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Proceedings of the International Conference on Power Systems Transients (IPST)

ISSN: 2434-9739

Conference Location: Budapest, Hungary

Paper #: 99IPST062-A1
NETOMAC - Calculating, Analyzing and Optimizing the Dynamic of Electrical Systems in Time and Frequency Domain
Author(s): B. Kulicke, E. Lerch, O. Ruhle, W. Winter

Paper #: 99IPST065-A2
ATPDraw - Graphical Preprocessor to ATP - Windows Version
Author(s): H. K. Höidalen, L. Prikler, J. L. Hall

Paper #: 99IPST013-A3
A Comparison Between Three Tools for Electrical Transient Computations
Author(s): P. H. Schavemaker, A. de Lange, L. van der Sluis

Paper #: 99IPST113-6.1
Preprocessor for EMTP Power Transformer Models
Author(s): J. A. Martinez-Velasco, F. Gonsales-Molina, B. A. Mork

Paper #: 99IPST087-6.2
Database of Power System Parameters for Data Validation in EMTP Studies: Overhead Transmission Line Application
Author(s): M. B. Selak, J. R. Martí, H. W. Dommel

Paper #: 99IPST023-6.3
Proposal of Circuit Description Language
Author(s): T. Noda

Paper #: 99IPST067-1.1
Z-Domain Frequency-Dependent Network Equivalent for Electromagnetic Transient Studies
Author(s): N. R. Watson, A.M. Gole, G. D. Irwin, O. Nayak

Paper #: 99IPST054-1.2
Frequency-Dependent Low Order Approximation of Transmission Line Parameters
Author(s): A. B. Fernandes, W. L. A. Neves

Paper #: 99IPST103-1.3
Quasi-Modes Three-Phase Transmission Line Model - Comparison with Existing Frequency Dependent Models
Author(s): M. C. Tavares, J. Pissolato, C. M. Portela

Paper #: 99IPST079-1.4
An Examination of a Phase Domain Modeling of Untransposed Transmission Lines
Author(s): T. Ino, M. Sekita, J. Sawada

Paper #: 99IPST002-1.5
Transmission Line Models for the Simulation of Interaction Phenomena Between Parallel AC and DC Overhead Lines
Author(s): B. Gustavsen, G. Irwin, R. Mangelröd, D. Brandt, K. Kent

Paper #: 99IPST129-2.1
Computational Methods for EMTP Steady-State Initialization
Author(s): J. A. Martinez-Velasco

Paper #: 99IPST038-2.2
Combined Iteration Algorithm for Nonlinear Elements in Electromagnetic Transient Simulation
Author(s): K. Yamamoto, G. Irwin, O. Nayak, A. Ametani

Paper #: 99IPST060-2.3
Modeling Power Systems with General Difference Equations - A Systematic Formulation
Author(s): B. R. Oswald, M. A. Pöller

Paper #: 99IPST073-2.4
Augmented State-Space Formulation for the Study of Electric Networks Including Distributed-Parameter Transmission Line Models
Author(s): L. T. G. Lima, N. Martins, S. Carneiro Jr.

Paper #: 99IPST068-2.5
Representation of Electrical Signals by a Series of Exponential Terms
Author(s): M. Alaoui Ismaili, A. Xémard

Paper #: 99IPST005-3.1
Theoretical Formulation of a Transient Recovery Voltage when Clearing a Transformer Secondary Fault
Author(s): A. Ametani, N. Kuroda, T. Tanimizu, H. Hasegawa, H. Inaba

Paper #: 99IPST089-3.2
Transient Recovery Voltages When Clearing a Fault in Presence of Series Limitation Reactors
Author(s): D. Santos, G. Cabriel

Paper #: 99IPST029-3.3
Assessing Distribution System Transient Overvoltages due to Capacitor Switching
Author(s): D. Daniel Sabin, T. E. Grebe, A. Sundaram

