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Proceedings of the International Conference on Power Systems Transients (IPST)

ISSN: 2434-9739

Conference Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Paper #: 01IPST001
Overview of Overhead Line Models and Their Representation in Digital Simulations
Author(s): J. A. Martinez-Velasco

Paper #: 01IPST002
Re-Appraisal of the Basic Impulse Level (BIL) for 400 kV Underground Cables Using EMTP/ATP
Author(s): S. A. Probert, Y. H. Song, P. K. Basak, C. P. Ferguson

Paper #: 01IPST003
Calculating Earth Impedances For Underground Transmission Cables
Author(s): F. A. Uribe, J. L. Naredo, P. Moreno, L. Guardado

Paper #: 01IPST004
Influence of Earth Conductivity and Permittivity Frequency Dependence in Electromagnetic Transient Phenomena
Author(s): M. C. Tavares, C. M. Portela, J. Piscolato

Paper #: 01IPST005
Researching the Efficiency of Measures for Decreasing the Transient Enclosure Voltage Rise of the Gas Insulated Switchgears
Author(s): I. Uglesic, S. Bojic

Paper #: 01IPST006
Analysis of a Transmission Line Model using an Equivalent Impedance Test Concept
Author(s): S. Kurokawa, J. Pissolato Filho, M. C. Tavares

Paper #: 01IPST007
Detailed Model of Long Transmission Lines for Modal Analysis of ac Networks
Author(s): S. Gomes Jr., C. Portela, N. Martins

Paper #: 01IPST008
A New Model of Double Three-Phase Transmission Line Including Frequency Dependence - A Transient Study
Author(s): A. J. Prado, J. Pissolato Filho, M. C. Tavares, C. M. Portela

Paper #: 01IPST009
The Effect of the Shunt Conductance on Transmission Line Models
Author(s): A. B. Fernandes, W. L. A. Neves, E. G. Costa, M. N. Cavalcanti

Paper #: 01IPST010
zCable Model for Frequency Dependent Modelling of Cable Transmission Systems
Author(s): T. C. Yu, J. R. Martí

Paper #: 01IPST011
Simplified Modelling of Hysteresis for Power System Transformers Studies
Author(s): S. H. L. Cabral

Paper #: 01IPST012
Transformer Leakage Flux Modeling
Author(s): T. Henriksen

Paper #: 01IPST013
The Use of TLM Modeling for the Analysis of the Behaviour of Continuous Transformer Windings Under Voltage Surge Incidence
Author(s): S. H. L. Cabral, A. Raizer

Paper #: 01IPST014
Influence of the Representation of the Distribution Transformer Core Configuration on Voltages Developed during Unbalanced Operations
Author(s): J. Vernieri, B. Barbieri, P. Arnera

Paper #: 01IPST015
A Wide Frequency Range Model For a MV/LV Core Transformer
Author(s): C. Andrieu

Paper #: 01IPST016
On Studying Ship Electric Propulsion Motor Driving Schemes
Author(s): J. M. Prousalidis, N. D. Hatziargyriou, B. C. Paradias

Paper #: 01IPST017
Fast Transients in the Operation of an Induction Motor with Vacuum Switches
Author(s): B. Barbieri, R. Bianchi Lastra

Paper #: 01IPST018
Analysis of Very Fast Transients in Transformer
Author(s): Y. Shibuya, S. Fujita, E. Tamaki

Paper #: 01IPST019
Simulation the Effects of Switching Events on Transformers
Author(s): H. W. Dommel, D.Nikolic, M. Selak, P. Vujovic

Paper #: 01IPST020
Transformer Saturation After a Voltage Sag Recovery
Author(s): H. S. Bronzeado, J. C. de Oliveira, A. L. A. Vilaça

Paper #: 01IPST021
Modeling and Analysis of a 1.7 Mva SMES-based Sag Protector
Author(s): S. Santoso, R. Zavadil, M. F. McGranaghan, T. E. Grebe, J. Smith, C. de Winkel

