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Proceedings of the International Conference on Power Systems Transients (IPST)

ISSN: 2434-9739

Conference Location: Cavtat, Croatia

Paper #: 15IPST003
Synchronous Generator Withstand against Transformer Energization
Author(s): P. Marini

Paper #: 15IPST008
Modeling and Field-Oriented Control of the Dual Stator Winding Induction Motor in the EMTP-Type Environment
Author(s): T. Tshibungu

Paper #: 15IPST011
Probability estimation of lightning attachment to conductors of 110-220 kV overhead power lines without shielding wires due to the instantaneous phase voltage
Author(s): G. V. Podporkin

Paper #: 15IPST012
Transients Caused by Switching of 420 kV Three-Phase Variable Shunt Reactor
Author(s): B. Filipović-Grčić, A. Župan, I. Uglešić, D. Mihalic, D. Filipović-Grčić

Paper #: 15IPST013
A Single Phase Induction Machine Model for Real Time Digital Simulation
Author(s): A. B. Dehkordi

Paper #: 15IPST015
Potential on the Soil Surface Generated by a Lightning Based on Transmission Line Modeling Method
Author(s): D. S. Gazzana, A. B. Tronchoni, A. S. Bretas, G. A. D. Dias, R. C. Leborgne, M. Telló

Paper #: 15IPST017
Improving the Performance of the Lumped Parameters transmission Line Model by Using Analog Low-Pass Filters
Author(s): A. R. J. Araújo, R. C. Silva, S. Kurokawa

Paper #: 15IPST018
Implementation of Fast Adaptive Single-Phase Reclosing Based on Measurement of Harmonic Content in the Real-Time Digital Simulator (RTDS)
Author(s): O. F. Dias, M. C. Tavares

Paper #: 15IPST019
Differential Relay Models inside Real Time Simulators
Author(s): F. Magrin, M. C. Tavares

Paper #: 15IPST020
Lightning Performance of Transmission Lines with Tall Sections
Author(s): A. J. G. Pinto, E. C. M. Costa, J. H. A. Monteiro, S. Kurokawa, J. Pissolato

Paper #: 15IPST021
A Study on High-Frequency Wave Propagation along Overhead Conductors by Earth-Return Admittance/Impedance and Numerical Electromagnetic Analysis
Author(s): A. Ametani, Y. Miyamoto, T. Asada, Y. Baba, N. Nagaoka, I. Lafaia, J. Mahseredjian, K. Tanabe

Paper #: 15IPST022
Propagation of Intersheath Modes on Underground Cables
Author(s): I. Lafaia, Y. Yamamoto, A. Ametani, J. Mahseredjian, M. T. Correia de Barros, I. Kocar, A. Naud

Paper #: 15IPST024
Sympathetic Inrush Current Phenomenon with Loaded Transformers
Author(s): U. Rudez, R. Mihalic

Paper #: 15IPST025
Influence of Coupling Capacitor Voltage Transformers on Travelling Wave-Based Fault Locators
Author(s): R. L. A. Reis, F. V. Lopes, W. L. A. Neves, D. Fernandes Jr.

Paper #: 15IPST026
Identification of Oscillatory Modes in Power System Responses via Vector Fitting
Author(s): T. A. Papadopoulos, A. I. Chrysochos, E. O. Kontis, G. K. Papagiannis

Paper #: 15IPST027
Computation of internal voltage distribution in transformer windings by utilizing a voltage distribution factor
Author(s): A. Theocharis, M. Popov, V. Terzija

Paper #: 15IPST028
Features of Arcing at Single-Phase Damages of Power Cable Insulation in Networks with Resistance in Neutral
Author(s): A. I. Shirkovets

Paper #: 15IPST029
Simulation of Arc Models with the Block Modelling Method
Author(s): R. Thomas, D. Lahaye,C. Vuik, L. van der Sluis

Paper #: 15IPST031
Investigation into Resonant Overvoltages in Wind Turbine Transformers due to Switching Surges
Author(s): C. Amittai Banda, J. M. Van Coller

Paper #: 15IPST032
Feasibility Analysis of Subsea DC Distribution Grid for Oil Processing Projects
Author(s): T. C. A. Soares, A. C. S. Lima, S. E. M. Oliveira