Paper #: 99IPST075-3.4
Vacuum Breaker Induced Overvoltages in Induction Motor Circuits
Author(s): Y. S. Yuen, L. A. Snider, D. F. Peelo

Paper #: 99IPST009-3.5
Simulation of Commutation Spikes and Measurement of the Voltage Distribution and Interturn Voltages in a Synchronous Generator Due to Rectifier Loads
Author(s): A. Kunakorn, J. Hiley, K. S. Smith

Paper #: 99IPST025-3.6
Transient Phenomena at Energization and Deenergization of Capacitor Banks
Author(s): P. Vukelja, J. Mrvić, M. Senćanić, D. Hrvić, D. Radulović

Paper #: 99IPST117-16.1
A Real Case of Current Chopping Overvoltage
Author(s): J. C. Oliveira, O. C. N. Souto, A. L. A. Vilaca

Paper #: 99IPST039-16.2
Switching Overvoltages on 400 and 750 kV Romanian Transmission Lines
Author(s): L. Oprea, C. Velicescu

Paper #: 99IPST104-16.3
The Energy Absorption Capacity of Metal Oxide Surge Arresters - An Approach for Switching Surges
Author(s): M. L. B. Martinez, L. C. Zanetta Jr.

Paper #: 99IPST115-16.4
Overvoltages Limitation in the 400 kV Nord Transilvania Network
Author(s): L. Cipcigan, K. S. Smith, J. Hiley

Paper #: 99IPST107-20.1
Energization of 380-kV Partial Networks for the Purpose of Fast Blackstart after System Collapse
Author(s): M. Kizilcay, S. Groninger, M. Losing

Paper #: 99IPST001-20.2
Digital Simulation of the Fault Transient Phenomena on EHV Transmission Lines under Non-Linear High Impedance Arcing Faults
Author(s): C. H. Kim, R. K. Aggarwal, A. T. Johns

Paper #: 99IPST100-20.3
Electromagnetic Transient Components Induced by Faults in Different Coupled Transmission Line
Author(s): M. Kielbon, P. Sowa

Paper #: 99IPST017-20.4
The Simulation of High Speed Grounding Switches for the Rapid Secondary Arc Extinction on 765 kV Transmission Lines
Author(s): C. H. Kim, S. P. Ahn

Paper #: 99IPST022-20.5
Overvoltages During Switching of 400 kV, 220 kV and 110 kV Circuit-Breakers in High Voltage Networks
Author(s): Z. Zdravković, P. Vukelja, R. Naumov, M. Vučinić

Paper #: 99IPST082-20.6
Generator Dynamics Influence on Currents Distribution in Fault Condition
Author(s): D. P. Stojanovic, J. Nahman, M. Veselinovic

Paper #: 99IPST033-D2
New SIMULINK Libraries for Modeling Digital Protective Relays and Evaluating Their Performance Under Fault Transients
Author(s): B. Kasztenny, M. Kezunovic

Paper #: 99IPST021-11.1
Modeling Fault Conditions for Parallel Series-Compensated Lines
Author(s): M. M. Saha, E. Rosolowski, J. Izykowski, B. Kasztenny

Paper #: 99IPST116-11.2
Design and Evaluation of an EMTDC Digital Current Transformer Model
Author(s): C. Wang, P. A. Crossley, H. Li, A. D. Parker

Paper #: 99IPST122-11.3
An ANN Based Electromagnetic Transients Identification Technique for Power Transformer Systems
Author(s): P. L. Mao, R. K. Aggarwal, Z. Q. Bo

Paper #: 99IPST111-11.4
Modelling of Distance Relays in EMTP
Author(s): T. Saengsuwan

Paper #: 99IPST041-11.5
Distribution Network Simulation for Systematic Relay Testing
Author(s): Rui D. Jorge, J. L. Pinto de Sá

Paper #: 99IPST019-22.1
A GSP Based Fault Location Scheme for Distribution Line Using Wavelet Transform Technique
Author(s): F. Jiang. Z.Q. Bo, G. Weller, Philip S. M. Chin, M. A. Redfern