Paper #: 01IPST022
The Influence of the High Power Ratio Non-linear Loads on the Low Voltage System Operation - Case Studies
Author(s): Z. Styczynski, A. Bachry

Paper #: 01IPST023
Long-Term Stability of a Combined Cycle Plant and Two Interconnected Oil Platforms
Author(s): S. Henschel, V. Rygg, T. Lauvdal

Paper #: 01IPST024
Modelling of Unified Power Flow Controller into Power Systems using P-Spice
Author(s): D. Menniti, A. Pinnarelli, U. De Martinis, A. Andreotti

Paper #: 01IPST025
The Modulus Optimum (MO) Method Applied to Voltage Regulation Systems: Modeling, Tuning and Implementation
Author(s): A. J. J. Rezek, C. A. D. Coelho, J. M. E. Vicente, J. A. Cortez, P. R. Laurentino

Paper #: 01IPST026
Handling of Switching Transient and GIFU Switch Ability on the IEE-J's Power Electronics Benchmark Circuits
Author(s): T. Funaki, H. Arita, A. Kan, Y. Kashiwagi

Paper #: 01IPST027
A New Approach for Determining the Periodic Steady-State of Circuits with Thyristor-Controlled Reactors
Author(s): F. M. C. Ferreira, R. R. Naidu

Paper #: 01IPST028
Monte Carlo Simulation of Lightning Strikes to the Nelson River HVDC Transmission Lines
Author(s): S. J. Shelemy, D. R. Swatek

Paper #: 01IPST029
Precision Simulation of PWM Controllers
Author(s): G. D. Irwin, D. A. Woodford, A. Gole

Paper #: 01IPST030
Enhancement of HVDC Performance by Means of FACTS Devices
Author(s): W. Braun, B. M. Buchholz, Z. Lei, D. W. Retzmann, E. Teltsch

Paper #: 01IPST031
Computer Study and Real-Time Simulation - Advanced Solutions for Power System Analysis
Author(s): E. Lerch, B. M. Buchholz, X. Lei, D. W. Retzmann

Paper #: 01IPST032
Coupling Digital Controllers with Real-Time Digital Simulations for Switched Power Systems
Author(s): V. Dinavahi, M. R. Iravani

Paper #: 01IPST033
Real Time Simulation of Multiple Current Transformers Connected to a Common Burden
Author(s): U. D. Annakkage, P. G. McLaren, E. Dirks

Paper #: 01IPST034
Development of a Broadband Real-Time Fully Digital Simulator for the Study and Control of Large Power Systems
Author(s): L. A. Snider, K. W. Chan

Paper #: 01IPST035
Advanced Fully Digital TCSC Real-Time Simulation
Author(s): D. Retzmann, M. Claus, G Kuhn, A. Kumar, X. Lei, I. Baran, P. Forsyth, T. Maguire

Paper #: 01IPST036
Inrush Currents of a Large Step-Up Transformer and Means for Their Reduction
Author(s): D. Braun, G. Koeppl

Paper #: 01IPST037
Investigation of Station Service Transformer Ferroresonance in Manitoba Hydro's 230-kV Dorsey Converter Station
Author(s): D. A. N. Jacobson, R. W. Menzies

Paper #: 01IPST038
Modelling of Inrush Currents in Power Transformers by a Detailed Magnetic Equivalent Circuit
Author(s): A. M. Miri, C. Müller, C. Sihler

Paper #: 01IPST039
Energization of a No-load Transformer for Power Restoration Purposes: Impact of the Sensitivity to Parameters
Author(s): M. Rioual, C. Sicre

Paper #: 01IPST040
Perceptions about New Kinds of Subsynchronous Resonances
Author(s): F. Joswig, S. Kulig

Paper #: 01IPST041
A Simplified System for Subsynchronous Resonance Studies
Author(s): K. Kabiri, H. W. Dommel, S. Henschel

Paper #: 01IPST042
Modeling Ferroresonance Phenomena in an Underground Distribution System
Author(s): S. Santoso, R. C. Dugan, T. E. Grebe

