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Proceedings of the International Conference on Power Systems Transients (IPST)

ISSN: 2434-9739

Conference Location: Perpignan, France

Paper #: 19IPST001
Effect of De-tuned Filter Energization on Supply Voltage Quality for VSDs
Author(s): Paolo Marini

Paper #: 19IPST002
Time-Domain Analysis of Surge Impedance Formulations based on Cylindrical Representation of 200 meters Tall Transmission Towers
Author(s): Eduardo Marques Costa, Luis Felipe Lourenço, Carlos Eduardo Pereira, Marcelo Perotoni, Jose Roberto Cardoso, Carlos Sartori

Paper #: 19IPST004
Non-Uniform Lines – Review of the Theory and Measured / Simulation Examples
Author(s): Akihiro Ametani, Kazuo Yamamoto

Paper #: 19IPST005
Impact of De-Energization of 33kV Harmonic Filter on TRV of Vacuum Circuit Breakers
Author(s): Paolo Marini

Paper #: 19IPST006
A Reduced-Order Model of Full-Bridge Modular Multilevel Converter for the Analysis of Electromagnetic Transients
Author(s): Mojtaba Ashourloo, Reza Iravani

Paper #: 19IPST008
Implementing Hybrid Electromagnetic Models in Time-Domain Simulations
Author(s): Antonio Carlos Lima, Rodolfo Moura, Pedro Nascimento, Teresa Correia de Barros, Marco Schroeder

Paper #: 19IPST009
Implementation of Remedial Action Schemes to Mitigate Temporary Over Voltage (TOV) - lessons learned
Author(s): Wah Shum, Ming Zou, Yansong Leng

Paper #: 19IPST010
A Comparative Study of Fitting Techniques
Author(s): Jesus Morales Rodriguez, Edgar Yitzhak Medina Lara, Jean Mahseredjian, Abner Ramirez Vazquez, Keyhan Sheshyekani

Paper #: 19IPST011
Zero-missing phenomenon after fault clearing
Author(s): Filipe Faria da Silva, Claus Leth Bak

Paper #: 19IPST012
HVDC Modelling Requirements for Transient Stability Analyses of Large HVDC-AC Grids
Author(s): Ahmed Khalil, Reza Iravani

Paper #: 19IPST014
A Co-Simulation Based Parallel and Multistep Approach for Accelerating EMT Simulations
Author(s): Ming Cai, Jean Mahseredjian, Henry Gras, Ali El-Akoum, Xiaopeng Fu

Paper #: 19IPST015
Transient Behaviour of Non-Conventional Multi-Circuit Power Lines with Different Voltages Levels at the Same Tower
Author(s): Jhair Stivel Acosta Sarmiento, Maria Cristina Dias Tavares

Paper #: 19IPST018
Fault Location Using Sparse L1 Estimator and Phasor Measurement Units
Author(s): Ali Abur, Arthur Mouco

Paper #: 19IPST021
Three-Phase Compact Distribution Line Transient Analysis Considering Different Line Models
Author(s): Alberto De Conti, Alex C. Silva

Paper #: 19IPST022
A Transient Based Phase Selection Method for Transmission Line Protection
Author(s): Naushath Mohamed Haleem, Athula Dayanath Rajapakse

Paper #: 19IPST024
Analysis and Evaluation of Intersystem Fault in a Hybrid AC/DC Power System and its Impact on the Protection System
Author(s): Raymundo Torres-Olguin, Murari Mohan SAHA, Hans Kristian Hoidalen

Paper #: 19IPST025
Spurious Power Generation in Arm Equivalent Model Variants of Modular Multilevel Converter
Author(s): Anton Stepanov, Hani Saad, Ulas Karaagac, Jean Mahseredjian

Paper #: 19IPST026
Modeling and Analysis of MMC-Based HVDC Effect on Subsynchronous Torsional Stability
Author(s): Sanad Al-Areqi, Pablo Ignacio Correa Vasquez, Mike Dommaschk, Juergen Rittiger, Simon Teeuwsen, Adnan Chaudhry

