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Proceedings of the International Conference on Power Systems Transients 2005 (IPST 2005)

ISSN: 2434-9739

Conference Location: Montreal, Canada

Paper #: 05IPST049-2a
Condensed Transmission Line Model in EMTP-Type Program. Use of Complex Elements
Author(s): M. A. Paz, M. C.Tavares, J. Pissolato, C. M. Portela

Paper #: 05IPST055-2b
Transmission Line Analyses with a Single Real Transformation Matrix —Non-symmetrical and Non-transposed cases
Author(s): A. J. Prado, J. Pissolato Filho, S. Kurokawa, L. F. Bovolato

Paper #: 05IPST056-2c
A Characteristic based Model for Electromagnetic Transient Analysis of Multiconductor Lines with Corona and Skin Effects
Author(s): M. Dávila, J. L. Naredo, P. Moreno

Paper #: 05IPST189-2d
Transient Analysis of Single Phase Non Uniform Lines with Frequency Dependent Electrical Parameters
Author(s): P. Gomez, P. Moreno V., J. L. Naredo

Paper #: 05IPST208-2e
Effect of Impedance Approximate Formulae on Frequency Dependence Realization
Author(s): T. F. R. D. Martins, A. C. S. Lima, S. Carneiro Jr.

Paper #: 05IPST230-2f
Clarke Extended Methodology for Two Three-phase Double-circuit Lines
Author(s): J. C. C. Campos, J. Pissolato Filho, A. J. Prado, S. Kurokawa

Paper #: 05IPST007-4a
Performance of Earthing Systems of Operational/Live Stations Under Impulse Conditions
Author(s): N. A. Idris, A. Ramli, N. Mohamad Nor, H. Ahmad

Paper #: 05IPST097-4b
HV Substation Overvoltage Computation Taking into Account Frequency Dependent Transients on the Substation Grounding System
Author(s): S. Sadovic, R. Gacanovic, M. Rascic

Paper #: 05IPST128-4c
Evaluation of Grounding Performance of Energized Substations by Ground Current Measurement
Author(s): J. K. Choi, Y. H. Ahn, J. W. Woo, G. J. Jung, B. S. Han, K. C. Kim

Paper #: 05IPST151-4d
Mutual Ground Impedances between Overhead and Underground Transmission Cables
Author(s): F. A. Uribe

Paper #: 05IPST157-4e
Earth Conductivity and Permittivity Data Measurements—Influence in Transmission Line Transient Performance
Author(s): J. B. Gertrudes, M. C. Tavares, J. Pissolato Filho, C. Portela

Paper #: 05IPST239-4f
Transmission Line Modeling of Grounding Electrodes and Calculation of their Effective Length under Impulse Excitation
Author(s): M. I. Lorentzou, N. D. Hatziargyriou

Paper #: 05IPST009-3a
Computation of Very Fast Transient Overvoltages in Transformer Windings
Author(s): M. Popov, L. van der Sluis, G. C. Paap, H. de Herdt

Paper #: 05IPST025-3b
Modelling and Analysis of Transformer Winding at High Frequencies
Author(s): Y. Shibuya, T. Matsumoto, T. Teranishi

Paper #: 05IPST100-3c
Detailed High Frequency Models of Various Winding Types in Power Transformers
Author(s): K. Pedersen, M. E. Lunow, J. Holbøll, M. Henriksen

Paper #: 05IPST106-3d
High Frequency FEM-based Power Transformer Modeling: Investigation of Internal Stresses due to Network-Initiated Overvoltages
Author(s): E. Bjerkan, H. K. Høidalen

Paper #: 05IPST135-3e
Computation of Very Fast Transient Overvoltages inside Transformers resulting from Switchings in Power Plants
Author(s): O. Moreau, G. Dos Santos, Y. Guillot

Paper #: 05IPST026-10a
Transformer Inrush Studies for Wind farm Grid Connections
Author(s): K. S. Smith

Paper #: 05IPST125-10b
Case Study of Sympathetic Interaction Between Transformers Caused By Inrush Transients
Author(s): M. Sengül, B. Alboyaci, S. öztürk, H. B. Cetinkaya

Paper #: 05IPST140-10c
Analytical Study of Transformer Inrush Current Transients and Its Applications
Author(s): S. G. Abdulsalam, W. Xu

