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Proceedings of the International Conference on Power Systems Transients (IPST)

ISSN: 2434-9739

Conference Location: Vancouver, Canada

Paper #: 13IPST001
Immunity to voltage dips for synchronous motors
Author(s): P. Marini

Paper #: 13IPST002
Methodologies for Power Protection Relay Testing : From Conventional to Real-Time Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Simulation Approaches
Author(s): M. S. Almas, L. Vanfretti

Paper #: 13IPST003
Development of a Methodology for Evaluating the Reliability of Transformer Differential Protection Function Based on Monte Carlo Method
Author(s): J. R. da Mata Soares de Souza, C. S. P. Filho, A. R. De Conti

Paper #: 13IPST004
765 kV Power Transformer Losses Upon Energizations: A Comparison Between Field Test Measurements And EMTP-RV Simulations
Author(s): C. Morin, B. Khodabakhchian

Paper #: 13IPST005
EHV single-pole switching: It is not only a Matter of Secondary Arc Extinction
Author(s): B. Khodabakhchian

Paper #: 13IPST006
Dynamic Model Reduction of Large Power Systems Based On Coherency Aggregation Techniques and Black-Box Optimization
Author(s): M. M. Bayoumi, N. Fernandopulle, A. Maria

Paper #: 13IPST007
Analysis of Switching Transient Overvoltages in the Power System of Floating Production Storage and Offloading Vessel
Author(s): H. Xue, M. Popov

Paper #: 13IPST008
Application of Frequency-Dependent Network Equivalents for EMTP Simulation of Transformer Inrush Current in Large Networks
Author(s): Y. Vernay, B. Gustavsen

Paper #: 13IPST009
FPGA-based Implementation of Modular Multilevel Converter Model for Real-time Simulation of Electromagnetic Transients
Author(s): M. Matar, D. Paradis, R. Iravani

Paper #: 13IPST010
FDTD Computations of Lightning-Induced Voltages in the Presence of Corona
Author(s): H. T. Tran, Y. Baba, N. Nagaoka, A. Ametani, N. Itamoto, V. A. Rakov

Paper #: 13IPST011
A method for the evaluation of the Sea Return Impedance and application of the Stochastic Collocation Technique to take into account the uncertainty of input parameters
Author(s): A. Pagnetti, A. Xemard, P. Bonnet, F. Paladian, C. A. Nucci

Paper #: 13IPST012
Extension of a capacitance model for inductive medium voltage transformers
Author(s): C. Buchhagen, H. Däumling, L. Hofmann

Paper #: 13IPST013
Modeling and Simulation of the Multi-stage Saturable Magnetically Controlled Reactor with Very Low Harmonics
Author(s): X. Chen, B. Chen , C. Tian, J. Yuan

Paper #: 13IPST014
Defining and Measuring AC Frequency Based on Symmetry Principles
Author(s): K. Seki

Paper #: 13IPST015
Simplified Voltage-Behind-Reactance Saturable Synchronous Machine Model for State-Variable-Based Transient Simulation Programs
Author(s): F. Therrien, M. Chapariha, H. Atighechi, J. Jatskevich

Paper #: 13IPST016
Test Bed for Cascading Failure Scenarios Evaluation
Author(s): A. Abdullah, A. Esmaeilian, G. Gurrala, P. Dutta, T. Popovic, M. Kezunovic

Paper #: 13IPST017
Simulations for Validation of a Black Start Restoration Plan using PSCAD
Author(s): J. Hu, B. Bisewski

Paper #: 13IPST018
A Case Study on the Power Quality Issues in the Hospitality Sector
Author(s): G. Navaneethakrishnan, C. Muthial, S. Chenniappan

Paper #: 13IPST019
An EMTP - based analysis of the switching shift angle effect during energization/de - energization in the final ferroresonance state
Author(s): J. A. Corea-Araujo, F. González-Molina, J. A. Martinez-Velasco, J. A. Barrado-Rodrigo , L. Guasch-Pesquer

Paper #: 13IPST020
Time-Domain Model of a Bidirectional Distribution Electronic Power Transformer
Author(s): S. Alepuz-Menéndez, F. González-Molina, J. Martin-Arnedo, J. A. Martinez-Velasco