Paper #: 99IPST042-22.2
Travelling Wave Fault Location for Radial MV Distribution Systems, Theoretical Approach and EMTP Simulations
Author(s): A. Valenti, G. Huard, P. Johannet, F. Brouaye, P. Bastard

Paper #: 99IPST076-22.3
ANN Based Relay Algorithm for the Detection of High Impedence Faults
Author(s): L. A. Snider, Y. S. Yuen

Paper #: 99IPST026-22.4
A Wavelet Transform Based New Directional Relay Using Transient Current Signals
Author(s): F. Jiang, Z. Q. Bo, P. S. M. Chin, G. Weller, M. A. Redfern

Paper #: 99IPST097-5.1
The Application of User-Defined Induction Machine Models in EMTP
Author(s): J. Esztergalyos, D. Kosterev, L. Dubé

Paper #: 99IPST049-5.2
Induction Generator Models in Dynamic Simulation Tools
Author(s): H. Knudsen, V. Akhmatov

Paper #: 99IPST121-5.3
Description of Electrical Machines with Non-Linear Equivalent-Circuits
Author(s): D. Flockermann

Paper #: 99IPST004-5.4
ABCdq Model of a 3-Phase Induction Motor for Bus Transfer and Drives
Author(s): E. Akpinar, E. Ungan

Paper #: 99IPST110-12.1
Comparative Analysis of Field and Simulation Experiments on an Asynchronous Motor
Author(s): K. Wilkosz, M. Sobierajski, W. T. Kwasnicki, M. Reformat

Paper #: 99IPST031-12.2
Sudden Short Circuits in a Doubly Fed Synchronous Machine (DFSM) with a Cyclo-Converter Feeding the Rotor
Author(s): K. Rechberger, H. Köfler

Paper #: 99IPST008-12.3
Investigation of the Transient Behaviour of Three Parallel Connected Synchronous Generators with Large Load Changes and Control of Active and Reactive Power Using EMTP
Author(s): A. M. Miri, S. Ziegler, M. Merkle

Paper #: 99IPST048-12.4
Dynamic Modelling of Windmills
Author(s): V. Akhmatov, H. Knudsen

Paper #: 99IPST034-12.5
The Investigation of a Shaft-Torsional Phenomenon Objecting CGS
Author(s): H. Iki, M. Isozaki

Paper #: 99IPST058-12.6
Analysis of Torsional Torques of Big Turbine-Generator Shafts
Author(s): D. Stojanovic, D. Petrovic, N. Mitrovic

Paper #: 99IPST078-14.1
Transient Behaviour of Two Parallel Connected Flywheel Generators During Pulsed Power Operation
Author(s): A. M. Miri, V. Landenberger, C. Sihler, B. Streibl

Paper #: 99IPST071-14.2
Adjustable Speed Hydro Machine Applied for Improved Utilisation of Power Networks
Author(s): R. Sporild, J. O. Gjerde, T. Gjengedal

Paper #: 99IPST070-14.3
Analysis of Self-Excitation in the Palmar Hydroelectric Power Plant
Author(s): C. Saldaña, G. Calzolari

Paper #: 99IPST081-14.4
Transient Analysis of Electrical Machines by Differential Taylor Transform
Author(s): M. S. Mamis, T. Abbasov, S. Herdem, M. Koksal

Paper #: 99IPST127-7.1
Mitigation of EMI in High Voltage Substation Environment by use of Wiring Cables with Improved Screening Effectiveness
Author(s): Gy. Varjú, F. Szilágyi, J. Németh

Paper #: 99IPST088-7.2
Calculation of Frequency-Dependent Parameters of Power Cable Arrangements Using Pixel-Shaped Conductor Subdivisions
Author(s): R. A. Rivas, J. R. Martí