Paper #: 19IPST028
Incremental Transient Energy-Based Directional Comparison Protection Scheme using IEC-61869-9 Sampled-Values
Author(s): Adeyemi Charles Adewole, Athula Rajapakse, Dean Ouellette, Paul Forsyth

Paper #: 19IPST029
Protection Function Assessment of Present Relays For Wind Generator Applications
Author(s): Jose de Jesus Chavez, Marjan Popov, Sadegh Azizi, Vladimir Terzija

Paper #: 19IPST030
Impact of Uncertainties on Resonant Overvoltages
Author(s): Oscar Lennerhag, Math Bollen

Paper #: 19IPST031
Impact of the Frequency-Dependent Soil Electrical Properties on the Electromagnetic Field Propagation in Underground Cables
Author(s): Theofilos Papadopoulos, Zacharias Datsios, Andreas Chrysochos, Pantelis Mikropoulos, Grigoris Papagiannis

Paper #: 19IPST032
Surge-Transferred Overvoltages in Earthing/Auxiliary Transformers
Author(s): Fabian Koehler, Andrew Bremner, David Allan

Paper #: 19IPST033
Investigation of a Transferred Voltage Surge Distribution Within a Tertiary Winding of a Power Transformer
Author(s): Mislav Trbušić, Anton Hamler, Konrad Lenasi

Paper #: 19IPST035
Efficient Task Allocation Algorithm for Parallel Real-Time EMT Simulation
Author(s): Boris Bruned, Ian Menezes Martins, Pierre Rault, Sebastien Dennetiere

Paper #: 19IPST036
Overvoltage Mitigation during Critical Three-Phase Faults on Half-Wavelength Transmission Lines
Author(s): Javier Arturo Santiago Ortega, Maria Cristina Dias Tavares

Paper #: 19IPST037
Transient Study of an Automata-Based Microgrid Supervisory Control
Author(s): Zhi Jin Zhang, Arman Ghasaei, Reza Iravani

Paper #: 19IPST038
Discrete-Time Fourier Series to Simulate Transient Overvoltages in Power Systems
Author(s): Arash Tavighi, Hamed Ahmadi, Mazana Armstrong, Jose Marti

Paper #: 19IPST039
Overvoltage Characteristics in Symmetrical Monopole HB MMC-HVDC Configuration comprising Long Cable Systems
Author(s): Max Goertz, Simon Wenig, Carolin Hirsching, Klaus-Martin Schäfer, Simon Beckler, Jörg Reisbeck, Matthias Kahl, Michael Suriyah, Thomas Leibfried

Paper #: 19IPST040
Novel Voltage Source Type Synchronous Machine Model for Nodal Analysis Based Simulations
Author(s): Harshani Konara, Udaya Annakkage, Chandana Karawita

Paper #: 19IPST041
Principle of Duality with Normalized Core Concept for Modeling Multi-Limb Transformers
Author(s): Mohammad Shafieipour, Juan Carlos Garcia Alonso, Rohitha P. Jayasinghe, Aniruddha M. Gole

Paper #: 19IPST043
Full-Wave Modeling of Grounding System: Evaluation The Effects of Multi-Layer Soil and Length of Electrode on Ground Potential Rise
Author(s): mohammad ghomi, Hamid Reza mohammadi, Hamidreza Karami, claus leth bak, Filipe Faria da silva, Hesam Khazraj

Paper #: 19IPST044
Study and measurement of harmonics emission for the HVDC-LCC French station IFA2000
Author(s): Yannick Vernay, Julien Michel, Jean-Pierre Taisne

Paper #: 19IPST045
Delayed Current Zero Crossing Issue in Static VAR Compensator SF6 Circuit Breakers
Author(s): Olivier Turcotte, Stéphan Strasbourg

Paper #: 19IPST046
Real-Time Closed-Loop Traveling-Wave Relay Testing (TWRT) in the Environment of Multi-Machine AC Power Systems
Author(s): Ramin Mirzahosseini, Sakthivel Arunprasanth, Ehsan Tara, Udeesha Samarasekera, Yi Zhang