Paper #: 01IPST043
Initiation Time Influence of Voltage Sag on Dispersed Generator Shaft Torque
Author(s): T. Funabashi, H. Otoguro, T. Tanabe, K. Koyanagi, L. Cipcigan, R. Yokoyama

Paper #: 01IPST044
Ferroresonance Experience in UK: Simulations and Measurements
Author(s): Z. Emin, K. T. Yu

Paper #: 01IPST045
Analysis and Operation of STATCOM in Unbalanced Systems
Author(s): C. A. C. Cavaliere, E. H. Watanabe, M. Aredes

Paper #: 01IPST046
Identification of Power Quality Disturbances using the MATLAB Wavelet Transform Toolbox
Author(s): J. W. Resende, C. Penna

Paper #: 01IPST047
Field Test of a System for Automated Classification of Power Quality Disturbances
Author(s): H. Englert, J. Stenzel

Paper #: 01IPST048
Power Quality Study of a Commuter Train System
Author(s): T. M. Lai, W. C. Lo, L. A. Snider

Paper #: 01IPST049
Impact of the Reactive Power Compensation on Harmonic Distortion Level
Author(s): J. A. M. Neto, N. C. de Jesus, L. Piezante

Paper #: 01IPST050
An Optimum Adoption of Iterative Methods for Nonlinear Simulations on EMTP-Type Simulators
Author(s): K. Yamamoto, A. Ametani

Paper #: 01IPST051
Network Equivalent for the Analysis of Electromagnetic Transients in Power Systems
Author(s): M. Abdel-Rahman, A. Semlyen, M. R. Iravani

Paper #: 01IPST052
Current and Voltage Dependent Sources in EMTP-based Programs
Author(s): B. D. Bonatto, H. W. Dommel

Paper #: 01IPST053
Discrete Time State Space Analysis of Electrical Networks
Author(s): M. A. Pöller

Paper #: 01IPST054
Proposing a New Methodology to Optimize the Transient Study of a Transmission System
Author(s): C. M. Portela, M. C. Tavares

Paper #: 01IPST055
Network Decoupling by Latency Exploitation and Distributed Hardware Architecture
Author(s): J. R. Martí, F. Moreira, J. Hollman, L. Linares

Paper #: 01IPST056
Metal-Oxide Surge Arrester Model for Fast Transient Simulations
Author(s): F. Fernández, R. Diaz

Paper #: 01IPST057
Simulation and Tests on Surge Arresters in High-Voltage Laboratory
Author(s): R. Díaz, F. Fernandez

Paper #: 01IPST058
Development of Surge Simulation Code Based on Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) Approximation of Maxwell's Equations
Author(s): T. Noda, S. Yokoyama

Paper #: 01IPST059
A Backward-Forward Interpolation Technique for a Precise Modeling of Power Electronics in HYPERSIM
Author(s): V. Q. Do

Paper #: 01IPST060
A Current-Dependent Grounding Resistance Model Based on Energy Balance in Ionization Zone
Author(s): S. Sekioka, M. Lorentzou, J. Prousalidis

Paper #: 01IPST061
Methodology Utilized in Black-Start Studies on EHV Power Networks
Author(s): C. Saldaña, G. Calzolari

Paper #: 01IPST062
Sparse Network Equivalent Based on Time-Domain Fitting: Single-port and Two-port Cases
Author(s): W. C. Boaventura, A. Semlyen, M. R. Iravani, A. Lopes

Paper #: 01IPST063
Static and Dynamic Reduction of Large Systems
Author(s): E. Lerch, X. Lei, O. Ruhle

Paper #: 01IPST064
Fast Initialization for Transient Calculations With Non-Sinusoidal Steady State
Author(s): L. T. G. Lima, A. Semlyen, M. R. Iravani

Paper #: 01IPST065
The Calculation of Short Circuit Currents in Overhead Ground Wires Using the EMTP/ATP
Author(s): M. P. Pereira, P. C. V. Esmeraldo

