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Proceedings of the International Conference on Power Systems Transients 2011 (IPST 2011)

ISSN: 2434-9739

Conference Location: Delft, The Netherlands

Paper #: 11IPST001
Finite Sections Modeling of Power Cable Systems
Author(s): L. Colla, S. Lauria, F. Palone

Paper #: 11IPST002
Switching Restrikes in HVAC Cable Lines and Hybrid HVAC Cable/OHL Lines
Author(s): F. Faria da Silva, C. Leth Bak, Per Balle Holst

Paper #: 11IPST003
Transient Analysis of a 150 kV Fault Current Limiting High Temperature Superconducting Cable
Author(s): V. Mehairjan, M. Popov, A. A. Geschiere, W. L. Kling

Paper #: 11IPST004
Transient Analysis on Second Arc Current and Recovery Voltage of UHV Series Compensated Transmission Line
Author(s): Y. Zhang, L. Ban, Z. Xiang, B. Han, B. Zheng, W. Ma

Paper #: 11IPST005
Analysis and Limiting Measures of Interphase Switching Surges on 1000kV Compact Transmission Lines
Author(s): X. Wang, L. Ban, J. Lin, Z. Xiang

Paper #: 11IPST006
Improving Numerical Performance of Transmission Line Models in EMTP
Author(s): J. Luis Naredo, J. Mahseredjian, J. A. Gutierrez-Robles, O. Ramos-Leaños, C. Dufour, J. Bélanger

Paper #: 11IPST007
Lightning performance analysis aimed at evaluating changes in the insulator strings of the 500 kV transmission line affected by extreme winds
Author(s): G. R. Calzolari, C. R. Saldaña

Paper #: 11IPST008
Transient Performance Analysis on Overhead Transmission Line Considering the Frequency Dependent Soil Representation
Author(s): J. B. Gertrudes, M. C. Tavares, C. Portela

Paper #: 11IPST009
Investigation of Submarine Cable Parameters Impact on Energization Transients in Offshore Wind Farms
Author(s): E. A. Badran, M. E. M. Rizk, M. H. Abdel-Rahman

Paper #: 11IPST010
Aspects Related to Replacing HV Lines by HV Cables on Resonant Grid Behavior
Author(s): L. Wu, P. Wouters, F. Steennis

Paper #: 11IPST011
Single-Phase Auto-Recloser Studies: Influence of Transversal Parameters of a Transmission System on the Secondary Arc Current Reduction during SPAR
Author(s): M. E. Zevallos, M. C. Tavares

Paper #: 11IPST012
Switching studies for the Horns Rev 2 wind farm
Author(s): C. F. Jensen, F. Faria da Silva, C. L. Bak, W. Wiechowski

Paper #: 11IPST013
Current and Voltage Harmonic Content of Artificially Generated Electrical Arc in Out-Door Experiment
Author(s): M. C. Tavares, J. L. Talaisys, C. Portela, A. B. Câmara

Paper #: 11IPST014
Derivation of Theoretical Formulas of Sequence Currents on Underground Cable Systems
Author(s): T. Ohno, A. Ametani, C. L. Bak

Paper #: 11IPST015
A Novel Technique to Detect AC Machine Turn Insulation Failure Subjected to Steep Front Impulse Waveform
Author(s): A. El-Hag, A. Gaouda, S. Jayaram, S. Ul-Haaq

Paper #: 11IPST016
Testing a Virtual Synchronous Generator in a Real Time Simulated Power System
Author(s): V. Karapanos, S. de Haan, K. Zwetsloot

Paper #: 11IPST017
Transformer Internal Fault Modeling in ATP
Author(s): A. Avendano, B. Mork, H. K. Høidalen

Paper #: 11IPST018
The Influence of a Cable on the Voltage Distribution in Transformer Windings
Author(s): G. Hoogendorp, M. Popov, L. van der Sluis