Paper #: 05IPST146-12a
Characterization of Ferroresonant Modes in HV Substation with CB Grading Capacitors
Author(s): M. Val Escudero, I. Dudurych, M. A. Redfern

Paper #: 05IPST076-12b
Coupling Capacitor Voltage Transformer: Laboratory Tests and Digital Simulations
Author(s): D. Fernandes Jr., W. L. A. Neves, J. C. A. Vasconcelos, M. V. Godoy

Paper #: 05IPST206-12c
Considerations in Applying EMTP to Evaluate Current Transformer Performance under Transient and High Current Fault Conditions
Author(s): R. M. Rifaat

Paper #: 05IPST227-12d
Application of PSCAD/EMTDC and Chaos Theory to Power System Ferroresonance Analysis
Author(s): P. Sakarung, S. Chatratana

Paper #: 05IPST044-10d
Using Zigzag Transformers with Phase-shift to reduce Harmonics in AC-DC Systems
Author(s): H. K. Høidalen, R. Sporild

Paper #: 05IPST248-10e
Leakage Inductance Model for Autotransformer Transient Simulation
Author(s): B. A. Mork, F. Gonzalez, D. Ishchenko

Paper #: 05IPST036-14a
Power transformers in parallel which share a neutral resistance: how to manage the circulating current between the secondary windings
Author(s): C. Saldana, G. Calzolari

Paper #: 05IPST108-14b
Using HF Lumped Parameter Model for HVDC Power Transformer Failure Investigation
Author(s): J. Prins, M. Saravolac

Paper #: 05IPST114-14c
On Line Analysis of Short Circuit Tests on Windings
Author(s): S. Santhi, S. Jayalalitha, V. Jayashankar

Paper #: 05IPST119-14d
Modeling Faults During Impulse Testing of Transformers
Author(s): V. Jayashankar, C. Kumaravelu, A. Palani, S. Usa, K. Udayakumar

Paper #: 05IPST226-14e
Modeling of IPC Transformer Windings for Fast Transient Studies
Author(s): S. M. H. Hosseini, M. Vakilian and G. B. Gharehpetian

Paper #: 05IPST050-7a
A Knowledge Base for Switching Surge Transients
Author(s): A. I. Ibrahim, H. W. Dommel

Paper #: 05IPST052-7b
Surge Arresters Operation at Opening of No-load 500kV Transmission Line
Author(s): S. Nomoto, S. Yoshiike, K. Miyake

Paper #: 05IPST082-7c
Application of Transmission Line Surge Arresters to Reduce Switching Overvoltages
Author(s): H. Seyedi, M. Sanaye-Pasand

Paper #: 05IPST109-7d
Effects of Transmission Line Construction on Resonance in Shunt Compensated EHV Lines
Author(s): M. V. Escudero, M. Redfern

Paper #: 05IPST196-7e
Parametric Sensitivity Studies and Protective Measures for Switching Overvoltages Arising from VCBs in Induction Motor Circuit
Author(s): C. S. M. Wong, E. W. C. Lo, L. A. Snider

Paper #: 05IPST229-7f
Current Switching with High Voltage Air Disconnector
Author(s): S. Carsimamovic, Z. Bajramovic, M. Ljevak, M. Veledar, N. Halilhodzic

Paper #: 05IPST038-16a
Analysis of Unexpected Fault Current Limiter Operation using EMT Programs
Author(s): M. S. Hibbert, K. S. Smith

Paper #: 05IPST087-16b
Limitation of Transmission Line Switching Overvoltages using Switchsync Relays
Author(s): M. Sanaye-Pasand, M. R. Dadashzadeh, M. Khodayar

Paper #: 05IPST096-16c
The Investigation for adaptation of High Speed Grounding Switches on the Korean 765kV Single Transmission Line
Author(s): S. P. Ahn, C. H. Kim, H. J. Ju, E. B. Shim

Paper #: 05IPST215-16d
Brazilian Successful Experience in the Usage of Current Limiting Reactors for Short-Circuit Limitation
Author(s): J. Amon F., P. C. Fernandez, E. H. Rose, A. D'Ajuz, A. Castanheira

Paper #: 05IPST251-16e
A Feasibility Study for Conversion of 345/138 kV Auto-Transformers into Fault Current Limiting Transformers
Author(s): D. F. Menzies, A. M. Monteiro, S. C. Júnior, A. S. Pedroso

