investigation of a New Fault Location Method for Multi-Terminal Power Lines
Author(s): M. Fulczyk, P. Balcerek, J. Izykowski, E. Rosolowski, M. M. Saha

Paper #: 07IPST035
Power Quality Measurements Performed on a Large Wind Park at Low and Medium Voltage Level
Author(s): E. Ghiani, F. Pilo, G. G. Soma, G. Celli

Paper #: 07IPST036
Time Labelling for Fast Transients
Author(s): U. Grasselli, D. Di Erasmo

Paper #: 07IPST037
Interfacing Convolution Based Linear Models to an Electromagnetic Transients Program
Author(s): B. Gustavsen, O. Mo

Paper #: 07IPST038
A MHO Distance Relay Device in EMTPWorks
Author(s): L. Gérin-Lajoie

Paper #: 07IPST039
High-Frequency Impedance Estimation and Equivalent with N4SID
Author(s): L. Gérin-Lajoie, I. Kamwa

Paper #: 07IPST040
Frequency Domain Transient Analysis Applied to Transmission System Restoration Studies
Author(s): P. Gómez, P. Arellano, R. O. Mota

Paper #: 07IPST041
Computer-Aided Sensitivity Analysis for Optimal Systems
Author(s): M. Heidari, S. Filizadeh, A. M. Gole

Paper #: 07IPST042
Detection of Earth Fault in a Medium Voltage Distribution Network
Author(s): T. Henriksen, A. Petterteig

Paper #: 07IPST043
An Improved MTL Modeling of Transformer Winding
Author(s): S. M. H. Hosseini, M. Vakilian, G. B. Gharehpetian

Paper #: 07IPST044
Wave Propagation Regime to Point to the Faulted Feeder in Mixed Cable-and-Lines Distribution Systems with Single-Line-to-Ground Fault
Author(s): W. Huang, R. Kaczmarek

Paper #: 07IPST045
Transient Regime to Support Steady State Directional Function in Presence of Strong Capacitive Currents in Compensated MV Systems
Author(s): W. Huang, R. Kaczmarek

Paper #: 07IPST046
Symmetrical Components for Transient Regime Applications in MV Systems
Author(s): W. Huang, R. Kaczmarek

Paper #: 07IPST047
Implementation and Verification of the Hybrid Transformer Model in ATPDraw
Author(s): H. K. Høidalen, B. A. Mork, F. Gonzalez, D. Ishchenko, N. Chiesa

Paper #: 07IPST048
Customer Indoor Surge Phenomena due to Lightning Strike on the Joint Pole of Power Line and Telecommunication Line
Author(s): M. Ikuta, A. Asakawa, S. Yokoyama, M. Soeda

Paper #: 07IPST049
Performance Study of a Continuously Controlled Shunt Reactor for Bus Voltage Management in EHV Systems
Author(s): S. V. N. Jithin Sundar, G. Vaishnavi

Paper #: 07IPST050
Real-Time Estimation of a Delta Winding Current in a Wye-Wye-Delta Transformer
Author(s): Y. Kang, B. Lee, M. Lee, S. Jang, Y. Kim

Paper #: 07IPST051
Compensation of the Secondary Voltage of a CCVT Considering Hysteresis Characteristics of the Core in Time Domain
Author(s): Y. Kang, T. Zheng, Y. Kim, S. Jang, Y. Kim

Paper #: 07IPST052
Testing and Evaluating New Software Solutions for Automated Analysis of Protective Relay Operations
Author(s): M. Kezunovic, X. Luo, N. Zhang, H. Song

Paper #: 07IPST053
Using average DC-Pulse Response of Stator Current for Identification of Single-Phase Rotary Transformer Parameters
Author(s): D. A. Khaburi, F. Tootoonchian

Paper #: 07IPST054
Backflashover Analysis for 110-kV Lines at Multi-Circuit Overhead Line Towers
Author(s): M. Kizilcay, C. Neumann