Paper #: 11IPST019
Developments in the Hybrid Transformer Model - Core Modeling and Optimization
Author(s): H. K. Høidalen, N. Chiesa, A. Avendaño, B. Mork

Paper #: 11IPST020
Short circuit and induced voltage transient study on a planned 1000MW HVDC-VSC link
Author(s): L. Colla, S. Lauria, F. Palone

Paper #: 11IPST021
An Adaptive Supplementary Controller for a UPFC
Author(s): U. Malhotra, R. Gokaraju, D. Muthumuni

Paper #: 11IPST022
Loss Estimation of Modular Multi-Level Converters using Electro-Magnetic Transients Simulation
Author(s): U. N. Gnanarathna, A. M. Gole, A. D. Rajapakse, S. K. Chaudhary

Paper #: 11IPST023
Evaluation of Performance of FACTS based Phase Imbalance Schemes for Damping Torsional Oscillations and Power Swings
Author(s): M. C. Chudasama, S. R. Joshi, A. M. Kulkarni

Paper #: 11IPST024
Energy stresses of surge arresters due to temporary overvoltages
Author(s): B. Filipovic-Grcic, I. Ugljesic, V. Milardic, A. Xemard, A. Guerrier

Paper #: 11IPST025
Simulation of the 500 kV SF6 circuit breaker cutoff process during the unsuccessful three-phase autoreclosing
Author(s): I. Naumkin, M. Balabin, N. Lavrushenko, R. Naumkin

Paper #: 11IPST026
Impact of Transformer Modeling in Assessing Dielectric Failure Analysis
Author(s): A. C. O. Rocha, A. Lima, A. M. Pena, S. O. Moreira

Paper #: 11IPST027
Breaking Capability of a SF6 Circuit Breaker for Short Circuits Close to a Generation Unit with Delayed Current Zero Crossing
Author(s): M. Kizilcay

Paper #: 11IPST028
TRV Phenomenon in Chinese 1100kV UHV Series Compensated System
Author(s): B. Zheng, Z. Xiang, L. Ban, J. Lin, N. Gu, G. Sun, B. Han

Paper #: 11IPST029
Parametric Analysis of Three-Phase Autoreclosing Method for Compensated Transmission Lines
Author(s): P. Mestas, M. C. Tavares, A. M. Gole

Paper #: 11IPST030
A New Online Over-voltage Monitoring Method Based on the Numerical Inverse Laplace Transform
Author(s): Z. Zhang, S. Tang, Z. Wang, X. Wang

Paper #: 11IPST031
The Impact of the Distribution Network Type and Configuration on the Transient Behavior of the Fault and Neutral Points during Earth Faults
Author(s): M. Abdel-Fattah, M. Lehtonen, R. J. Millar, C. J. Kim

Paper #: 11IPST032
Real Time Implementation of Transmission Line Controlled Switching
Author(s): K. M. C. Dantas, W. L. A. Neves, D. Fernandes Jr., G. A. Cardoso, L. C. Fonseca

Paper #: 11IPST033
Investigation on the Occurrence of Delayed Current Zeros Phenomena in Power Stations and Relating Stress Imposed on Generator Circuit-Breakers
Author(s): M. Palazzo, D. Bruin, M. Delfanti

Paper #: 11IPST034
Fast Locating of a Switched Capacitor in a Power System using a Slope-based Method
Author(s): A. Saadatpoor, A. Tabesh, R. Iravani

Paper #: 11IPST035
Transient Recovery Voltages in Vacuum Circuit Breakers Generated by the Interruption of Inrush Current of Large Motors
Author(s): A. Borghetti, F. Napolitano, C. Alberto Nucci, M. Paolone, M. Sultan, N. Tripaldi

Paper #: 11IPST036
Realization of Transient Recovery Voltages for Ultra High Voltage Circuit Breakers in Testing
Author(s): R. Smeets,S. Kuivenhoven, A.B. Hofstee