Paper #: 13IPST021
Frequency Domain Transient Analysis of Resonant Behavior for Different HV Overhead Line and Underground Cable Configurations
Author(s): L. Wu, P. Wouters, F. Steennis

Paper #: 13IPST022
Lightning Induced Overvoltages in Mixed 380 kV OHL-Cable-OHL connections
Author(s): G. Hoogendorp, M. Popov, L. van der Sluis

Paper #: 13IPST023
Transient Recovery Voltage Analysis on a Series Reactor Power Flow Control Device
Author(s): L. Trevisan, G. Cappai, G. Alvarez-Cordero, M. Márquez-Asensio

Paper #: 13IPST024
Time-domain distributed-parameter modeling of transformer windings for fast front transients
Author(s): P. Gómez, J. C. Escamilla, P. Moreno

Paper #: 13IPST025
Investigation of Power Quality at a Distribution Network in Brunei Darussalam
Author(s): Z. Zainal, S. P. Ang, M. A. Salam, P. J. Weira P. H. Petra, R. Goh

Paper #: 13IPST026
EMTP Model of Grid Connected PV System
Author(s): V. Sood, P. Bhalla

Paper #: 13IPST027
Cable Protection against Earth Potential Rise due to Lightning on a Nearby Tall Object
Author(s): U. S. Gudmundsdottir, C. F. Mieritz

Paper #: 13IPST028
Proximity effect in fast transient simulations of an underground transmission cable
Author(s): U. S. Gudmundsdottir

Paper #: 13IPST029
Investigation of Turbine Generator Shaft Torsional Interaction with Self-commutated Converter
Author(s): M. Watanabe, H. Iki, Y. Uriu, Y. Mitani, Y. Kado

Paper #: 13IPST030
Analysis of Transient Fault Currents in Multi-Terminal HVDC Networks during Pole-to-Ground Faults
Author(s): M. Bucher, C. Franck

Paper #: 13IPST031
The Effect of Grid Topology on Transient Fault Currents in Multi-Terminal VSC-HVDC Offshore Networks
Author(s): M. Pfeiffer, M. Bucher, C. Franck

Paper #: 13IPST032
Modeling of Modular Multilevel Converters for the France-Spain link
Author(s): S. Dennetiere, S. Nguefeu, H. Saad, J. Mahseredjian

Paper #: 13IPST033
Setup and Performance of the Real-Time Simulator used for Hardware-in-loop-Tests of a VSC Based HVDC scheme for Offshore applications
Author(s): O. Venjakob, R. Hibberts-Caswell, S. Kubera, P. Forsyth, T. Maguire

Paper #: 13IPST034
Using Local Grid and Multi-core Computing in Electromagnetic Transients Simulation
Author(s): R. Singh, A. M. Gole, C. Muller, P. Graham, R. Jayasinghe, B. Jayasekera, D. Muthumuni

Paper #: 13IPST035
Field Measurement and Simulation of 132 kV Oil-Filled Submarine Cables
Author(s): B. Gustavsen, H. K. Høidalen, T. Ohnstad

Paper #: 13IPST036
Analysis of the Statistical Distribution of Energization Overvoltages of EHV Cables and OHLs
Author(s): T. Ohno, A. Ametani, C. L. Bak, W. Wiechowski, T. Sørensen

Paper #: 13IPST037
Identification of the Sources of Transient Disturbances
Author(s): N. Watson, A. Farzanehrafat

Paper #: 13IPST038
Real-Time Implementation of a Fault-location Algorithm for Homogeneous Systems
Author(s): J. C. Peqqueña-Suni, J. A. Martinez-Velasco, J. Mahseredjian, O. Saad, E. Ruppert

Paper #: 13IPST039
Implementation of Communication Network Components for Transient Simulations in PSCAD/EMTDC
Author(s): S. Menike, P. Yahampath, A. Rajapakse

Paper #: 13IPST040
Online Fault Location on AC Cables in Underground Transmission Systems using Sheath Currents
Author(s): C. F. Jensen, K. Nanayakkara, A. Rajapakse, U. Gudmundsdottir, C. L. Bak

