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Proceedings of the International Conference on Power Systems Transients 2009 (IPST 2009)

ISSN: 2434-9739

Conference Location: Kyoto, Japan

Paper #: >09IPST001
Power Electronic Devices for Damping Torsional Vibrations
Author(s): A. M. Miri, T. Zöller, T. Leibfried

Paper #: >09IPST002
An Investigation of an Equivalent Conductor Plate Representing Earth for a Surge Analysis
Author(s): A. Ametani, M. Nishitsuji, N. Nagaoka, Y. Baba, S. Okabe

Paper #: >09IPST003
An Improved Arbitrary-Radius-Wire Representation for FDTD Electromagnetic and Surge Calculations
Author(s): Y. Taniguchi, Y. Baba, N. Nagaoka, A. Ametani

Paper #: >09IPST004
Propagation Characteristics of Power Line Communication Signals Along a Power Cable
Author(s): N. Okazima, Y. Baba, N. Nagaoka, A. Ametani, K. Temma, T. Shimomura

Paper #: >09IPST005
Effect of Torsional Mode Coupling on TCSC Related Subsynchronous Resonance Studies
Author(s): P. Vuorenpää, T. Rauhala, P. Järventausta

Paper #: >09IPST006
Measurements for Validation of High Voltage Underground Cable Modelling
Author(s): U. S. Gudmundsdottir, C. L. Bak, W. T. Wiechowski, K. Søgaard, M. R. Knardrupgård

Paper #: >09IPST007
Proposition of a Half-Wave Length Energization Case Test
Author(s): M. C. Tavares, C. Portela

Paper #: >09IPST008
Analysis of Voltage Distribution in Transformer Windings During Circuit Breaker Prestrike
Author(s): M. Popov, R. P. P. Smeets, L. van der Sluis, H. de Herdt, J. Declercq

Paper #: >09IPST009
Computation of Inter-turn Voltages in Transformer Windings with Interconnected Distribution Cable
Author(s): G. Hoogendorp, M. Popov, L. van der Sluis

Paper #: >09IPST010
Dynamic Model and Control of a Microgrid with Passive Loads
Author(s): M. Popov, H. Karimi, H. Nikkhajoei, V. Terzija

Paper #: >09IPST011
Directional Relay Co-ordination in Ungrounded MV Radial Distribution Networks Using a RTDS
Author(s): A. A. van der Meer, M. Popov

Paper #: >09IPST012
A Wavelet-Based Method for Detection and Classification of Single and Crosscountry Faults in Transmission Lines
Author(s): F. B. Costa, B. A. Souza, N. S. D. Brito

Paper #: >09IPST013
Comparison between Measurement and ATP Computation on Traveling Wave Propagation Characteristics of Long Power Cable
Author(s): S. Nishiwaki, T. Koshizuka, O. Hosokawa, K. Yamamoto

Paper #: >09IPST014
The Protection Against Lightning of an Overhead Line Uprated from 225 kV to 400 kV
Author(s): A. Xémard, S. Dennetière, I. Uglesic, V. Milardic, B. Milesevic, P. Grand, F. Sauvegrain, P. Stevenin, M. Mesic

Paper #: >09IPST015
FPGA Implementation of a Modified Two-Layer Network Equivalent for Real-Time Simulation of Electromagnetic Transients
Author(s): M. Matar, R. Iravani

Paper #: >09IPST016
A Real-Time Model for Testing Stator-Ground Fault Protection Schemes of Synchronous Machines
Author(s): A. B. Dehkordi, A. M. Gole, T. L. Maguire, P. Neti

Paper #: >09IPST017
Comparison of Measured Transient Overvoltages in the Collection Grid of Nysted Offshore Wind Farm with EMT Simulations
Author(s): I. Arana, J. Holbøll, T. Sørensen, A. H. Nielsen, P. Sørensen, O. Holmstrøm

Paper #: >09IPST018
Development of Synchrophasors Measuring Method for Power Systems
Author(s): K. Seki

Paper #: >09IPST019
Localization of Phase-to-Phase Faults on a Medium Voltage Feeder with Distributed Generation
Author(s): J. I. Marvik, H. K. Høidalen, A. Petterteig