Paper #: 11IPST037
CO2 Circuit Breaker Arc Model for EMTP Simulation of SLF Interrupting Performance
Author(s): K. Udagawa, T. Koshizuka, T. Uchii, T. Shinkai, H. Kawano

Paper #: 11IPST038
Static and Dynamic Calculation of Short-Circuit Currents in Synchronous Generators
Author(s): T. A. Papadopoulos, Ch. G. Kaloudas, P. N. Papadopoulos, A. G. Marinopoulos, G. K. Papagiannis

Paper #: 11IPST039
Switching transients in offshore wind farms — impact on the offshore and onshore networks
Author(s): R. King, F. Moore, N. Jenkins, M. Haddad, H. Griffiths, M. Osborne

Paper #: 11IPST040
Estimation of Length Variation of Artificially Generated Electrical Arc in Out-Door Experiment
Author(s): J. L. Talaisys, M. C. Tavares, C. Portela, A. Câmara

Paper #: 11IPST041
New Series Resonance Type Fault Current Limiter
Author(s): M. T. Hagh, M. Jafari, S. Naderi

Paper #: 11IPST042
Grounding Meshes Performance Evaluation in Sand Soil due Lightning Surges
Author(s): D. S. Gazzana, A. S. Bretas, M. Telló, G. A. D. Dias, V. Dienstmann

Paper #: 11IPST043
Shielding Failure Current of Overhead Transmission Lines Generated through an ATPDraw Object
Author(s): Z. G. Datsios, P. N. Mikropoulos, T. E. Tsovilis

Paper #: 11IPST044
Modeling of Telecommunication Cables Installed with Distribution Lines for Lightning Overvoltage Studies
Author(s): K. Ishimoto, T. Noda, M. Nakamura, S. Maru

Paper #: 11IPST045
Lightning Overvoltage Analysis of a 380-kV Gas-Insulated Line
Author(s): M. Kizilcay, C. Neumann

Paper #: 11IPST046
A Wideband Strictly Passive Circuit Model of Power Transformer for the Very Fast Transient Simulation
Author(s): Z. Zhang, B. Yang, L. Yang

Paper #: 11IPST047
Analysis of rate-of-rise of VFTO according to Switching Conditions in GIS
Author(s): H. C. Seo, W. H. Jang, C. H. Kim, T. Funabashi, T. Senju

Paper #: 11IPST048
Very Fast Transients in GIS: New approach towards analysis of the impact of the disconnector operation on the equipment
Author(s): M. Szewczyk, M. Stosur, W. Piasecki, M. Ostrogórska, M. Fulczyk, M. Florkowski, M. Steiger, J. Kostovic

Paper #: 11IPST049
Analysis of Very Fast Transient Overvoltage in a Proposed 275 kV Gas Insulated Substation
Author(s): D. Tiong Aik Kho, K. Smith

Paper #: 11IPST050
HF Resonators for Damping of VFTs in GIS
Author(s): J. Smajic, W. Holaus, A. Troeger, S. Burrow, R. Brandl, S. Tenbohlen

Paper #: 11IPST051
Mitigation of Voltage Drop Using Pre-insertion Resistors During Large Transformer Energization in a Weak System: Simulation and Field Verification
Author(s): J. Hu, B. Bisewski, D. Maki, M. Marz

Paper #: 11IPST052
Subsynchronous Oscillations in Series-Compensated Wind Farm -ATP Simulations and Countermeasure Detection
Author(s): J. Ramamurthy, P. Mysore, B. Mork

Paper #: 11IPST053
Limiting Sympathetic Interaction Between Transformers Caused by Inrush Transients
Author(s): S. Schramm, C. Sihler, S. Rosado

Paper #: 11IPST054
Simulating Thermal Conditions around Core Bolts when Transformer is Experiencing Ferroresonance
Author(s): C. A. Charalambous, R. Zhang, Z. D. Wang