Paper #: 13IPST041
Assessment of Saturable Reactor Replacement Options
Author(s): D. T. A. Kho, K. S. Smith

Paper #: 13IPST042
Recommended Configuration for High Voltage Shunt Capacitor Banks
Author(s): M. Alawie, Y. Filion, L. Gérin-Lajoie

Paper #: 13IPST043
Decentralized Model predictive control of Electrical Power Systems
Author(s): M. Kahl, T. Leibfried

Paper #: 13IPST044
Exploiting Latency in Frequency Dependent Networks Equivalents
Author(s): A. C. Lima, F. Camara, F. Moreira

Paper #: 13IPST045
Transient Analyses of a Shore-to-Ship Connection System
Author(s): M. M. Ion, M. Megdiche, S. Bacha, D. Radu

Paper #: 13IPST046
Methods of Performance Assurance for SF6 Circuit-breakers at Switchings of Compensated 500-1150 kV Overhead Power Lines
Author(s): I. Naumkin, V. Pod'yachev, L. Sarin, D. Kochura

Paper #: 13IPST047
Electromagnetic Transient Simulation of Large-Scale Electrical Power Networks Using Graphics Processing Units
Author(s): J. Debnath, A. Gole, W. K. Fung

Paper #: 13IPST048
Simulation and control of Harmonics in Ship Networks
Author(s): G. Ackermann

Paper #: 13IPST049
Analysis of Electromagnetic Transients in Secondary Circuits due to Disconnector Switching in 400 kV Air-Insulated Substation
Author(s): I. Uglešić, B. Filipović-Grčić, V. Milardić, D. Filipović-Grčić

Paper #: 13IPST050
Computation of Lightning Electromagnetic Pulses Using the Constrained Interpolation Profile Method
Author(s): K. Kajita, Y. Baba, N. Nagaoka, A. Ametani

Paper #: 13IPST051
Transients following the energizing of high voltage ac cables with shunt compensation.
Author(s): S. Wijesinghe, A. Kariyawasam, M. Chowns, D. Muthumuni, B. Jayasekera

Paper #: 13IPST052
Detailed Full-Bridge Modular Multilevel STATCOM Modeling for Real-Time Commissioning Studies
Author(s): P. Le-Huy, O. Tremblay, P. Giroux, J. C. Soumagne, D. McNabb

Paper #: 13IPST053
Unified Modeling and Simulation Approach for Modular Multilevel Voltage Source Converters
Author(s): P. Le-Huy, S. Casoria, O. Saad

Paper #: 13IPST054
Impact of transformer saturation from GIC on power system voltage regulation
Author(s): L. Gérin-Lajoie, S. Guillon, J. Mahseredjian, O. Saad

Paper #: 13IPST055
Real-Time Simulation of Large-Scale AC System with Offshore DC Grid
Author(s): P. Le-Huy, P. Giroux, J. C. Soumagne

Paper #: 13IPST056
Investigation of Arc Parameters in Serially-Connected 3 Arc Model
Author(s): T. Koshizuka, K. Udagawa, T. Iijima, T. Uchii, T. Shinkai, T. Mori

Paper #: 13IPST057
Sensitivity Analysis on Turbine - Generator Shaft Torque in 154 kV Transmission System
Author(s): J. K. Park, Y. S. Oh, H. C. Seo, C. H. Kim

Paper #: 13IPST058
Transformer Energization Studies with Uncertain Power System Configurations
Author(s): M. M. Duro, F. X. Zgainski, B. Caillault

Paper #: 13IPST059
Development of Reduced-Intensity Computer Models for Resonant Converters
Author(s): A. F. Darbandi, S. Filizadeh

Paper #: 13IPST060
Parallel-in-space-and-time scheme for implicitly coupled electromechanical and electromagnetic transients simulation
Author(s): S. Abhyankar, A. Flueck

Paper #: 13IPST061
Modern approach to pole slip protection
Author(s): A. Burek, J. Krata, J. Altonen

Paper #: 13IPST062
The Tool supported Detection of Faulted Section and Fault Locator in HVDC lines
Author(s): A. Burek, T. Sikorski, J. Rezmer