Paper #: 07IPST055
Flashovers at a 33-kV Filter Reactor during Energization
Author(s): M. Kizilcay, K. Teichmann, A. Agdemir, G. Kaflowski

Paper #: 07IPST056
Ferroresonances during Black Starts - Criterion for Feasibility of Scenarios
Author(s): L. Kocis

Paper #: 07IPST057
Integration of a Hydraulic Production Plant in a Weak Power System on a Long Radial Line
Author(s): P. Larivière, M. Racine

Paper #: 07IPST058
Voltage Source Converter Modeled in RTDS - Experiences and Comparison with Field Results
Author(s): T. Larsson, J. Hasler, P. Forsyth, T. Maguire

Paper #: 07IPST059
A Novel Fault Location Scheme on Korean Electric Railway System Using the 9-Conductor Representation
Author(s): H. Lee, C. Lee, H. Lee, G. Jang, S. Chang

Paper #: 07IPST060
Modeling of Substation Grounding for Fast Front Overvoltage Studies
Author(s): X. Legrand, A. Xémard, P. Auriol, C. A. Nucci, C. Mouychard

Paper #: 07IPST061
Inaccuracies in Network Realization of Rational Models Due to Finite Precision of RLC Branches
Author(s): A. C. S. Lima, B. Gustavsen, A. B. Fernandes

Paper #: 07IPST062
A Wide Band Multi Port Equivalencing Method for Real Time Digital Simulators
Author(s): X. Lin, A. M. Gole, M. Yu

Paper #: 07IPST063
Computation of Energy Absorption and Residual Voltage in Metal Oxide Surge Arrester from Digital Models and Lab Tests: A Comparative Study
Author(s): G. R. S. Lira, D. F. Jr., E. G. Costa

Paper #: 07IPST064
Smooth Transition between Optimal Control Modes in Switched Reluctance Motoring and Generating Operation
Author(s): C. Mademlis, I. Kioskeridis

Paper #: 07IPST065
Assessment of the Lightning Flashover Rate of a Shielded Transmission Line Protected by Surge Arresters
Author(s): J. A. Martinez-Velasco, F. Castro-Aranda

Paper #: 07IPST066
EMTP Model for Analysis of Distributed Generation Impact on Voltage Sags
Author(s): J. A. Martinez-Velasco, J. Martin-Arnedo

Paper #: 07IPST067
Propagation of Transients in Extruded MV and HV Cables Considering Typical Thickness and Resistivity Values of Commercial Semiconductive Compounds
Author(s): M. Marzinotto, C. Mazzetti

Paper #: 07IPST068
An FPGA-Based Real-Time Digital Simulator for Power Electronic Systems
Author(s): M. Matar, R. Iravani

Paper #: 07IPST069
EMTP Modeling of a Distribution Line for Lightning Overvoltage Studies
Author(s): S. Matsuura, T. Noda, A. Asakawa, S. Yokoyama

Paper #: 07IPST070
Harmonic and Loss Analysis of Space-Vector Modulated Converters
Author(s): A. Mehrizi-Sani, S. Filizadeh, P. L. Wilson

Paper #: 07IPST071
Comparative Analysis of Control Switching Transient Techniques in Transmission Lines Energization Maneuver
Author(s): P. Mestas, M. C. Tavares

Paper #: 07IPST072
Improved Simulation of an HVDC Test Case through Power-flow Initialization
Author(s): N. Murray, J. Arrillaga, N. R. Watson, Y. H. Liu

Paper #: 07IPST073
Studies on Grid Impacts of Distributed Generation in a Combined Real-Time Simulation Environment
Author(s): K. Mäki, A. Kulmala, S. Repo, P. Järventausta

Paper #: 07IPST074
A Special Ferro-resonance Phenomena on 3-phase 66kV VT-generation of 20Hz Zero Sequence Continuous Voltage
Author(s): S. Nishiwaki, T. Nakamura, Y. Miyazaki

Paper #: 07IPST075
Object Oriented Design of a Transient Analysis Program
Author(s): T. Noda