Paper #: 11IPST055
Calculation of inrush currents - benchmarking of transformer models
Author(s): N. Chiesa, H. K. Høidalen, M. Lambert, M. M. Duro

Paper #: 11IPST056
Modeling and electromagnetic transients study of two 1800MVA phase shifting transformers in the Italian transmission network
Author(s): L. Colla, V. Luliani, F. Palone, M. Rebolini, S. Zunino

Paper #: 11IPST057
Assessing P28 Guidelines for Renewable Generation Connections
Author(s): R. Turner, K. Smith

Paper #: 11IPST058
Statistical Analysis of Ferroresonance in a 400 kV Double-Circuit Transmission System
Author(s): R. Zhang, J. S. Peng, S. P. Ang, H. Y. Li, Z. D. Wang, P. Jarman

Paper #: 11IPST059
New effective method for subsynchronous resonance detection
Author(s): M. Orman, P. Balcerek, M. Orkisz

Paper #: 11IPST060
Fault Location on Transmission Lines Based on Travelling Waves
Author(s): F. V. Lopes, D. Fernandes Júnior, W. L. A. Neves

Paper #: 11IPST061
Correction of the Secondary Voltage of Coupling Capacitor Voltage Transformers in Real Time
Author(s): C. A. Silva, D. Fernandes Júnior, W. L. A. Neves

Paper #: 11IPST062
Location of Underground Cable Transitory Faults
Author(s): C. J. Kim, T. Bialek, M. Lehtonen, M. Abdel-Fattah

Paper #: 11IPST063
ATP-EMTP Investigation of Distance Protection and High-speed Phase Selection Algorithms for Series-compensated Transmission Lines
Author(s): M. M. Saha, E. Rosolowski, J. Izykowski, P. Pierz, P. Balcerek, M. Fulczyk

Paper #: 11IPST064
Fault Location in Extra Long HVdc Transmission Lines using Continuous Wavelet Transform
Author(s): K. Nanayakkara, A. Rajapakse, R. Wachal

Paper #: 11IPST065
Transmission System Fault Location Using Limited Number of Synchronized Recorders
Author(s): M. Korkali, A. Abur

Paper #: 11IPST066
Wavelet Based Transient Directional Method for Busbar Protection
Author(s): N. Perera, A. D. Rajapakse, D. Muthumuni

Paper #: 11IPST067
Aspects of Phasor Angle Measurement for Wind Farm Protection Applications
Author(s): N. El-Kalashy, T. Kawady, N. Mansour

Paper #: 11IPST068
Influence of Distributed Generation on protection schemes of medium voltage grids
Author(s): N. Hong Viet Phuong, I. Xyngi, M. Popov, L. van der Sluis

Paper #: 11IPST069
Fault-Induced Transient Analysis for Real-Time Fault Detection and Location in Transmission Lines
Author(s): F. B. Costa, B. A. Souza

Paper #: 11IPST070
Phasor Estimation Using a Modified Sine Filter Combined with an Adaptive Mimic Filter
Author(s): K. M. Silva, B. F. Küsel

Paper #: 11IPST071
Short Circuit Arc and the Performance of Distance Protection in 150 kV System
Author(s): H. Wihartady, M. Popov, L. van der Sluis

Paper #: 11IPST072
Dynamic control of electrolyser for voltage quality enhancement
Author(s): N. Chiesa, M. Korpås, O. E. Kongstein, A. ødegård

Paper #: 11IPST073
Interharmonic Analysis via Thevenin Iterations
Author(s): M. Caixba, A. Ramirez

Paper #: 11IPST074
Impact of Waveform Segmentation Accuracy on Disturbance Recognition Reliability
Author(s): M. Caujolle, M. Petit, G. Fleury, L. Berthet