Paper #: >09IPST020
Reduction of Flashovers on 220 kV Double-Circuits Line
Author(s): I. Uglesic, A. Xémard, V. Milardic, B. Milesevic, B. Filipovic-Grcic, I. Ivankovic

Paper #: >09IPST021
New Approach for Fault Location on Transmission Lines Not Requiring Line Parameters
Author(s): Z. M. Radojevic, C. H. Kim, M. Popov, G. Preston, V. Terzija

Paper #: >09IPST022
Plant Identification and Tuning Controls an EMTP case
Author(s): L. Gérin-Lajoie

Paper #: >09IPST023
Parameter Identification Technique for a Dynamic Metal-Oxide Surge Arrester Model
Author(s): G. R. S. Lira, D. Fernandes Jr., E. G. Costa

Paper #: >09IPST024
Analysis of the Behavior of one Digital Distance Relay Under Islanding Condition with ATP
Author(s): C. R. Saldana, G. R. Calzolari

Paper #: >09IPST025
Permeance Network Based Real-Time Induction Machine Model
Author(s): B. Asghari, V. Dinavahi

Paper #: >09IPST026
Frequency Domain Modeling of Transmission Lines Excited by Nearby Lightning Strokes
Author(s): P. Gómez, J. C. Escamilla

Paper #: >09IPST027
Faulty Phase Identification Using Probability Tail Function for EHV Transmission Systems
Author(s): N. I. Elkalashy, M. Lehtonen

Paper #: >09IPST028
ATP-EMTP Investigation of Detection of Fault Position with Respect to the Compensating Bank in Series Compensated Line by Determining the Contents of DC Components in Phase Currents
Author(s): J. Izykowski, P. Mazniewski, E. Rosolowski, P. Balcerek, M. Fulczyk

Paper #: >09IPST029
Partial Discharge Location in Transformers through Application of MTL Model
Author(s): S. M. Hassan Hosseini, M. Ghafarian, M. Vakilian, G. B. Gharehpetian, F. Forouzbakhsh

Paper #: >09IPST030
Core Structure and its Association with Transformer Susceptibility towards Ferroresonance
Author(s): C. A. Charalambous, Z. D. Wang, P. Jarman, M. Osborne

Paper #: >09IPST031
Numerical Electromagnetic Field Analysis of Transient Magnetic Fields in a Nacelle Caused by a Lightning Stroke to a Wind Turbine Generator System
Author(s): K. Yamamoto, T. Chikara, A. Ametani

Paper #: >09IPST032
Surge Propagation on Two Conductors System Consisting of an Overhead Wire and a Grounding Conductor
Author(s): S. Sekioka

Paper #: >09IPST033
Methodologies to Determine the Fault Current through an OPGW (Optical Ground Wire)
Author(s): H. R. Disenfeld

Paper #: >09IPST034
Sequential Motor Dynamic Acceleration and Re-Acceleration Simulations: Comparison of ETAP and EMTP-RV Software
Author(s): L. R. Manio, K. Kameda, J. J. Dai, H. Iki, K. Katayama, Y. Uriu

Paper #: >09IPST035
Multipurpose Power System Simulator: Implementation Based on Modern Principles
Author(s): I. Naumkin, M. Balabin, N. Lavrushenko, R. Naumkin

Paper #: >09IPST036
Faulted Branch Identification on Power Distribution Systems Under Noisy Environment
Author(s): K. R. Caino de Oliveira, R. H. Salim, A. Shuck Jr., A. S. Bretas

Paper #: >09IPST037
A Steady-State and Time-Domain Model of the Coupling between Electrically Conductive Structures
Author(s): J. G. Roumy, O. Saad, J. Michaud

Paper #: >09IPST038
Development of an On-line Transient Classification System
Author(s): N. Perera, A. D. Rajapakse, D. Muthumuni, R. P. Jayasinghe

Paper #: >09IPST039
HVDC-Generator-Turbine Torsional Interaction Studies Using A Linearized Model With Dynamic Network Representation
Author(s): C. Karawita, U. D. Annakkage