Paper #: 07IPST076
Patterns from Transient Signals in Dynamics Series Compensated Lines for Neural Protection
Author(s): V. Ortiz, P. Zuñiga, L. Naredo, A. Gutierrez

Paper #: 07IPST077
Points to Consider Regarding the Insulation Coordination of GIS Substations with Cable Connections to Overhead Lines
Author(s): M. M. Osborne, A. Xemard, L. Prikler, J. A. Martinez

Paper #: 07IPST078
Transient Voltage Stress of 400 kV Urban System Evaluated by Numerical Calculations
Author(s): S. Pack, S. Kornhuber, F. Reisinger

Paper #: 07IPST079
Analyzing TRV of CB When Installing Current Limit Reactors in UHV Power Systems
Author(s): H. S. Park, J. W. Woo, J. W. Kang, K. S. Han, S. O. Han

Paper #: 07IPST080
A Calculation Method of Neutral Current of Two Step Type Pole in Distribution Line
Author(s): K. W. Park, S. B. Rhee, H. C. Seo, C. H. Kim

Paper #: 07IPST081
Failure of Riser Pole Arrester due to Station Service Transformer Ferroresonance
Author(s): K. Pattanapakdee, C. Banmongkol

Paper #: 07IPST082
On-line Discrete Wavelet Transform in EMTP Environment and Applications in Protection Relaying
Author(s): N. Perera, A. D. Rajapakse, R. P. Jayasinghe

Paper #: 07IPST083
New Approach Towards Very Fast Transients Suppression
Author(s): W. Piasecki, G. Bywalec, M. Florkowski, M. Fulczyk, J. Furgał

Paper #: 07IPST084
Complete Analysis of Very Fast Transients in Layer-Type Transformer Windings
Author(s): M. Popov, L. van der Sluis, R. P. P. Smeets

Paper #: 07IPST085
Passivity Enforcement via Residues Perturbation for Admittance Representation of Power System Components
Author(s): B. Porkar, M. Vakilian, S. M. Shahrtash, M. R. Iravani

Paper #: 07IPST086
Testing the Quality of PMU Output Data Based Subsynchronous Damping Analysis in Real-Time Simulation Environment
Author(s): T. Rauhala, P. Järventausta

Paper #: 07IPST087
Impact and Characterization of Voltage Transients as a Problem to Sensitive Loads
Author(s): H. Ribeiro, V. Anunciada

Paper #: 07IPST088
Energization of Two Transformers in Series Through Long Lines: Correlation Between Fluxes in Both Transformers, and Determination of the Efficiency of Palliative Solutions
Author(s): M. Rioual, M. Martinez

Paper #: 07IPST089
Propagation Characteristics and Overvoltage Analysis on Unconventional Submarine Cables
Author(s): P. E. D. Rocha, A. C. S. Lima, S. Carneiro Jr.

Paper #: 07IPST090
Practical Modeling of Large Rectifier Loads for the Estimation of Low-order Non-characteristic Harmonics
Author(s): M. O. Roux, A. Coutu, G. Beaulieu

Paper #: 07IPST091
Overhead Line Switching Surge Simulator
Author(s): S. Sadovic, T. Sadovic

Paper #: 07IPST092
ATP-EMTP Investigation of a New Algorithm for Locating Faults on Power Transmission Lines with Use of Two-End Unsynchronized Measurements
Author(s): M. M. Saha, J. Izykowski, E. Rosolowski, R. Molag

Paper #: 07IPST093
Simulation and Controller Design of an Interline Power Flow Controller in EMTP-RV
Author(s): S. Salem, V. K. Sood

Paper #: 07IPST094
Fault detection in Primary Distribution Systems Using Wavelets
Author(s): R. H. Salim, K. R. Caino de Oliveira, A. S. Bretas

Paper #: 07IPST095
Lightning Overvoltages on Low Voltage Circuit Caused by Ground Potential Rise
Author(s): S. Sekioka, K. Aiba, S. Okabe