Paper #: 11IPST075
New Deviation Factor of Power Quality using Tensor Analysis and Wavelet Packet Transform
Author(s): A. J. Ustariz, E. A. C. Plata, H. E. Tacca

Paper #: 11IPST076
Transient Simulation Technique for HVDC Systems
Author(s): Y. Cho, G. Cokkinides, A. P. Meliopoulos

Paper #: 11IPST077
Control of a Stand-alone Distributed Generation System Comprising PV-array, Hydrogen Unit and Battery Storage
Author(s): M. Shirazi, M. R. Zolghadri, H. Karimi, M. Popov

Paper #: 11IPST078
Transient Analysis of Variable-Speed Wind Turbines during a Converter Control Malfunction
Author(s): R. Melício, V. M. F. Mendes, J. P. S. Catalão

Paper #: 11IPST079
Fault current contribution from state of the art DG's and its limitation
Author(s): A. Janssen, M. van Riet, J. Bozelie, J. Au-yeung

Paper #: 11IPST080
Defining and Measuring Synchrophasors Based on Symmetry Principles
Author(s): K. Seki

Paper #: 11IPST081
Quantitative evaluation of a mechanical simulator for power system stability
Author(s): Y. Omagari, T. Funaki

Paper #: 11IPST082
An Accurate Power Sharing Method for Control of a Multi-DG Microgrid
Author(s): M. Hamzeh, H. Karimi, H. Mokhtari, M. Popov

Paper #: 11IPST083
HVDC Connection of Offshore Wind Parks: VSC vs LCC with STATCOM
Author(s): J. Jesus, R. Castro, J. M. Ferreira de Jesus

Paper #: 11IPST084
Improvement of Power System Transient Stability Using a Controllable Resistor Type Fault Current
Author(s): M. T. Hagh, S. B. Naderi, M. Jafari

Paper #: 11IPST085
Modeling of Overhead Transmission Lines with Large Asymmetrical Spans
Author(s): L. Souza, A. Lima, S. Carneiro Jr.

Paper #: 11IPST086
Calculation of Underground Cables Frequency-Dependent Parameters Using Full-Wave Modal Analysis
Author(s): S. Habib, B. Kordi

Paper #: 11IPST087
Resonance and insertion studies with EMTP: working with large scale network
Author(s): S. Dennetière, A. Parisot, E. Milin, A. D. Pons

Paper #: 11IPST088
Flexible Phase-Domain Synchronous Machine Model with Internal Fault for Protection Relay Testing and Related Real-Time Implementation Issues
Author(s): P. Le-Huy, C. Larose, Frédéric Giguère

Paper #: 11IPST089
Accurate Electro-magnetic Transient Modelling of Sector-shaped Cables
Author(s): K.K. M. Anuradha Kariyawasam, A. M. Gole, B. Kordi, H. M. J. S. P. De Silva

Paper #: 11IPST090
A New Method for the Inclusion of Frequency Domain Responses in Time Domain Codes
Author(s): K. Sheshyekani, H. Reza Karami, A. Dehkhoda, F. Rachidi, R. Kazemi, S. H. H. Sadeghi, R. Moini

Paper #: 11IPST091
A New Elongation Function for Modelling Long Arcs in Free Air
Author(s): G. Preston, M. Popov, Z. Radojevic, V. Terzija

Paper #: 11IPST092
Identification of network models parameters for simulating transients
Author(s): D. Cavallera, Jean-Louis Coulomb, O. Chadebec, B. Caillault, F. Xavier Zgainski, A. Ayroulet

Paper #: 11IPST093
Interfacing Methods for Combined Stability and Electro-magnetic Transient Simulations applied to VSC-HVDC
Author(s): A. A. van der Meer, R. L. Hendriks, M. Gibescu, W. L. Kling

Paper #: 11IPST094
Simulation of power system transients using state-space grouping through nodal analysis
Author(s): J. Mahseredjian, C. Dufour, U. Karaagac, J. Bélanger