Paper #: 19IPST047
Effect of the Surge Arrester Configuration in MMC-HVDC Systems under DC and Converter Fault Conditions
Author(s): Nicolás Manduley, Sellé Touré, Alain Xémard, Bertrand Raison, Serge Poullain

Paper #: 19IPST049
Power System Test Cases for EMT-type Simulation Studies
Author(s): Aboutaleb Haddadi, Ming Cai, Ulas Karaagac, Jean Mahseredjian

Paper #: 19IPST050
Simultaneous DC and AC Simulation of GMD Impacts in a Power System
Author(s): Luc Gerin-Lajoie, Aboutaleb Haddadi, Afshin Rezaei-Zare, Jean Mahseredjian

Paper #: 19IPST051
FDTD Analysis of Distribution Line Voltages Induced by Non-Vertical Lightning
Author(s): Masashi Natsui, Akihiro Ametani, Jean Mahseredjian, Shozo Sekioka, Kazuo Yamamoto

Paper #: 19IPST053
ESD-based Crowbar for Mitigating DC-link Variations in a DFIG-based WECS
Author(s): Muhammad Arif Sharafat Ali, Khawaja Khalid Mehmood, Ji-Soo Kim, Chul-Hwan Kim

Paper #: 19IPST054
Half-Bridge and H-Bridge Equivalent MMC Models for EMT Simulation
Author(s): Juan Carlos Garcia Alonso, Steven Howell, Karim Abdel-Hadi

Paper #: 19IPST056
Black-Box Modeling of Power Transformers at High Frequencies
Author(s): Gabriela Rêma, Dickson de Souza, Carlos Magno Vasques, Rogério de Azevedo, Guilherme Sarcinelli, Benedito Bonatto, Antonio Carlos de Lima, Rômulo Delgado, Helvio Martins, Davi Sixel

Paper #: 19IPST057
Partitioned Fitting and DC Correction in Transmission Line/Cable Models
Author(s): Miguel Cervantes, Ilhan Kocar, Jean Mahseredjian, Abner Ramirez

Paper #: 19IPST058
Using the Differentiator-Smoother Filter to Analyze Traveling Waves on Transmission Lines: Fundamentals, Settings and Implementation
Author(s): Felipe Lopes, Eduardo Leite Jr., João Paulo Ribeiro, Lilian Lopes, Artur Piardi, Rodrigo Otto, Washington Neves

Paper #: 19IPST059
Traveling Wave-Based Hybrid Line Faulted Section Detection: A Practical Approach
Author(s): Felipe Lopes, Eduardo Leite Jr., Flávio Costa, Washington Neves

Paper #: 19IPST060
Power Line Transient Interferences on a Nearby Pipeline Due to a Lightning Discharge
Author(s): Amauri Martins-Britto, Sébastien Rondineau, Felipe Lopes

Paper #: 19IPST061
Determination method for zero-sequence impedance of 3-limb core transformer
Author(s): Jin-Sol Song, Ji-Soo Kim, Gyu-Jung Cho, Chul-Hwan Kim, Nam-Hun Cho

Paper #: 19IPST064
End-Windings Modeling to Study Transient Voltage Distribution in Machine Stator Windings Using Finite Elements Method
Author(s): Rodrigo Sousa Ferreira, Antônio Carlos Ferreira

Paper #: 19IPST065
Practical Challenges of Hybrid Simulations Interfacing with Real-Time Digital Simulators
Author(s): Pouya Zadkhast, Xi Lin, Frederic Howell, Baekkyeong Ko, Kyeon Hur

Paper #: 19IPST066
Lightning Overvoltages in Windfarm Considering Surge Characteristics of Grounding Resistance
Author(s): Shozo Sekioka, Kazuo Yamamoto, Toshihisa Funabashi