Paper #: >09IPST040
Circuit Breaker Model using Serially Connected 3 Arc Models for EMTP Simulation
Author(s): T. Koshizuka, T. Shinkai, K. Udagawa, H. Kawano

Paper #: >09IPST041
Representation of a Group of Three-phase Induction Motors Using Per Unit Aggregation Model
Author(s): A. Kunakorn, T. Banyatnopparat

Paper #: >09IPST042
Investigating Lightning-Induced Overvoltages Transmitted to Customer Side
Author(s): N. Sabiha, M. Lehtonen

Paper #: >09IPST043
Reactive Power Compensation Characteristics of a New SVC for Industry Custom Power System
Author(s): F. Liu, R. Yokoyama, Y. Zhou, Y. Li, M. Wu

Paper #: >09IPST044
Coordination Between Distributed Generation Stability and Undervoltage Protection Requirements at DG Interconnection Point
Author(s): I. Xyngi, M. Popov

Paper #: >09IPST045
A Steady-State Model of the Photovoltaic System in EMTP
Author(s): H. I. Cho, S. M. Yeo, C. H. Kim, V. Terzija, Z. M. Radojevic

Paper #: >09IPST046
Systematic Switching Study of Transformer Inrush Current: Simulations and Measurements
Author(s): N. Chiesa, H. K. Høidalen

Paper #: >09IPST047
Adaptative Single-Phase Autoreclosing Based on Secondary Arc Voltage Harmonic Signature
Author(s): A. A. Montanari, M. C. Tavares, C. M. Portela

Paper #: >09IPST048
Secondary Arc Voltage and Current Harmonic Content for Field Tests Results
Author(s): A. A. Montanari, M. C. Tavares, C. M. Portela, A. B. Camara

Paper #: >09IPST049
dU/dt Protection for Distribution Transformers
Author(s): W. Piasecki, M. Ostrogórska, M. Florkowski, M. Fulczyk, P. Klys

Paper #: >09IPST050
Mitigating Ferroresonance in HV Inductive Transformers
Author(s): W. Piasecki, M. Stosur, M. Florkowski, M. Fulczyk, B. Lewandowski

Paper #: >09IPST051
Accuracy of Lightning Surge Analysis of Tower Surge Response
Author(s): N. Itamoto, H. Kawamura, K. Shinjo, H. Motoyama, M. Ishii

Paper #: >09IPST052
Analysis of Impact of UPFC on Single Pole Auto Reclosures
Author(s): W. H. Jang, S. P. Ahn, C. H. Kim, R. K. Aggarwal

Paper #: >09IPST053
An Improved Active Islanding Detection Technology for Grid-connected Solar Photovoltaic System
Author(s): H. T. Yang, P. C. Peng, T. Y. Tsai, Y. Y. Hong

Paper #: >09IPST054
Overvoltages While Switching Off a HV Transformer with Arc-Suppression Coil at No-Load
Author(s): K. Teichmann, M. Kizilcay

Paper #: >09IPST055
Mitigation of Back-Flashovers for 110-kV Lines at Multi-Circuit Overhead Line Towers
Author(s): M. Kizilcay

Paper #: >09IPST056
Interaction of a HVDC System with 400-kV AC Systems on the Same Tower
Author(s): M. Kizilcay, A. Agdemir, M. Lösing

Paper #: >09IPST057
Switching Overvoltage Analysis of 500 kV Transmission Line Between Nam Theun 2 and Roi Et 2
Author(s): T. Keokhoungning, S. Premrudeeprechacharn, K. Ngamsanroaj

Paper #: >09IPST058
A Robust Multi-Conductor Transmission Line Model to Simulate EM Transients in Underground Cables
Author(s): H. M. J. De Silva, L. M. Wedepohl, A. M. Gole

Paper #: >09IPST059
Transient Study for Single Phase Reclosing Using Arc Model on the Thailand 500 kV Transmission Lines from Mae Moh to Tha Ta Ko
Author(s): K. Ngamsanroaj, S. Premrudeeprechacharn