Paper #: 99IPST124-7.3
Electromagnetic Transients in Large and Complex Grounding Systems
Author(s): L. Grcev, V. Arnautovski

Paper #: 99IPST093-7.4
Modelling of Long Grounding Conductors Using EMTP
Author(s): M. I. Lorentzou, N. D. Hatziargyriou

Paper #: 99IPST024-B1
Sensitivity Analysis of Induced Overvoltage by Lightning Stroke Near Distribution System Using ATP-EMTP
Author(s): R. Montano, A. Cordero, J. Ramírez, M. M. Lozano

Paper #: 99IPST126-B2
Lightning Induced Overvoltages on Multiconductor Overhead Lines
Author(s): M. T. Correia de Barros, J. Festas, M. E. Almeida

Paper #: 99IPST064-B3
Calculation of Lightning-Induced Overvoltages using MODELS
Author(s): H. K. Höidalen

Paper #: 99IPST055-B4
Probability Density Function of the Lightning Crest Current at Ground Level - Estimation of the Lightning Strike Incidence on Transmission Line
Author(s): R. Lambert, A. Xémard, G. Fleury, E. Tarasiewicz, A. Morched

Paper #: 99IPST099-10.1
Lightning Overvoltages: Statistical Study of a 550-kV Substation
Author(s): P. Bergin, J.C. Poirot, C. Delaporte, C. Andrieu

Paper #: 99IPST035-10.2
Incoming Lightning Surge Analysis Considering Return Stroke Parameters
Author(s): S. Sekioka, T. Ueda, I. Matsubara, S. Kojima

Paper #: 99IPST052-10.3
Numerical Evaluation of Lightning Stress on High Voltage Substations
Author(s): S Pack, Y. Wamser

Paper #: 99IPST074-10.4
Calculations of Overvoltages in the Generator Electrical Circuit of a Power Station
Author(s): I. Uglesić, Z. Maljković, L. Kuterovac

Paper #: 99IPST128-10.5
Lightning Protection of Transformers Supplied by Underground Cables
Author(s): D. O. C. Brasil, P. A. Brunheroto, E. L. Ferrari, J. J. S. Oliveira, C. M. V. Tahan

Paper #: 99IPST095-13.1
Computation of Lightning Overvoltages Using Nonuniform, Single-Phase Line Model
Author(s): M. S. Mamis, M. Koksal

Paper #: 99IPST020-13.2
Induced Overvoltage Analysis by Lightning Stroke Near Distribution System TACS-EMTP
Author(s): R. Montano, A. Hernández, A. J. Urdaneta, J. Rodríguez, M. Martínez

Paper #: 99IPST090-13.3
Transients in Transformer Windings
Author(s): T. Hasman

Paper #: 99IPST056-13.4
Development and Application of Surge Measuring System for 550kV Substations
Author(s): T. Yamada, T. Shioda, T. Narita, T. Chiba, N. Harigaya, Y.Sato

Paper #: 99IPST108-13.5
High Voltage Impulse Generator Transient Studies - An Alternative to the Standard Calibration Procedure
Author(s): E. E. De Castro, M. R. de Moraes, M. L. B. Martinez

Paper #: 99IPST109-17.1
Corona on Multiconductor Overhead Lines Illuminated by LEMP
Author(s): M. T. Correia de Barros, C. A. Nucci, F. Rachidi

Paper #: 99IPST006-17.2
A Study of Phase-Wire Voltage due to Corona Wave-Deformation
Author(s): A. Ametani, K. Yoshida, S. Sekioka, T. Higuchi, Y. Kato

Paper #: 99IPST112-17.3
Q-V Characteristics Simulation Through Artificial Neural Networks
Author(s): A. F. Gomes, H. M. de Barros, S. Carneiro Jr., L. P. Caloba

Paper #: 99IPST011-9.1
Analysis of AVR Transients Induced by Transformer Inrush Currents
Author(s): K. S. Smith, L. Ran, J. Docherty