Paper #: 19IPST068
An Investigation of Harmonic Induced Voltages on Medium-Voltage Cable Sheaths and Nearby Pipelines
Author(s): Theofilos Papadopoulos, Iordanis Chaleplidis, Andreas Chrysochos, Grigoris Papagiannis, Konstantinos Pavlou

Paper #: 19IPST069
Application of Line Surge Arresters on Transmission Lines in Croatian Power System
Author(s): Goran Levačić, Miroslav Mesić, Silvia Piliškić, Luka Ćurin, Dalibor Škarica

Paper #: 19IPST070
Electromagnetic Torque Transient Control System of a Generic DFIG Wind Turbine Model
Author(s): Alberto Lorenzo-Bonache, Raquel Villena-Ruiz, Andrés Honrubia-Escribano, Emilio Gómez-Lázaro

Paper #: 19IPST072
Analysis of the Active and Reactive Power Transient Responses of a Generic Type 3 Wind Turbine Model
Author(s): Raquel Villena-Ruiz, Alberto Lorenzo-Bonache, Andrés Honrubia-Escribano, Emilio Gómez-Lázaro

Paper #: 19IPST073
HIL Testing of an LCC-MMC Multi-terminal HVDC System in Various Operating Modes
Author(s): Zhe Zhu, Wenming Gong, Jun Chen, Fei Zhang, Weihua Wang, Wei Li

Paper #: 19IPST074
Using an Iterative Approach to Mimic Real-Time Closed-Loop Simulation for Protection Testing
Author(s): Christopher Pritchard, Thomas Hensler

Paper #: 19IPST076
Châteauguay Interconnection SVC refurbishment: Real-Time Hardware-in-the-Loop Commissioning Study Experience
Author(s): Philippe Le-Huy, Amr Abdellaoui, Karine Gauthier, Houssem Akremi

Paper #: 19IPST077
Real-Time Multi-Rate Electromagnetic Transient Simulation on Conventional CPUs
Author(s): Philippe Le-Huy, Sylvain Guérette

Paper #: 19IPST078
Optimizing Accuracy and Eliminating Numerical Oscillations for Transient Power System Simulations
Author(s): Andreas Nessmann, Thomas Hensler

Paper #: 19IPST080
Analysis of Low Frequency Interactions between DFIG Wind Turbines and Series Compensated Systems
Author(s): Aramis Schwanka Trevisan, Martin Fecteau, Angelo Mendonca, Richard Gagnon, Jean Mahseredjian

Paper #: 19IPST081
Wideband EMT-Compatible Model for Grounding Electrodes Buried in Frequency Dependent Soil
Author(s): Bamdad Salarieh, Jeewantha De Silva, Behzad Kordi

Paper #: 19IPST085
Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of a Multiport DC Hub with Closed Loop Control
Author(s): Luo Liu, Xianghua Shi, Shaahin Filizadeh, David Jacobson

Paper #: 19IPST086
Assessment of Measures to Improve Cost-Effectiveness, Reliability and TRV Risk Management in Finnish Series Compensated System
Author(s): Olli-Pekka Janhunen, Kimmo Nepola, Tuomas Rauhala

Paper #: 19IPST087
Assessment of Distinct Tower Structures Impact on the Transient Behavior for Overhead Lines
Author(s): Antonio Carlos Lima, João Salvador, Antonio Magalhães, teresa correia de barros

Paper #: 19IPST090
Preventing Collapses with a Supplementary Protection Scheme for the Colombia – Ecuador Interconnection
Author(s): German Gutierrez

Paper #: 19IPST091
A Ferroresonance Case Study Involving a Series-Compensated Line in Sweden
Author(s): Robert Rogersten, Robert Eriksson

Paper #: 19IPST092
Investigation of Direct Lightning Strikes to Wind Turbine Blades
Author(s): Nina Stipetic, Bozidar Filipovic-Grcic, Ivo Uglesic, Amir Tokic

Paper #: 19IPST095
Interruption of Small, Medium-Voltage Transformer Current with a Vacuum Circuit Breaker
Author(s): Alain Xemard, Bruno Jurisic, Michel Rioual, Arthur Olivier, Eric Selin