Paper #: 13IPST063
Modeling of a Synchrophasor Measurement Unit in an Electromagnetic Transient Simulation Program
Author(s): D. R. Gurusinghe, A. Rajapakse, D. Muthumuni

Paper #: 13IPST064
Swift Detection of Power Transformer Inrush Current Based on the Windowed - Adaptive Linear Combiner Estimation Algorithm
Author(s): A. Tavighi, S. Soleymani, J. Martí, H. Abdollahzadeh

Paper #: 13IPST065
Study on Transient Magnetic Field in an Vehicle Body Caused by Nearby Lightning
Author(s): J. Kanata, A. Ametani, K. Yamamoto

Paper #: 13IPST066
The Effects of the Fault Inception Angle in Fault-Induced Transients on Series Compensated and Non-Compensated Transmission Lines
Author(s): A. H. P. Sobrinho, F. B. Costa, B. A. de Souza

Paper #: 13IPST067
A Method for Adaptive Time - Synchronized Measurement during Transients
Author(s): K. Görner, M. Lechtenberg, C. Rehtanz, J. Götze

Paper #: 13IPST068
MATLAB Program for Systematic Simulation over a Transmission Line in Alternative Transients Program
Author(s): G. D. Guidi-Venerdini, F. E. Pérez-Yauli

Paper #: 13IPST069
Alleviating Harmonic and Reactive Power Issues in Smart Grid Based on the Implementation of the Instantaneous p - q Power Theory under Unbalanced and Distorted Supply Voltages
Author(s): M. Shahbaz, N. Jelani, M. Molinas

Paper #: 13IPST070
A Comparison of Different Signal Selection Options and Signal Processing Techniques for Sub-synchronous Resonance Detection
Author(s): Y. Xia, B. Johnson, N. Fischer, H. Xia

Paper #: 13IPST071
EMTP-ATP Modeling of a Resistive Superconducting Fault Current Limiter
Author(s): E. Egorova, H. Bahirat, B. Mork, W. Perger, M. Holcomb

Paper #: 13IPST072
Modeling and Analysis of Harmonic Resonance Involving Renewable Energy Sources
Author(s): J. Sun

Paper #: 13IPST073
Assessment of Transient Stability using Rate of Change of the ISE in Transmission System
Author(s): G. H. Gwon, J. K. Park, Y. S. Oh, S. B. Kang, H. C. Seo, C. H. Kim, T. Funabashi

Paper #: 13IPST074
Electromagnetic Transients Studies Related To Energization Of A Half-Wavelength Transmission Line
Author(s): C. Machado Jr, M. Maia, E. Carvalho Jr, M. C. Tavares, J. B. Gertrudes, E. G. Costa, W. Freitas, M. A. Paz

Paper #: 13IPST075
Improvement of Transformer Saturation Modeling for Electromagnetic Transient Programs
Author(s): M. Salimi, A. M. Gole, R. P. Jayasinghe

Paper #: 13IPST076
A Novel Method for the Optimal Parameter Selection of Discrete-Time Switch Model
Author(s): R. Razzaghi, C. Foti, M. Paolone, F. Rachidi

Paper #: 13IPST077
Modeling and Analysis of an Induction Machine Soft-Starter Interconnected to a Power Cable Using Frequency Domain Equivalents
Author(s): J. de Jesus Chavez, M. Madrigal, P. G. Vite

Paper #: 13IPST078
Transmission lines energization: Relevant factors on statistical evaluation of transient overvoltages
Author(s): P. Mestas, M. C. Tavares

Paper #: 13IPST079
The History and Recent Trends of Transient Analysis in Transmission Lines
Author(s): A. Ametani

Paper #: 13IPST080
Interaction of capacitor bank inrush current limiting reactor and medium voltage vacuum circuit breakers
Author(s): G. Gajjar, A. Kulkarni, S. Soman

Paper #: 13IPST081
Real-Time Simulation of a Fully Detailed Type-IV Wind Turbine
Author(s): O. Tremblay, R. Gagnon, M. Fecteau

Paper #: 13IPST082
Analysis of Temporary Over-Voltages from Self-Excited Large Induction Motors in the Presence of Resonance - Case Studies
Author(s): T. Martinich, M. Nagpal, A. P. Bimbhra