Paper #: >09IPST060
Study on the Improvement of the Special Protection Scheme (SPS) in the Korean Power System
Author(s): J. Shin, S. Nam, S. Cha, J. Lee, T. K. Kim, J. E. Kim, T. O. Kim, H. Song

Paper #: >09IPST061
Analysis of Circuit Breaker Application Based on Transient Recovery Voltage Using Frequency Domain Techniques
Author(s): D. Sinder, A. C. S. Lima, S. Carneiro Jr., A. C. Carvalho

Paper #: >09IPST062
On Applying Controlled Switching to Transmission Lines: Case Studies
Author(s): K. M. C. Dantas, W. L. A. Neves, D. Fernandes Jr., G. A. Cardoso, L. C. Fonseca

Paper #: >09IPST063
Small-Signal Modeling of Power Electronic Converters with Resonant Controllers
Author(s): P. W. Lehn, S. Podrucky

Paper #: >09IPST064
Voltage Total Harmonic Distortion Analysis through Transformer's Characteristics and Energy Use Data
Author(s): W. E. Souza, A. R. Aoki, A. Chaves Neto, R. A. Peniche, M. R. Ortega

Paper #: >09IPST065
Torsional Torque Suppression of Decentralized Generators Based on H8 Control Theory
Author(s): T. Goya, E. Omine, T. Senjyu, A. Yona, N. Urasaki, T. Funabashi

Paper #: >09IPST066
Impacts of Various Representations of Core Saturation Curve on Ferroresonance Behavior of Transformers
Author(s): A. Rezaei-Zare, R. Iravani

Paper #: >09IPST067
Control of Inrush Transients During the Restoration of an Islanded 735 kV System
Author(s): M. Alawie, Q. Bui-Van, A. Dumas

Paper #: >09IPST068
Simulation of an Extra Large Network in EMTP: from Electromagnetic to Electromechanical Transients
Author(s): L. Gérin-Lajoie, J. Mahseredjian

Paper #: >09IPST069
Modeling and Simulation of the Startup of a Pumped Storage Power Plant Unit
Author(s): U. Karaagac, J. Mahseredjian, S. Dennetière

Paper #: >09IPST070
A Three-Phase Harmonic Power Flow Algorithm Based on A Hybrid Approach
Author(s): K. L. Lian, T. Noda

Paper #: >09IPST071
A Method to Stabilize a Power Hardware-in-the-loop Simulation of Inductor Coupled Systems
Author(s): M. Hong, S. Horie, Y. Miura, T. Ise, C. Dufour

Paper #: >09IPST072
Transient Recovery Voltage Influenced by Transformer Delta Winding in UHV Transmission System
Author(s): Y. Yamagata, M. Kosakada, M. Toyoda, S. Nishiwaki

Paper #: >09IPST073
An Efficient Feature Extraction Method for Classification of Power Quality Disturbances
Author(s): H. Eristi, Y. Demir

Paper #: >09IPST074
Investigation of DFIG with Fault Ride-Through Capability in Weak Power Systems
Author(s): C. Rahmann, H. J. Haubrich, L. Vargas, M. B. C. Salles

Paper #: >09IPST075
Computer Simulation of Wind Power Systems: Power Electronics and Transient Stability Analysis
Author(s): R. Melício, V. M. F. Mendes, J. P. S. Catalao

Paper #: >09IPST076
IVTs Behavior Characterization in Switching Transients
Author(s): M. C. Falvo, U. Grasselli, R. Lamedica, G. Maranzano

Paper #: >09IPST077
Circuit Breaker Switching Transients at Arc Furnace Installation
Author(s): M. Maksic, D. Matvoz, J. Kosmac, I. Papic

Paper #: >09IPST078
Electrical Transient Interaction between Transformers and Power System — Brazilian Experience
Author(s): U. R. R. Massaro, R. Antunes

Paper #: >09IPST079
Current Differential Protection of Alternator Stator Winding
Author(s): N. W. Kinhekar, S. Daingade, A. Kinhekar

Paper #: >09IPST080
Non Conventional Transmission Line with FACTS in Electromagnetic Transient Programs
Author(s): R. F. S. Dias, A. C. S. Lima, C. Portela, M. Aredes