Paper #: 19IPST096
Cost-effective Approach for On-line Measurement of Harmonics in Power Systems
Author(s): Juan Velásquez, Ning Liu, Jörg Reisbeck, Simon Beckler, Christoph Butterer, Simon Wenig

Paper #: 19IPST097
Lightning Overvoltages Including Frequency-Dependent Soil Parameters in the Transmission Line Model
Author(s): Rafael Alipio, Alberto De Conti, Audine Miranda, Maria Teresa Correia de Barros

Paper #: 19IPST098
Resonant Overvoltages in the 35 kV Compensated Network under Single-Phase Short-Circuit Conditions in the 110 kV Supply Network
Author(s): Irina Drozhzhina, Ivan Naumkin, Alexandr Liske, Andrey Telegin

Paper #: 19IPST100
Investigation of Stability Issues introduced by Network Reduction in EMT Simulations
Author(s): Kasun Samarawickrama, Anuradha Kariyawasam, Sachintha Kariyawasam

Paper #: 19IPST101
Calculation of Lightning Electromagnetic Fields Above a Lossy Ground for Statistical Appraisal of Induced Overvoltages
Author(s): Fabio Tossani, Fabio Napolitano, Alberto Borghetti, Carlo Alberto Nucci

Paper #: 19IPST102
Stability Studies with Parameter Uncertainties
Author(s): Mircea Fratila, Ali El-Akoum, Manuel Martinez-Duró, Paul Poujade, Marc Flores

Paper #: 19IPST106
Resonance Condition and Resultant Overvoltage Causing 400 kV Circuit Breaker Failure
Author(s): Forooz Ghassemi, Fabian Moore, Afshin Pashaei

Paper #: 19IPST109
Electromagnetic-Transient Analysis in the Laplace-Domain through the QD Algorithm
Author(s): Lorenzo de Jesús Castañón Alcalá, José Luis A. Naredo Villagrán, Jean René Zuluaga Duque, Martin Gerardo Vega Grijalva

Paper #: 19IPST111
Switching overvoltages studies for Live Working on the Uruguayan 500 kV transmission network
Author(s): Sofía Aparicio, Andrea Pizzini, Hani Saad, Simon Deschanvres

Paper #: 19IPST112
Real-Time Simulation with an Industrial DCCB Controller in a HVDC Grid
Author(s): Pierre Rault, Mohammad Yazdani, Sébastien Dennetière, Christian Wikström, Hani Saad, Niclas Johannesson

Paper #: 19IPST115
Equivalency of State Space Models and EMT Companion Circuit Models
Author(s): Huanfeng Zhao, Shengtao Fan, Aniruddha Gole

Paper #: 19IPST116
Behavior of the Single-Phase Auto-Reclosing in Half-Wavelength Transmission Line
Author(s): Ozenir Dias, Maria Cristina Tavares

Paper #: 19IPST117
Efficient Implementation of Frequency Dependent Network Equivalents using State Space Models of Cascaded Sub-Circuits
Author(s): Meysam Ahmadi, Shengtao Fan, Huanfeng Zhao, Aniruddha M. Gole

Paper #: 19IPST118
Time-Domain Relay Performance Evaluation Considering Brazilian Fault Cases
Author(s): Felipe Lopes, João Paulo Ribeiro, Tiago Honorato, Kleber Melo, Joaquim Rezende Jr., Carlos Aviz, Rafael Fernandes

Paper #: 19IPST119
Going Parametric in EMT Studies: EDF Methods and Tools for Input Data Uncertainties, Sensitivity Analysis and Parameter Identification
Author(s): Manuel Martinez-Duro

Paper #: 19IPST120
idTRAN, a Transformer Model for Engineering Studies with Incomplete Input Data
Author(s): Manuel Martinez-Duro

Paper #: 19IPST122
Electromagnetic Transients (EMT) Model Design based on Modular Multilevel Converter Mockup
Author(s): Mohamed Moez Belhaouane, Haibo Zhang, Frédéric Colas, Riad Kadri, Taoufik Qoria, François Gruson, Pierre Rault, Sébastien Dennetiere, Xavier Guillaud