Paper #: 13IPST083
Modeling of Doubly Fed Induction Machine based Wind Turbines in ATP: challenges and experiences
Author(s): G. Calzolari, C. Saldaña

Paper #: 13IPST084
On the Inclusion of Nonlinear Conditions in Numerical Laplace Transform Analysis
Author(s): C. Villanueva, P. Moreno, A. Ramirez, P. Gomez, J. L. Naredo

Paper #: 13IPST085
Protection Scheme For Single-Phase Fault Along A Half Wavelength Transmission Trunk Using Conventional Relay
Author(s): E. Gomes, M. C. Tavares, C. Floriano

Paper #: 13IPST086
A Study on Lightning Surges due to Back Flashovers at Multiple Towers
Author(s): Y. Yamamoto, A. Ametani, O. Sakai, H. Yuasa

Paper #: 13IPST087
Transient Studies performed by RTE for the connection of offshore wind farms
Author(s): S. Deschanvres, Y. Vernay

Paper #: 13IPST088
New Requirements for the Application of Generator Circuit-Breakers
Author(s): M. Palazzo, M. Delfanti

Paper #: 13IPST089
Overvoltage Issues associated with De-energization of 345 kV Variable Shunt Reactors: Parametric Analysis and Mitigations
Author(s): J. Hu, E. McGann

Paper #: 13IPST090
Average-Value Modeling of Synchronous Machine Line-Commutated Converter Using a Constant Parameter Voltage-Behind-Reactance Interfacing Circuit
Author(s): H. Atighechi, S. A. Akbarabadi, F. Therrien, J. Jatskevich

Paper #: 13IPST091
Supplementary Techniques for 2S-DIRK-Based EMT Simulations
Author(s): T. Noda, T. Kikuma, R. Yonezawa

Paper #: 13IPST092
Effect of Trapped Charges on Cable SVL Failure
Author(s): F. Ghassemi

Paper #: 13IPST093
Transmission Lines Fault Location Based on High-Frequency Components Technique: a general formulation for estimation of the dominant frequency
Author(s): L. Iurinic, R. Ferraz, é. Guimarães, A. Bretas

Paper #: 13IPST094
Application of Magnitude Vector Fitting for approximating modal propagation function from the frequency spectrum data of underground cables
Author(s): N. Goswamy, I. Kocar

Paper #: 13IPST095
An Integrated Technique for Fault Location and Section Identification in Distribution Systems
Author(s): D. da Silva Gazzana, G. D. Ferreira, A. Bretas, A. L. Bettiol, A. Carniato, L. F. N. Passos, A. H. Ferreira, J. E. M. Silva

Paper #: 13IPST096
Efficient Application of Parallel Processing with Standard Tools for Electromagnetic Transients Simulation
Author(s): H. Medeiros de Barros, A. de Castro, R. N. F. Filho, M. Groetaers dos Santos, C. F. T. Soares

Paper #: 13IPST097
Real-time electromagnetic and transient stability simulations for active distribution networks
Author(s): V. Jalili-Marandi, F. J. Ayres, C. Dufour, J. Belanger

Paper #: 13IPST098
Conversion of PSSE data file to ATP format for a study of voltage sags in an aluminium factory
Author(s): R. B. Lastra, M. B. Barbieri, J. L. Agüero, M. Lagleyze

Paper #: 13IPST099
Implementation of Induction Machine VBR Model with Optional Zero-Sequence in SimPowerSystems, ASMG, and PLECS Toolboxes
Author(s): M. Chapariha, F. Therrien, J. Jatskevich, H. W. Dommel

Paper #: 13IPST100
Ferroresonance phenomenon in CFE, its origin and effects
Author(s): E. Martínez, G. Antonova, M. Olguin

Paper #: 13IPST101
A multirate approach to combine electromagnetic transients and fundamental-frequency simulations
Author(s): F. Plumier, C. Geuzaine, T. Van Cutsem

Paper #: 13IPST102
On Assessing the Risk of SSR Related Torque Amplification in Series Compensated Networks
Author(s): P. Vuorenpää, T. Rauhala, P. Järventausta, E. Acha