Paper #: 05IPST092-16f
Islanding and Overvoltage Considerations in Grounding of Distributed Generation
Author(s): P. E. Sutherland, T. A. Short, K. S. McAllister

Paper #: 05IPST054-18a
An evaluation of the short-circuit transient current on circuit breakers for the Hydro-Québec sub-transmission network in the presence of subsynchronous phenomenon of the 735 kV series compensated transmission system
Author(s): P. Larivière, D. Vinet

Paper #: 05IPST064-18b
Identification of Fault Locations using Transient State Estimation
Author(s): K. K. C. Yu, N. R. Watson

Paper #: 05IPST123-18c
Stochastic Approach For Modeling Arcing Faults In Cables From Experimental Data
Author(s): M. V. Mynam, R. Nelson, R. W. Wall, B. K. Johnson

Paper #: 05IPST155-18d
Numerical Modeling of Vacuum Arc Dynamics At Current Zero Using ATP
Author(s): L. R. Orama-Exclusa

Paper #: 05IPST243-18e
SF6 Generator Circuit Breakers Modeling
Author(s): S. Y. Leung, L. A. Snider, C. S. M. Wong

Paper #: 05IPST024-20a
Study of 345kV Transient Recovery Voltages on the Illinois Power System
Author(s): R. A. Niemerg, T. E. Grebe

Paper #: 05IPST041-20b
Transient Recovery Voltage Requirements Associated with the Application of Current-Limiting Series Reactors
Author(s): D. Shoup, J. Paserba, R. G. Colclaser, T. Rosenberger, L. Ganatra, C. Isaac

Paper #: 05IPST133-20c
Transient Recovery Voltage at Series Compensated Transmission Lines in Piauí, Brazil
Author(s): S. Henschel, L. Kirschner, M. C. Lima

Paper #: 05IPST205-20d
Configuration of Subroutine MODELS of ATPDraw in Transient Recovery Voltage (TRV) Studies for Circuit Breakers
Author(s): D. G. Pimenta, J. Amon Filho

Paper #: 05IPST224-20e
Transient Recovery Voltage Investigation in the Application of 15 kV Circuit Breaker Failure
Author(s): X. Wang, P. Wilson, J. Zhou, D. Muthumuni, D. Kell, K. W. Louie

Paper #: 05IPST018-9a
Maximum Lightning Overvoltage along a Cable due to Shielding Failure
Author(s): T. Henriksen

Paper #: 05IPST051-9b
The Measurement and Analysis of Surge Characteristics using Miniature Model of Air Insulated Substation
Author(s): T. Watanabe, K. Fukui, H. Motoyama, T. Noda

Paper #: 05IPST065-9c
Study of the Protection of Screen Interruption Joints Against Fast-front Overvoltages
Author(s): A. Xemard, E. Dorison

Paper #: 05IPST111-9d
The Analysis Results of Lightning Overvoltages by EMTP for Lightning Protection Design of 500 kV Substation
Author(s): J. W. Woo, J. S. Kwak, H. J. Ju, H. H. Lee

Paper #: 05IPST150-9e
Failure Analysis of CVT from substations El Tablazo and Cuatricentenario up 400 kV
Author(s): A. Villa R., Z. Romero C.

Paper #: 05IPST207-9f
Estimation Program of Lightning Outage Power Distribution Line with Reference to Japanese Grounding System
Author(s): T. Yamada, M. Ota, T. Ootaki and S. Sekioka

Paper #: 05IPST029-24a
An Equivalent Circuit for Analysis of Lightning-Induced Voltages on Multiconductor System Using an Analytical Expression
Author(s): S. Sekioka

Paper #: 05IPST047-24b
Modeling of Overhead Transmission Lines for Lightning Studies
Author(s): J. A. Martinez-Velasco, F. Castro-Aranda

Paper #: 05IPST138-24c
Improvements of an FDTD-Based Surge Simulation Code and Its Application to the Lightning Overvoltage Calculation of a Transmission Tower
Author(s): T. Noda, A. Tatematsu, S. Yokoyama

Paper #: 05IPST190-24d
Tower Structure Effect on a Back-Flashover Phase
Author(s): A. Ametani, N. Nagaoka, T. Funabashi, N. Inoue