Paper #: 99IPST059-9.2
Modeling Ferroresonance in a 230 kV Transformer-Terminated Double-Circuit Transmission Line
Author(s): D. A. N. Jacobson, L. Martí, R. W. Menzies

Paper #: 99IPST069-9.3
The Influence of Tap Position on the Magnitude of Transformer Inrush Current
Author(s): H. S. Bronzeado, J. C. de Oliveira

Paper #: 99IPST028-18.1
Three-phase Five-Limb Unified Magnetic Equivalent Circuit Transformer Models for PSCAD V3
Author(s): W. G. Enright, O. Nayak, N. R. Watson

Paper #: 99IPST098-18.2
A Frequency-Dependent Model for a MV/LV Transformer
Author(s): C. Andrieu, E. Dauphant, D. Boss

Paper #: 99IPST015-18.3
Tuning of Resonant Modal Transformer Models
Author(s): M. Condon, D. J. Wilcox

Paper #: 99IPST014-18.4
A Transformer Model for Transformer Transfer Voltage Simulations
Author(s): T. Ueda, T. Funabashi, T. Sugimoto, L. Dube

Paper #: 99IPST085-18.5
A Novel Approach to Evaluation of Magnetizing Circuit Parameters in Transformers by Using PSPICE
Author(s): S. Cundeva, L. Petkovska, M. Cundev

Paper #: 99IPST053-21.1
An Improved Circuit-Breaker Model in MODELS Language for ATP-EMTP Code
Author(s): G. Ala, M. Inzerillo

Paper #: 99IPST057-21.2
A Circuit Breaker Model for Small Inductive Current Interruption
Author(s): J. M. Prousalidis, N. D. Hatziargyriou, B. C. Papadias

Paper #: 99IPST003-21.3
Method to Determine the Parameters of the Electric ARC from Test Data
Author(s): W. F. Giménez, O. P. Hevia

Paper #: 99IPST063-21.4
Dynamic Phasors in Modeling of Arcing Faults on Overhead Lines
Author(s): A. M. Stanković

Paper #: 99IPST018-C1
Enhanced Modeling of the Fortaleza SVC Incorporating a PLL-based Firing System Validated Against Laboratory Tests
Author(s): A. R. M. Tenório, J. S. Monteiro, A. N. Vasconcelos

Paper #: 99IPST119-C2
EMTP Simulation of Interface Magnetics and Controls in Multi-Pulse High Power Static Var Compensators
Author(s): G. Joos, A. R. Bakhshai

Paper #: 99IPST118-C3
Dynamic Analysis of UPFC Using Transient Simulation
Author(s): R. Caldon, P. Mattavelli, B. M. Han

Paper #: 99IPST046-15.1
ATP Simulation of Switching Transients in ASD Systems Including Cable Modeling and Algorithm for Damping Overvoltage Problem
Author(s): E. C. Plata, O. Trad, G. Ratta

Paper #: 99IPST094-15.2
Determination of Location of FACTS Devices using Fuzzy Decision Making
Author(s): M. Bagriyanik, H. Dag

Paper #: 99IPST105-15.3
Controller Modelling in Electromagnetic Transient Simulations
Author(s): N. R. Watson, G. D. Irwin, O. Nayak

Paper #: 99IPST123-15.4
HVDC Ring Modelling and Simulation - A New State Equation Development Algorithm for Modelling
Author(s): R. Mienski, T. Siewierski

Paper #: 99IPST077-19.1
Transient Behavior of Harmonics Filter Operation in a Railway Network
Author(s): M. Barbieri, S. Achilles, R. Bianchi Lastra, J. Barbero

Paper #: 99IPST102-19.2
Transient Studies of the Static VAR Compensator of San Lorenzo - Paraguay
Author(s): A. J. M. Szostak, A. Ramirez, M. L. B. Martinez

Paper #: 99IPST047-19.3
Modelling Static Watt-Var Compensators using ATP
Author(s): M. Ceraolo