Paper #: 13IPST103
Effect of Subharmonic Frequencies in Phasor Estimation Algorithms for Distance Protection of Series Compensated Transmission Lines
Author(s): D. Moura, F. Moreira, K. Silva

Paper #: 13IPST104
Accurate time domain simulation of frequency dependent transmission line models for large time steps
Author(s): H.M.J.S.P. De Silva, K.K.M.A. Kariyawasam, A. M. Gole, J.E. Nordstrom

Paper #: 13IPST105
Comparison of Black-Box Modeling Approaches for Transient Analysis: A GIS substation case study
Author(s): G. H. C. Oliveira, S. D. Mitchell

Paper #: 13IPST106
Real Time simulation of MMCs using the Combined State-Space Nodal Approach
Author(s): H. Saad, C. Dufour, J. Mahseredjian, S. Dennetière, S. Nguefeu

Paper #: 13IPST107
Using of Conventional Relays for Protecting Half-Wavelength Transmission Line from Three-Phase Faults
Author(s): R. G. Fabián E., M. C. Tavares

Paper #: 13IPST108
Phase Angle Pattern Classifier for Differential Protection of Power Transformers
Author(s): A. Hosny, V. Sood

Paper #: 13IPST109
Application of the MoM-SO Method for Accurate Impedance Calculation of Single-Core Cables Enclosed by a Conducting Pipe
Author(s): U. Patel, B. Gustavsen, P. Triverio

Paper #: 13IPST110
Energization of the Half-Wavelength Transmission Trunk Considering the Occurrence of Single Phase Fault
Author(s): M. Paz, M. C. Tavares

Paper #: 13IPST111
Autotransformer Inadvertent Energization Through Circuit Breakers Gradient Capacitors
Author(s): E. Martinez, E. Godoy, R. Ruelas

Paper #: 13IPST112
Electromagnetic Transients of On-board Passing Neutral Section in High-Speed Railway
Author(s): H. Li, Y. Fan, S. Yan, P. Ren, W. Wang, M. Wu, G. Li

Paper #: 13IPST113
Measurement and simulation of the electromagnetic transients of lifting pantograph for an electric multiple units train
Author(s): D. Shi, M. Wu, H. Zhang, T. Li, H. Wang, K. Song

Paper #: 13IPST114
Transient Characteristics of a Vertical Grounding Electrode —Experimental Observations and FDTD Simulations
Author(s): K. Nakamura, A. Ametani, N. Nagaoka, Y. Baba

Paper #: 13IPST115
Wide band characterization of wind turbine reactors
Author(s): A. Holdyk, I. Arana, J. Holboell

Paper #: 13IPST116
Insulation Coordination for Lightning Transients Based on Energy Spectral Density
Author(s): J. L. Reis, A. B. Fernandes, J. G. Rolim

Paper #: 13IPST117
Switching and Fault Transients of Unit Transformers of a Combined-Cycle Gas Turbine Generator
Author(s): M. Kizilcay, S. Demmig

Paper #: 13IPST118
Circuit Breaker TRV on a No-load AC Half-Wavelength Transmission Line
Author(s): J. B. Gertrudes, M. C. Tavares, E. G. Costa

Paper #: 13IPST119
Design of the Control Algorithms for Photovoltaic Grid-Connected Renewable Agents using the hardware-in-the-loop simulation technique
Author(s): N. F. Guerrero-Rodríguez, A. B. Rey-Boué, S. de Pablo-Gómez

Paper #: 13IPST120
On fixed-point iterations for the solution of control equations in power systems transients
Author(s): C. F. Mugombozi, J. Mahseredjian, O. Saad

Paper #: 13IPST121
Comprehensive Study on Magnetization Current Harmonics of Power Transformers due to GICs
Author(s): S. A. Mousavi, C. Carrander , G. Engdahl

Paper #: 13IPST122
A Suitable Method for Line Controlled Switching
Author(s): K. Dantas, W. Neves, D. Fernandes Jr., L. Fonseca

Paper #: 13IPST123
Finite element calculation of leakage resistance and distributed capacitance of rail to earth in ballastless track
Author(s): T. Li, M. Wu, F. He, K. Song