Paper #: 05IPST250-24e
Comparison of Two Computational Programs for the Calculation of Lightning-Induced Voltages on Distribution Systems
Author(s): M. Paolone, E. Perez, A. Borghetti, C.A. Nucci, F. Rachidi, H. Torres

Paper #: 05IPST020-22a
Modeling of Series Voltage Source Converter applications with EMTP RV
Author(s): S. Salem, V. J. Sood

Paper #: 05IPST053-22b
Amplitude, Phase and Frequency Estimation based on the Analytic Representation of Distorted Power System Signals
Author(s): C. Gherasim, T. Croes, J. Driesen, R. Belmans

Paper #: 05IPST081-22c
Alternating Current Source to Voltage Source Converter
Author(s): M. J. Case, J. F. J. van Rensburg, D. V. Nicolae

Paper #: 05IPST184-22d
Approximate Loss Formulae for Estimation of IGBT Switching Losses through EMTP-type Simulations
Author(s): A. D. Rajapakse, A. M. Gole, P. L. Wilson

Paper #: 05IPST079-17a
Multi-Line Power Flow Control: An Evaluation of the GIPFC (Generalized Interline Power Flow Controller)
Author(s): R. L. Vasques Arnez, L. Cera Zanetta Jr.

Paper #: 05IPST102-17b
Electromagnetic Transient Simulation for Study on Commutation Failures in HVDC Systems
Author(s): X. Chengjun, X. Yang, S. Yuanda

Paper #: 05IPST160-17c
Commutation Failure Analysis in HVDC Systems Using Advanced Multiple-Run Methods
Author(s): E. Rahimi, S. Filizadeh, A. M. Gole

Paper #: 05IPST174-17d
Efficient and Accurate Multirate Simulation of HVDC Converters in a Partitioned Network Environment
Author(s): F. A. Moreira, J. R. Martí, L. C. Zanetta Jr.

Paper #: 05IPST186-17e
Controller Design for STATCOM using Multi-level Double Converter System
Author(s): N. Kimura, T. Morizane, K. Taniguchi, T. Oono

Paper #: 05IPST075-1a
Transient and Dynamic Modeling of the New Langlois VFT Asynchronous Tie and Validation with Commissioning Tests.
Author(s): D. McNabb, D. Nadeau, A. Nantel, E. Practico, E. Larsen, G.Sybille, V. Q. Do

Paper #: 05IPST031-5a
Coupling Capacitor Voltage Transformers as Harmonic Distortion Monitoring Devices in Transmission Systems
Author(s): M. Tanaskovic, A. Nabi, S. Misur

Paper #: 05IPST046-5b
Calculation of Voltage Sag Indices for Distribution Networks
Author(s): J. A. Martinez-Velasco, J. Martin-Arnedo

Paper #: 05IPST061-5c
Flicker Frequency Changing Effects with A TSC Applied To A Woodchip Mill
Author(s): K. A Walshe

Paper #: 05IPST067-5d
Arc Furnace Modelling in ATP-EMTP
Author(s): E. A. Cano Plata, H. E. Tacca

Paper #: 05IPST091-5e
Analysis of Harmonics, Flicker and Unbalance of Time-Varying Single-Phase Traction Loads on a Three-Phase System
Author(s): P. E. Sutherland, M. Waclawiak, M. F. McGranaghan

Paper #: 05IPST043-6a
SSR study for the Thyristor Controlled Series Compensation application on the Kanpur-Ballabgarh 400kV line in India
Author(s): S. Subhash, A. K. Tripathy, K. R. Padiyar, S. Nayyar, M. Kumar, P. J. Thakkar, K. K. Arya

Paper #: 05IPST143-6b
A PSCAD case study of the main factors influencing the level of subsynchronous torsional interaction caused by HVDC
Author(s): T. Rauhala, A. Partanen, H. Kuisti, P. Järventausta

Paper #: 05IPST172-6c
Application of Hilbert Techniques to the Study of Subsynchronous Oscillations
Author(s): M. A. Andrade, A. R. Messina

Paper #: 05IPST222-6d
Torsional-mode identification for turbogenerators with application to PSS tuning
Author(s): A. Heniche, I. Kamwa, R. Grondin

Paper #: 05IPST022-6e
Suppression of Subsynchronous Resonance by a Parallel Connected Damper Circuit
Author(s): A. M. Miri, C. Sihler, T. Zoller