Paper #: 01IPST066
Short Circuit Studies Using Electrical Transient Programs - The Impact on the Definition of Old Equipment Withstanding Limits and Related Subjects - An Overview Based on Studies for Tucuruí Switching Substation
Author(s): C. Machado Junior, N. Fukuoka, E. Á. Rose, A. Violin, M. L. B. Martinez

Paper #: 01IPST067
Development of a Phase Domain Interaction Model of AC and DC Parallel Lines
Author(s): T. Ino

Paper #: 01IPST068
Transients Simulation in Low Voltage Power System
Author(s): C. Andrieu, J.-P. Genet

Paper #: 01IPST069
Control of Overvoltages on Hydro-Québec 735-kV Series-Compensated System During a Major Electro-mechanical Transient Disturbance
Author(s): Q. Bui-Van, M. Rousseau

Paper #: 01IPST070
Controlled Switching Based on the Injection Method
Author(s): C. D. Tsirekis, N. D. Hatziargyriou, B. C. Papadias

Paper #: 01IPST071
Damping of Interarea Oscillations in Large Interconnected Power Systems
Author(s): R. Witzmann

Paper #: 01IPST072
Assessment of Controlled Switching Closing Operation for No-Load Transformers, depending on Constructive Types and Winding Connections
Author(s): B. Delfino, F. Fornari, C. Gemme, A. Moratto

Paper #: 01IPST073
Superconducting Hybrid Fault Current Limiter: Manufacturing, Modelling and Simulations
Author(s): F. Gil Garcia, E. Oyarbide Usabiaga, L. García-Tabarés, J. L. Peral, J. M. Rodríguez, E. Urretavizcaya

Paper #: 01IPST074
Analysis of Fault Location Algorithms for Parallel Transmission Lines with Series Compensation
Author(s): M. M. Saha, K. Wikström, E. Rosolowski, J. Izykowski, R. Dutra

Paper #: 01IPST075
Application of Pattern Recognition with Principal Component Analysis for Travelling Wave Protection
Author(s): E. Vázquez Martínez

Paper #: 01IPST076
Analysis of Fault Location Algorithms with Electromagnetic Transients Program
Author(s): C. Eduardo de Morais Pereira, L. C. Zanetta Jr

Paper #: 01IPST077
Testing a Protection System Using the RTDSTM Batch Mode Facility
Author(s): S. do Espírito Santo, V. A. B. França, H. Hayashi de Almeida

Paper #: 01IPST078
Behaviour of Current Transformers (CT's) under Severe Saturation Conditions
Author(s): H. O. Pascual, J. L. Dampé, J. A. Rapallini

Paper #: 01IPST079
Investigation of the False Operation of a Digital Directional Comparison Relay During 500-kV Series Capacitor Reinsertion
Author(s): D. A. N. Jacobson, A. V. Castro, W. Marusenko

Paper #: 01IPST080
Identification of Parameters for Coupling Capacitor Voltage Transformers
Author(s): D. Fernandes Jr., W. L. A. Neves, J. C. A. Vasconcelos

Paper #: 01IPST081
Experiences in Setting Protections of Series Capacitor Compensated Lines
Author(s): O. Trad, G. Ratta, M. Torres

Paper #: 01IPST082
Transients due to Switching of 400 kV Shunt Reactor
Author(s): I. Uglesic, V. Milardic, S. Hutter, M. Krepela

Paper #: 01IPST083
Transient Performance of Vacuum-Switched Static VAR Compensators Optimised for Large Inductive Loads
Author(s): C. Sihler, M. Huart, B. Streibl, D. Hrabal, H. Schmitt, W. Weigand

Paper #: 01IPST084
Transient and Temporary Switching Overvoltages in 230 kV Gravataí Capacitor Banks - Stresses in the Banks, Substation Equipments and Associated System
Author(s): P. C. Charles, C. Fonseca, H. Pessoa de Oliveira Jr.