Paper #: 13IPST124
Real-Time Evaluation of PMU-Based Fault Locators
Author(s): F. Lopes, Y. Melo, D. Fernandes Jr., W. Neves

Paper #: 13IPST125
Custom-Coded Models in the State Space Nodal Solver of ARTEMiS
Author(s): C. Dufour, H. Saad, J. Mahseredjian, J. Bélanger

Paper #: 13IPST126
Lightning transient analysis in wind turbine blades
Author(s): A. C. Garolera, J. Holboel, S. F. Madsen

Paper #: 13IPST127
Modeling of Wind Turbine Transformers for the Analysis of Resonant Overvoltages
Author(s): A. H. Soloot, H. K. Høidalen, B. Gustavsen

Paper #: 13IPST128
Investigation of Resonant Overvoltages in Offshore Wind Farms- Modeling and Protection
Author(s): A. H. Soloot, H. Bahirat, H. K. Høidalen, B. Gustavsen, B. A. Mork

Paper #: 13IPST129
Examination of Fault Ride-Through Methods for Off-Shore Wind Farms with VSC-Based Multi-terminal HVDC
Author(s): U. Karaagac, J. Mahseredjian, H. Saad, S. Jensen, L. Cai

Paper #: 13IPST130
High frequent modelling of a modular multilevel converter using passive components
Author(s): W. Z. El-Khatib, J. Holbøll, T. W. Rasmussen

Paper #: 13IPST131
Estimation of the Short Circuit Ratio and the Optimal Controller Gains Selection of a VSC System
Author(s): J. Z. Zhou, A. M. Gole

Paper #: 13IPST132
Five-leg transformer model for GIC studies
Author(s): N. Chiesa, A. Lotfi, H. K. Høidalen, B. Mork, ø. Rui, T. Ohnstad

Paper #: 13IPST133
Implementation of the parametric variation method in an EMTP program.
Author(s): A. Holdyk, J. Holboell

Paper #: 13IPST134
Sensor resonance and its influence on the measurement results of fast transients
Author(s): L. Kütt, M. Shafiq, M. Lehtonen, H. Mõlder, J. Järvik

Paper #: 13IPST135
High Impedance Fault Detection and Location Based on Electromagnetic Transient Analysis
Author(s): W. Santos, F. Lopes, B. Souza, W. Neves, N. Brito

Paper #: 13IPST136
An Efficient Algorithm for Fault Location on Mixed Line-Cable Transmission Corridors
Author(s): M. Popov, G. Rietveld, Z. Radojević, V. Terzija

Paper #: 13IPST137
MOSA Monitoring Based on Analysis of the Total Leakage Current by SOM Networks
Author(s): G. Lira, E. Costa

Paper #: 13IPST138
An Adaptive Aggregation Algorithm for Power System Dynamic Equivalencing in Transient Stability Studies for Future Energy Grids
Author(s): S. Zadkhast, J. Jatskevich, E. Vaahedi, A. Alimardani

Paper #: 13IPST139
Feasibility Study Of The Installation Of Distributed Generation For Improving Voltage Stability
Author(s): L. N. Ballester, J. Castillo, J. Duran, M. Davila, J. Hernandez

Paper #: 13IPST140
Control of unsymmetrical overvoltages during open pole condition on overhead transmission lines compensated at one end
Author(s): G. Gutierrez

Paper #: 13IPST141
Switching transients in 400 kV transmission network due to circuit breaker failure
Author(s): S. Bojić, I. Uglešić, B. Filipović-Grčić

Paper #: 13IPST142
Solving zero-miss with cable energisation at voltage peak, based on insulationcoordination study results
Author(s): U. S. Gudmundsdottir, P. B. Holst

Paper #: 13IPST143
Efficient Techniques for Real Time Simulation of MMC Systems
Author(s): T. Maguire, B. Warkentin, Y. Chen, J. P. Hasler

Paper #: 13IPST144
ATP-EMTP study of current differential protection with synchronization and fault location functions
Author(s): M. M. Saha

Paper #: 13IPST145
Medium Voltage Laboratory for Load Break Switch Development
Author(s): E. Jonsson, M. Runde