Paper #: 05IPST068-8a
Transient Behavior of a Fixed-Speed Grid-Connected Wind Farm
Author(s): A. Tabesh, R. Iravani

Paper #: 05IPST070-8b
Electromagnetic Transients of a Micro-Turbine Based Distributed Generation System
Author(s): H. Nikkhajoei, R. Iravani

Paper #: 05IPST080-8c
Transients of a Micro-Grid System with Multiple Distributed Energy Resources
Author(s): F. Katiraei, R. Iravani

Paper #: 05IPST113-8d
Microgrid Simulation During Steady State and Transient Operation
Author(s): F. D. Kanellos, A. I. Tsouchnikas, N. D. Hatziargyriou

Paper #: 05IPST131-8e
Transient Modeling and Comparison of Wind Generator Topologies
Author(s): C. Abbey, B. Khodabakhchian, F. Zhou, S. Dennetière, J. Mahseredjian, G. Joos

Paper #: 05IPST077-25a
UMEC Transformer Model for the Real Time Digital Simulator
Author(s): Y. Zhang, T. Maguire, P. Forsyth

Paper #: 05IPST149-25b
FPGA-Based Real-Time Digital Simulation
Author(s): M. Matar, M. Abdel-Rahman, A. Soliman

Paper #: 05IPST168-25c
Small Time-step (< 2ųSec) VSC Model for the Real Time Digital Simulator
Author(s): T. Maguire, J. Giesbrecht

Paper #: 05IPST238-25d
Advancements on the Integration of Electromagnetic Transients Simulator and Transient Stability Simulator
Author(s): H. T. Su, Ka Wing Chan, L. A. Snider, J. C. Soumagne

Paper #: 05IPST253-25e
Real-time Simulation of a 48-pulse GTO STATCOM compensated power system on a Dual-Xeon PC using RT-LAB
Author(s): C. Dufour, J. Bélanger

Paper #: 05IPST074-26a
Real-Time Wind Turbine Emulator Suitable for Power Quality and Dynamic Control Studies
Author(s): D. S. L. Dolan, P. W. Lehn

Paper #: 05IPST105-26b
Real Time Transient Stability Simulator of Large Scale Multi-Machine Power System in Matlab/Simulink Environment
Author(s): T. Hiyama, Y. Tsukawaki, M. Kawakita

Paper #: 05IPST159-26c
Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine Model for Real-Time Simulation
Author(s): A. B. Dehkordi, A. M. Gole, T. L. Maguire

Paper #: 05IPST162-26d
Modeling and Real-Time Simulation of a Doubly-Fed Induction Generator Driven by a Wind Turbine
Author(s): R. Gagnon, G. Sybille, S. Bernard, D. Paré, S. Casoria, C. Larose

Paper #: 05IPST169-26e
A Real-time Platform for Teaching Power System Control Design
Author(s): G. Jackson, U. D. Annakkage , A. M. Gole, D. Lowe, M. P. McShane

Paper #: 05IPST027-13a
Modeling a Fuzzy Logic Controller for Power Converters in EMTP RV
Author(s): J. Qi, V. K. Sood, V. Ramachandran

Paper #: 05IPST035-13b
A Wavelet-FIRANN Technique for High-Impedance Arcing Faults Detection in Distribution Systems
Author(s): H. M. Jabr, A. I. Megahed

Paper #: 05IPST042-13c
Design of a Robust Nonlinear Fuzzy Controller for HVDC Systems
Author(s): H. R. Najafi, F. V. P. Robinson, A. Shoulaie, M. R. Jahed Motlagh

Paper #: 05IPST104-13d
Intelligent Agent Based Remote Tuning of Power System Stabilizer through Computer Network
Author(s): T. Hiyama, K. Hara, H. Yakabe

Paper #: 05IPST202-13e
Abrupt Change Detection in Power System Fault Analysis using Wavelet Transform
Author(s): A. Ukil, R. Zivanovic

Paper #: 05IPST010-19a
Rogowski Coil Transient Performance and ATP Simulations for Applications in Protective Relaying
Author(s): Lj. A. Kojovic

Paper #: 05IPST011-19b
An Adaptive, Self-checking Algorithm for Controlled Fault Interruption
Author(s): R. Thomas, J. Daalder, C. E. Solver