Paper #: 01IPST085
Transient Design Studies for the Transmantaro Series-Compensated Transmission System
Author(s): D. McNabb, M. Granger, Q. B. Van, M. Rousseau, M. Pilot

Paper #: 01IPST086
Application of Three-Phase Vacuum Reclosers for Capacitor Bank Switching
Author(s): L. A. Kojovic, B. S. Southerlin, W. de Aguiar Campos, E. Nunes e Carvalho, L. H. S. Duarte, M. de Rezende Nascimento, E. S. Costa, H. Burd

Paper #: 01IPST087
Analysis of Steady State and Dynamic Performance of a Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM)
Author(s): T. M. L. de Assis, Edson H. Watanabe, Luiz A. S. Pilotto

Paper #: 01IPST088
An ATP Simulation of Shunt Capacitor Switching in an Electrical Distribution System
Author(s): C. J. dos Santos, M. C. Tavares, D. V. Coury

Paper #: 01IPST089
Using Electrical Transient Programs to Define the Equipment Associated to a Series Reactor - A Concept Developed to the New Tucuruí Switching Substation
Author(s): C. Machado Junior, N. Fukuoka, E. Á. Rose, A. Violin, C. A. M. Saraiva, M. L. B. Martinez

Paper #: 01IPST090
Simulation of Lightning Overvoltages in Electrical Power Systems
Author(s): H. Schmitt, W. Winter

Paper #: 01IPST091
Analysis and Mitigation of Induced Voltages on Substation Control Cables
Author(s): P. Sakis Meliopoulos, G. J. Cokkinides, J. C. Braz

Paper #: 01IPST092
Non Uniform Line Tower Model For Lightning Transient Studies
Author(s): J. A. Gutiérrez, P. Moreno, J. L. Naredo, L. Guardado

Paper #: 01IPST093
Statistical Evaluation of Lightning Performances of Distribution Lines
Author(s): A. Borghetti, C. A. Nucci, A. M. Paolone

Paper #: 01IPST094
Estimating the Expected Failure Rate of Distribution Type Equipment due to Lightning Induced Overvoltages
Author(s): R. Lambert, A. Xemard, G. Fleury, R. Tarafi, A. Zeddam

Paper #: 01IPST095
Modeling of Soil Ionization for Calculation of the Transient Response of Grounding Electrodes
Author(s): M. I. Lorentzou, N. D. Hatziargyriou, S. Sekioka, B. Papadias

Paper #: 01IPST096
Calculation of Lightning-Induced Voltages with RUSCK's Method in EMTP Part II: Effects of Lightning Parameter Variations
Author(s): J. P. Silva, A. E. A. Araújo, J. Osvaldo, S. Paulino

Paper #: 01IPST097
Simultaneous Measurements of Lightning Induced Voltages in Three Different Points of an Energized Distribution Line in Colombia
Author(s): H. Torres, M. Salgado, E. Pérez, J. Herrera, C. Quintana, D. Rondón, D. Avila, D. González, C. Younes, M. Vargas, J. Montaña, L. Gallego

Paper #: 01IPST098
Calculation of Lightning-Induced Voltages with RUSCK's Method in EMTP Part I: Comparison with Measurements and Agrawal's Coupling Model
Author(s): J. P. Silva, A. E. A. Araújo, J. Osvaldo, S. Paulino, H. W. Dommel

Paper #: 01IPST099
A Study of Arrangement of Arresters by a Multiple Flashover Analysis
Author(s): T. Ueda, T. Ito, H. Watanabe, T. Funabashi, A. Ametani

Paper #: 01IPST100
An Identification Procedure for Return Stroke Characteristics
Author(s): U. De Martinis, A. Andreotti, D. Menniti, A. Pinnarelli

Paper #: 01IPST101
Analysis of the Occurrence of a Three-Phase Short-Circuit Due to Lightning on CEMIG Extra-High Voltage System
Author(s): A. da Costa Oliveira Rocha

Paper #: 01IPST102
550 kV GIS VFT Simulations as a Support for Transformer Design
Author(s): P. Rohrbach, J. C. Mendes, M. Lacorte