Paper #: >09IPST081
Induced Voltages to Wires Installed within a Building due to Direct Lightning
Author(s): N. Nagaoka, T. Kusuda, Y. Iwakura, A. Ametani

Paper #: >09IPST082
Parameter Estimation of a Nonlinear EDLC Model for EMTP Simulation
Author(s): N. Nagaoka, S. Fujiyama, H. Nonoyama, A. Ametani

Paper #: >09IPST083
Testing Firing Pulse Controls for a VSC-based HVDC Scheme with a Real Time Timestep < 3 ųs
Author(s): P. A. Forsyth, T. L. Maguire, D. Shearer, D. Rydmell

Paper #: >09IPST084
TRV Investigations to Assess the Suitability of 132kV Circuit Breakers for an Offshore Wind Farm Connection
Author(s): O. Nanka-Bruce, S. Nurse, M. Jones, V. Levi

Paper #: >09IPST085
Considering Power Losses of Switching Devices in Transient Simulations through a Simplified Circuit Model
Author(s): J. M. Mauricio, J. M. Maza-Ortega, A. Gomez-Exposito

Paper #: >09IPST086
Energization of Step-up Transformers for MV Windfarms: Description of the Methodology for the Modeling of the Equipment and its Validation by Onsite Tests
Author(s): M. Rioual, J. C. Reveret

Paper #: >09IPST087
Impact of Grounding Systems Frequency Dependency on Lightning Arresters Transient Response
Author(s): K. Sheshyekani, F. Rachidi, S. H. H. Sadeghi, R. Moini, M. Paolone

Paper #: >09IPST088
Converter Based Controlled Reactance for Damping Subsynchronous Resonance
Author(s): A. C. Borré, R. F. S. Dias, A. C. S. Lima, E. H. Watanabe

Paper #: >09IPST089
Results using Wind Turbine Models for the Certification Process required by the Grid Codes
Author(s): E. Gómez-Lázaro, J. A. Fuentes, A. Molina-García, F. Jiménez

Paper #: >09IPST090
Mho Relay for Protection of Series Compensated Transmission Lines
Author(s): A. B. Shah, V. K. Sood, O. Saad

Paper #: >09IPST091
Implementation of a New Magnetizing Branch in EMTP-RV Using the A(x) Model
Author(s): M. Lambert, J. Mahseredjian, L. A. Dessaint, A. Gaudreau

Paper #: >09IPST092
Integrated Use of Time-Frequency Wavelet Decompositions for Fault Location in Distribution Networks: Theory and Experimental Validation
Author(s): A. Borghetti, M. Bosetti, M. Paolone, A. Abur

Paper #: >09IPST093
Modeling On-line Three-phase PD Monitoring System for MV Overhead Covered-Conductors
Author(s): G. M. Hashmi, M. Isa, M. Lehtonen

Paper #: >09IPST094
Transformer Inrush is Over: An Experience with a 100MVA, 230/138 kV Three-phase Transformer Controlled Energizing
Author(s): H. S. Bronzeado, S. O. Pinto, P. Jonsson, J. C. de Oliveira, M. L. R. Chaves

Paper #: >09IPST095
A Common User Interface for Offline and Real-time Simulation of Transients
Author(s): M. Giroux, J. Mahseredjian

Paper #: >09IPST096
A Modern and Open Real-Time Digital Simulator of Contemporary Power Systems
Author(s): J. Bélanger, L. A. Snider, J. N. Paquin, C. Pirolli, W. Li

Paper #: >09IPST097
Single-Phase Active Power Filter Design Using EMTP Simulation
Author(s): H. Y. Lee, M. B. Shim, J. H. Lee, B. M. Han

Paper #: >09IPST098
A New Transient Impedance-Based Algorithm for Earth Fault Detection in Medium Voltage Networks
Author(s): M. F. Abdel-Fattah, M. Lehtonen

Paper #: >09IPST099
A Novel Transient Current-Based Differential Algorithm for Earth Fault Detection in Medium Voltage Distribution Networks
Author(s): M. F. Abdel-Fattah, M. Lehtonen

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