Paper #: 05IPST148-19c
Simulation of a zero-sequence relay for a distribution network with EMTP-RV. Discrimination between fault current and magnetizing inrush current
Author(s): M. Petit, P. Bastard

Paper #: 05IPST158-19d
Application of a Fault Current Limiter To Minimize Distributed Generation Impact on Coordinated Relay Protection
Author(s): G. Tang, M. R. Iravani

Paper #: 05IPST254-19e
Relay Protection of EHV Shunt Reactors Based on the Traveling Wave Principle
Author(s): J. Esztergalyos

Paper #: 05IPST107-21a
Locating Earth-Faults in Compensated Distribution Networks by means of Fault Indicators
Author(s): E. Bjerkan, T. Venseth

Paper #: 05IPST165-21b
An Integrated Protective Scheme for a multi-ended Transmission Line using Radial Basis Neural Network
Author(s): E. S. T. Eldin, H. Elghazaly, M. Moussa

Paper #: 05IPST220-21c
ATP-EMTP Investigation for Fault Location in Medium Voltage Networks
Author(s): M. M. Saha, E. Rosolowski, J. Izykowski

Paper #: 05IPST221-21d
Troubleshooting Protective Relay Operations Using Field Recorded Waveforms
Author(s): M. Kezunovic, H. DoCarmo, T. Roseburg, M. Hofmann, T. Popovic

Paper #: 05IPST223-21e
A New Concept for Enhanced Simulation of Power Systems
Author(s): T. S. Sidhu, M. Tamije Selvy

Paper #: 05IPST139-1b
On a new approach for the simulation of transients in power systems
Author(s): J. Mahseredjian, S. Dennetière, L. Dubé, B. Khodabakhchian, L. Gérin-Lajoie

Paper #: 05IPST032-15a
Modeling and Simulation of Multiple Nonlinearities Using TLM
Author(s): V. Dinavahi

Paper #: 05IPST058-15b
A Gradient-Based Approach for Power System Design Using Electromagnetic Transient Simulation Programs
Author(s): S. Filizadeh, A. M. Gole

Paper #: 05IPST144-15c
Elimination of numerical delays in the solution of control systems in EMTP
Author(s): J. Mahseredjian, L. Dubé, M. Zou, S. Dennetière, G. Joos

Paper #: 05IPST231-15d
Quadratic Integration Method
Author(s): A. P. Meliopoulos, G. J. Cokkinides, G. K. Stefopoulos

Paper #: 05IPST241-15e
Branch Companion Modeling for Diverse Simulation of Electromagnetic and Electromechanical Transients
Author(s): R. Shintaku, K. Strunz

Paper #: 05IPST063-15f
A Comparison of Transient Simulation with EMTDC and State Space Diakoptical Segregation Methodology
Author(s): K. K. C. Yu, N. R. Watson

Paper #: 05IPST001-11a
Simplified Approach for Synthesizing Frequency Dependent Network Equivalents Including Dynamic Behaviors of Large Power Transmission Systems
Author(s): Q. Bui-Van, F. Beauchemin

Paper #: 05IPST098-11b
An Approach for Reduced Order Modeling of Nonlinear Power Systems
Author(s): M. Prochaska, B. R. Oswald, W. Mathis

Paper #: 05IPST177-11c
Network Partitioning for Real-time Power System Simulation
Author(s): P. Zhang, J. R. Martí, H. W. Dommel

Paper #: 05IPST180-11d
Phase-Domain Network Equivalents for Electromagnetic Transient Studies
Author(s): D. M. Nobre, W. C. Boaventura, W. L. A . Neves

Paper #: 05IPST214-11e
A Robust Two-Layer Network Equivalent for Transient Studies
Author(s): X. Nie, V. Dinavahi

Paper #: 05IPST161-23a
Two Methods for Travelling Wave Visualization in Multi-Phase Power Systems: Painted Transients and Animated Pipes
Author(s): C. Y. Evrenosoglu, E. Akleman, O. ö. özener, A. Abur

Paper #: 05IPST179-23b
A method for coupling electromagnetic transients programs with finite element magnetic field solvers
Author(s): E. Melgoza, J. L. Guardado, V. Venegas

Paper #: 05IPST247-23c
Power Line Carrier Communications Systems Modeling
Author(s): B. A. Mork, D. Ishchenko, X. Wang, A. D. Yerrabelli, R. P. Quest, C. P. Kinne

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