Paper #: 19IPST124
Model Reference Adaptive Control for Squirrel-Cage Induction Generator-Based Wind Energy Conversion Systems
Author(s): Ismael de Azevedo, Luciano Barros, Caio Cunha

Paper #: 19IPST127
Method for Three-Phase Reclosing after Line-to-Ground Fault on Compensated Lines
Author(s): Patricia Mestas, Maria Cristina Tavares

Paper #: 19IPST129
Dielectric Design Optimization of Transformer Windings under Fast Front Excitation
Author(s): Juan M. Villanueva-Ramirez, Pablo Gomez, Fermin P. Espino-Cortes

Paper #: 19IPST130
On Combining Classical and Numerical Techniques for Extracting the Impedance and Admittance of Cables and Overhead Lines
Author(s): Hidda Marakkala Jeewantha De Silva, Mohammad Shafieipour

Paper #: 19IPST134
Sensitivity Analysis of Traveling Wave-Based and Impedance-Based Fault Location Techniques
Author(s): Raphael Reis, Washington Neves, Felipe Lopes, Damásio Fernandes Jr.

Paper #: 19IPST136
Experimental Test Bench for Traveling-Wave-Based Methods Evaluations
Author(s): Rafael Lucas da Silva França, Mônica Maria Leal, Marcos Sérgio Rodrigues Leal, Max Rodrigues Marques, Flavio Bezerra Costa, Ricardo Lúcio de Araújo Ribeiro

Paper #: 19IPST137
An Overview of the Transient Studies Required for HVAC Connected Offshore Wind Farms
Author(s): Kiran Munji, Jonathan Horne, José Ribecca

Paper #: 19IPST138
Impact of Data Acquisition System on Impedance-based Fault Locators
Author(s): Paulo Oliveira, Washington Neves, Damásio Fernandes, Raphael Reis

Paper #: 19IPST142
Non-Homogeneous Media and Ionization Phenomenon Representation in Transient Studies: A TLM Model
Author(s): Alex Tronchoni, Daniel Gazzana, Arturo Bretas

Paper #: 19IPST143
Air-Insulated Substation – Comparison Between Two Lightning Model Approaches
Author(s): André Luiz Cruz, Washington Luiz Neves

Paper #: 19IPST144
Sensitivity Analysis of Impedance-Based Transmission Line Fault Location Algorithms
Author(s): Catarina Gaspar, André dos Santos, Maria Teresa Correia de Barros

Paper #: 19IPST145
Challenges and Mitigations for the Energization of Large Offshore Grids in the Netherlands
Author(s): Konstantinos Velitsikakis, Christiaan Engelbrecht, Kees Jansen, Bart van Hulst

Paper #: 19IPST148
Evaluation of Traveling Wave-Based Fault Location Methods Applied to HVDC Systems
Author(s): Pedro Campos Fernandes, Hanni Naomira Gomes Venzi Gonçalves, Kleber Melo e Silva, Felipe Vigolvino Lopes

Paper #: 19IPST149
Analysis of the Stability and Accuracy of Numerical Methods Applied to the Simulation of Electromagnetic Transients Involving Double Integration Steps
Author(s): Ricardo Silva, Fernando Moreira, Antonio Lima

Paper #: 19IPST151
New Method of Moments Approach to Rigorous Analysis of Overhead and Buried Transmission Lines in the Presence of Air-Soil Interface
Author(s): Shucheng Zheng, Mohammad Shafieipour, Jeewantha De Silva, John Nordstrom, Vladimir Okhmatovski

Paper #: 19IPST152
Evaluation of a Controlled Switching Technique for Transmission Lines with Series Compensation
Author(s): Daphne Barros, Washington Neves, Karcius Dantas

Paper #: 19IPST153
Dynamic Performance of VSC and LCC HVDC Converters in Parallel Operation
Author(s): Richard Hibberts-Caswell, Liliana Oprea