Paper #: 01IPST103
A New Finite Difference Time Domain Scheme for the Evaluation of Lightning Induced Overvoltages on Multiconductor Overhead Lines
Author(s): M. Paolone, C. A. Nucci, F. Rachidi

Paper #: 01IPST104
An Empirical Formula for the Surge Impedance of a Grounding Conductor along a Reinforced Concrete Pole in a Distribution Line
Author(s): T. Mozumi, N. Nagaoka, A. Ametani, S. Sekioka

Paper #: 01IPST105
Breakdown Phenomena of a Vacuum Interrupter after Current Zero
Author(s): L. R. Orama

Paper #: 01IPST106
Overvoltages due to Capacitor Bank Switching in a 60kV System
Author(s): J. M. R. Baptista, M. R. Cordeiro, A. S. Machado e Moura

Paper #: 01IPST107
Line-Charging Current Interruption by HV and EHV Circuit Breakers: Standard and Non-Standard Test Requirements as Determined by the Stresses Applied and by Breaker-Capability Considerations
Author(s): C. E. Sölver, S. de A. Morais

Paper #: 01IPST108
Breaker Transient Recovery Voltages for the Series Compensated 500 kV Crystal Transmission System
Author(s): H. Goforth, S. R. Atmuri, A. F. Lee

Paper #: 01IPST109
An Alternative to Reduce Medium-Voltage Circuit Breakers Transient Recovery Voltage Peaks
Author(s): D. M. Nobre, W. L. A. Neves, B. A. de Souza

Paper #: 01IPST110
Neural Network Based Monte Carlo Analysis for Estimating the Lightning Performance of Distribution Lines
Author(s): J. A. Martinez-Velasco, F. González-Molina

Paper #: 01IPST111
A Non-Differentiable Wavelet Algorithm for Transient Analysis
Author(s): N. S. D. Brito, B. A. Souza

Paper #: 01IPST112
A Web-Based Collection of Transient Analysis Cases
Author(s): B. Bressac, A. Xemard, A. Zvacek, J. Mahseredjian

Paper #: 01IPST113
Power System Dynamic Stability Assessment Using Fuzzy Artmap Neural Network
Author(s): S. Javadi, M. Ehsan, N. Sadati

Paper #: 01IPST114
New Software Framework for Automated Analysis of Power System Transients
Author(s): M. Kezunovic, Z. Galijasevic

Paper #: 01IPST115
A Fully Interpolated Controls Library for Electromagnetic Transients Simulation of Power Electronic Systems
Author(s): A. M. Gole, J. E. Nordstrom

Paper #: 01IPST116
FURNAS TCSC - An Example of Using Different Simulation Tools for Performance Analysis
Author(s): G. S. Luz, N. J. P. de Macedo, V. R. de Oliveira

Paper #: 01IPST117
Integrating Electromagnetic Transient Simulation with Other Design Tools
Author(s): A. M. Gole, P. Dernchenko, D. Kell, G. D. Irwin

Paper #: 01IPST118
A Fortran-95 Implementation of EMTP Algorithms
Author(s): J. Mahseredjian, B. Bressac, A. Xémard, P. J. Lagacé, P. Lacasse

Paper #: 01IPST119
Multi-Format Graphical User Interface for EMTP-based Programs
Author(s): J. Calviño-Fraga, B. D. Bonatto

Paper #: 01IPST120
Simulation of Electromagnetic Transients in Power Systems: A Comparison Between two Modern Simulation Tools
Author(s): M. Ceraolo, S. Barsali

Paper #: 01IPST121
Development and Testing of a Large Scale Digital Power System Simulator at KEPCO
Author(s): T. K. Kim, Y. B. Yoon, J. B. Choo, R. Kuffel, R. Wierckx

Paper #: 01IPST122
A Portable and Unified Approach to Control System Simulation
Author(s): S. Casoria, J. Mahseredjian, R. Roussel, J. Beaudry, G. Sybille