Paper #: 99IPST051-19.4
Performance of Static VAR Compensators in Degradated Transmission System Conditions: Dynamic Studies Versus Electromagnetic Transient Studies
Author(s): M. Correia Lima, Á. J. P. Ramos, F. J. de A. Baltar

Paper #: 99IPST084-19.5
A Frequency Domain Model for Evaluating Dynamic Compensator Response
Author(s): P. H. Swart

Paper #: 99IPST007-23.1
Equivalent Circuits of Power Electronic Converters
Author(s): D. Nelles, C. Tuttas

Paper #: 99IPST045-23.2
An Efficient Technique for Determining the Responses of Nonlinear Circuits
Author(s): S. R. Naidu, W. J. Trindade

Paper #: 99IPST010-23.3
Earth Leakage Current in an Isolated Power System with Power Electronic Converters
Author(s): L. Ran, K. S. Smith

Paper #: 99IPST125-23.4
Comparison of Traditional and Thyristor-controlled Fault Current Limiters for Medium Voltage Application
Author(s): A. M. Dán, L. Prikler

Paper #: 99IPST037-23.5
Effect Analysis of Thyristor Controlled Ground Fault Current Limiting System for Undergrounded Power Distribution Systems
Author(s): S. Sugimoto, I. Kouda, H. Arita, J. Kida, Y. Matsui

Paper #: 99IPST030-4.1
Diagnostic Tool for the Evaluation of Power Quality Events Related to Utility Capacitor Switching
Author(s): L. King, T. E. Grebe, S. C. Bhatt

Paper #: 99IPST083-4.2
Transient Analysis of Voltage Dips in MV Distribution Networks
Author(s): A. Barone Barone, A. Campoccia, V. Cataliotti, M. Inzerillo

Paper #: 99IPST072-4.3
Harmonics and Flicker Analysis in Arc Furnace Power Systems
Author(s): J. Sousa, M. T. Correia de Barros, M. Covas, A. Simoes

Paper #: 99IPST091-4.4
Flicker Transient Phenomena Encountered with Diesel Powered Embedded Generation
Author(s): M. A. Redfern, D. A. Briggs

Paper #: 99IPST012-8.1
Analysis and Control of Harmonic Overvoltages during System Restoration
Author(s): D. Lindenmeyer, H. W. Dommel, A. Moshref, P. Kundur

Paper #: 99IPST036-8.2
Studying Harmonic Problems Using a Descriptor System Approach
Author(s): S. L. Varricchio, N. Martins, L. T. G. Lima, S. Carneiro Jr.

Paper #: 99IPST096-8.3
Evaluating Sources of Distortion: Applying Czarnecki's Power Definitions for Nonsinusoidal Situations as Discriminative Distortion Source Evaluators
Author(s): A. P. J. Rens, M. J. Case

Paper #: 99IPST130-8.4
Harmonic Analysis of 110 kV Filter Facility in Power System of Eastern Croatia Using ;"EasyPower Spectrum" Program
Author(s): S. Nikolovski, L. Józsa M. Kalea

Paper #: 99IPST086-8.5
Harmonic Propagation on Overhead Transmission Lines Operating in Unbalanced Power Systems
Author(s): S. Ioan, S. Hurdubetiu, B. Angheluta

Paper #: 99IPST061-D1
Real - Time Simulator ARTEMAC for Enhanced Automated Interactive Testing of Digital Relays
Author(s): E. Lerch, O. Ruhle, W. Winter, B. Kulicke, H. -D. Pannhorst

Paper #: 99IPST043-D3
Real-Time Power System Simulator on a PC Cluster
Author(s): Y. Fugimoto, Y. Bin, H. Taoka, H. Tezuka, S. Sumimoto, Y. Ishikawa

Paper #: 99IPST032-D4
Real Time, Oscillation Free Network Digital Simulation
Author(s): J. Szczupak, C. A. Duque