Paper #: 11IPST095
Comparisons of Impact on the Modeling Detail on Real Time Simulation of Large Power Systems with HVDC
Author(s): Y. Liang, X. Lin, A. M. Gole, M. Yu, Y. Zhang, B. Zhang

Paper #: 11IPST096
An Investigation on Interpolation Methods Applied in Transmission Line Models for EMT Analysis
Author(s): J. Alberto Gutiérrez-Robles, L. A. Snider, J. Luis Naredo, O. Ramos-Leaños

Paper #: 11IPST097
A Practical Steady-State Initialization Method for Electromagnetic Transient Simulations
Author(s): T. Noda, K. Takenaka

Paper #: 11IPST098
Experimental and FDTD Investigation of Surge Propagation Characteristics on Steel Frames and Concrete Walls in a Building
Author(s): S. Irie, A. Ametani, N. Nagaoka, Y. Baba

Paper #: 11IPST099
Real-Time Simulation of Three-Phase Transmission Lines Modeled in the Dynamic Harmonic Domain
Author(s): J. de Jesus Chavez, M. Madrigal, V. Dinavahi

Paper #: 11IPST100
Hardware in the loop optimization using Real Time Simulation Environment
Author(s): I. K. Park, A. M. Gole, P. Forsyth, R. Kuffel

Paper #: 11IPST101
Real-Time simulation of monitoring security in the Mexican Power System
Author(s): C. A Lopez de Alba, V. Ortiz, L. A. Snider

Paper #: 11IPST102
An FPGA-Based Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulator for Multilevel Converter Systems
Author(s): M. Matar Bayoumi, M. Saeedifard, A. Etemadi, R. Iravani

Paper #: 11IPST103
Real-Time Simulator Testing of an On-Line Integrated Stability Control System
Author(s): R. P. Wierckx, M. Kawasaki, N. Saito, K. Anzai, S. Verma

Paper #: 11IPST104
Floating-Point Engines for the FPGA-Based Real-Time Simulation of Power Electronic Circuits
Author(s): T. Ould Bachir, C. Dufour, Jean-Pierre David, J. Mahseredjian

Paper #: 11IPST105
Real Time Simulation of Power System and HIL Testing of STATCOM Based Inter-area Oscillation Damping Controller
Author(s): G. Maya, E. P. Cheriyan, J. Jacob

Paper #: 11IPST106
Multi-Processor Cholesky Decomposition of Conductance Matrices
Author(s): T. Maguire

Paper #: 11IPST107
Real-Time Simulation of Modular Multilevel Converters for Network Integration Studies
Author(s): P. Le-Huy, P. Giroux, Jean-Claude Soumagne

Paper #: 11IPST108
Validation of a 60-Level Modular Multilevel Converter Model - Overview of Offline and Real-Time HIL Testing and Results
Author(s): L. A. Grégoire, W. Li, J. Bélanger, L. Snider

Paper #: 11IPST109
Impulse Resistance of Concentrated Tower Grounding Systems Simulated by an ATPDraw Object
Author(s): Z. G. Datsios, P. N. Mikropoulos, T. E. Tsovilis

Paper #: 11IPST110
Design Studies for a Wind Farm Collector System
Author(s): J. Zheng Zhou, R. S. Burton

Paper #: 11IPST111
Impact of high voltage shunt capacitor banks on general purpose circuit breaker
Author(s): M. Alawie, Y. Filion, A. Coutu

Paper #: 11IPST112
Evaluation of the risk of failure due to switching over-voltages of a phase to phase insulation
Author(s): A. Xemard, J. Michaud, A. Guerrier, I. Ugljesic, G. Levacic, M. Mesic

Paper #: 11IPST113
A Comparative Analysis of Transformer Models Available in the ATP Program for the Simulation of Ferroresonance
Author(s): L. B. Viena, F. A. Moreira, N. R. Ferreira, N. C. de Jesus

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