Paper #: 07IPST096
Effective Length of Long Grounding Conductor in Windfarm
Author(s): S. Sekioka, T. Funabashi

Paper #: 07IPST097
Modeling, Control and Simulation of a Chain Link STATCOM in EMTP-RV
Author(s): N. M. Shah, V. K. Sood, V. Ramachandran

Paper #: 07IPST098
Analysis of High Frequency Oscillations in Voltage Transformer
Author(s): Y. Shibuya, K. Wada, H. Muto

Paper #: 07IPST099
Ferroresonance Conditions Associated With a 13 kV Voltage Regulator During Back-feed Conditions
Author(s): D. Shoup, J. Paserba, A. Mannarino

Paper #: 07IPST100
EMTP Applied to Evaluate Three-Terminal Line Distance Protection Schemes
Author(s): K. M. Silva, W. L. A. Neves, B. A. Souza

Paper #: 07IPST101
JET Fusion Experiment 36 kV Enhancement Studies
Author(s): K. S. Smith

Paper #: 07IPST102
Analysis of Complex Faults in Distribution Systems
Author(s): N. Solís, J. A. Gutiérrez, J. L. Naredo, V. H. Ortiz

Paper #: 07IPST103
Dynamic Analysis of Inverter Dominated Unbalanced LV Micro-Grids
Author(s): N. L. Soultanis, A. I. Tsouchnikas, N. D. Hatziargyriou, J. Mahseredjian

Paper #: 07IPST104
Generic and Automated Simulation Modeling Based on Measurements
Author(s): M. Tiberg, D. Bormann, B. Gustavsen, C. Heitz, O. Hoenecke, G. Muset, J. Mahseredjian, P. Werle

Paper #: 07IPST105
Switching Surges in Transformer Provoked by Sequential Tripping of Circuit Breakers
Author(s): I. Uglešić, I. Ivanković, V. Milardić

Paper #: 07IPST106
Vacuum Circuit Breaker Model : Application Case to Motors Switching
Author(s): C. Vollet, B. de Metz-Noblat

Paper #: 07IPST107
On Effect of TCSC Structure and Synchronization Response on Subsynchronous Damping
Author(s): P. Vuorenpää, T. Rauhala, P. Järventausta, T. Känsälä

Paper #: 07IPST108
Transient Analysis of Capacitor Bank Installation at Distribution Stations with PSCAD/EMTDC
Author(s): P. Wang, D. Muthumuni, Z. Zhou, J. C. Alonso, P. Wilson, R. Wachal, J. Waddell

Paper #: 07IPST109
Analysis on Transients Recovery Voltage of Circuit Breaker according to Different Loads Condition at 345 kV MTR Tertiary Side
Author(s): J. W. Woo, K. S. Han, J. Y. Yoon, D. J. Kweon, Y. J. Won

Paper #: 07IPST110
Analysis of Tower Footing Resistance Effected Back Flashover Across Insulator in a Transmission System
Author(s): P. Yadee, S. Premrudeepreechacharn

Paper #: 07IPST111
Experimental and Analytical Studies of Lightning Overvoltages in Wind Turbine Generation Systems
Author(s): K. Yamamoto, T. Noda, S. Yokoyama, A. Ametani

Paper #: 07IPST112
Modeling of the Behavior of Power Electronic Equipment to Grid Ripple Control Signal
Author(s): X. Yang, S. Dennetière

Paper #: 07IPST113
Analysis on Back-Flow Surge in Wind Farms
Author(s): Y. Yasuda, T. Funabashi

Paper #: 07IPST114
Limitation of Line Fault Currents with the UPFC
Author(s): L. C. Zanetta Jr., M. Pereira

Paper #: 07IPST115
Validation of Power Plant Transformers Re-energization Schemes in case of Black-Out by Comparison Between Studies and Field Tests Measurements
Author(s): F. Zgainski, B. Caillault, V. Renouard

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