Paper #: 15IPST033
Evaluation of the Effect of Parameters of Three-Phase Transformer Core Models on the Harmonic Content of Inrush Currents: Implications on the Setting of Inrush Detection Functions
Author(s): João R. M. S. Souza, C. S. Pereira Filho, A. De Conti

Paper #: 15IPST034
Accuracy and Realization Issues in Frequency Dependent Sequence Networks
Author(s): J. P. L. Salvador, F. C. Neto, A. C. S. Lima, K. Strunz

Paper #: 15IPST035
A Study of Electromagnetic Transient Simulations Using IEEJ's West-10 Benchmark Power System Model
Author(s): T. Noda, H. Takizawa, T. Nakajima

Paper #: 15IPST036
Design and Implementation of a Protection System against the Self-excitation Phenomenon in Punta del Tigre Thermal Power Plant
Author(s): C. R. Saldaña, G. R. Calzolari, C. M. Sena

Paper #: 15IPST037
Synchrophasors for Validation of Distance Relay Settings: Real Time Digital Simulation and Field Results
Author(s): B. K. Johnson, S. Jadid

Paper #: 15IPST038
Parameter Estimation of Transmission Lines usingFault Records and Modal Analysis
Author(s): E. C. M. Costa, J. T. R. Pineda, S. Kurokawa

Paper #: 15IPST039
Vacuum Circuit Breaker induced transients studies for inverter fed step-up transformer
Author(s): T. Kuczek, M. Florkowski, W. Piasecki

Paper #: 15IPST040
Control Strategies of VSC Converter for MTDC Network Transient Studies
Author(s): L. Liu, M. Popov, M. van der Meijden

Paper #: 15IPST043
Estimating BFOR on HV Transmission Lines Using EMTP and Curve of Limiting Parameters
Author(s): P. Sarajčev, J. Vasilj, P. Sereci

Paper #: 15IPST044
Nonlinear Limiting Resistor (Limistor) – Application in 500 kV Power System
Author(s): I. Ye. Naumkin, D. V. Kochura, L. I. Sarin

Paper #: 15IPST045
Methodology of Statistical Analysis of Oscillograms: Case Study of Continuous Intermittent Arcing in Mass Impregnated Paper Cable Insulation in 10 kV Distribution Network
Author(s): A. V. Telegin, A. I. Shirkovets, V. F. Nadein

Paper #: 15IPST046
Damping of Oscillations Related to Lumped-Parameter Transmission Line Modeling
Author(s): A. I. Chrysochos, G. P. Tsolaridis, T. A. Papadopoulos, G. K. Papagiannis

Paper #: 15IPST047
ATP-EMTP evaluation of relaying algorithms for series-compensated line
Author(s): M. M. Saha, E. Rosolowski, J. Izykowski, P. Pierz

Paper #: 15IPST048
Evaluation of Fault Location Method for Distribution Networks
Author(s): M. M. Saha, E. Rosolowski, J. Izykowski, P. Pierz

Paper #: 15IPST049
Disturbance Analysis and Protection Performance Evaluation
Author(s): F. V. Lopes, D. Barros, R. Reis, C. Costa, J. Nascimento, N. Brito, W. Neves, S. Moraes

Paper #: 15IPST050
Test bed Study of Electromechanical Wave Propagation Impacts on Protective Devices
Author(s): A. Esmaeilian, M. Kezunovic

Paper #: 15IPST053
Recursive Digital Filters Design to Compensate CVT Frequency Response: An Application for Transmission Line Controlled Switching
Author(s): K. M. C. Dantas, E. P. Machado, W. L. A. Neves, L. C. A. Fonseca

Paper #: 15IPST054
Determination of Voltage Stress in Case of Operation of a Hybrid HVAC/HVDC Transmission Line
Author(s): D. Woodford, L. Barthold, L. Oprea, S. Ulrich, A. Fuchs, N. Papadopoulos, M. Bornowski

Paper #: 15IPST056
Electrical Stress Monitoring of Distribution Transformers using Bushing Embedded Capacitive Voltage Dividers and Rogowski Coils
Author(s): F. A. Netshiongolwe, J. M. van Coller

Paper #: 15IPST058
Transient Network Analysis of a 132kV Sub-transmission System Incorporating a Saturated Core Fault Current Limiter
Author(s): S. M. Gunawardana, S. Perera, J. W. Moscrop

Paper #: 15IPST059
Unconventional Distance Protection in Half-Wavelength Transmission Lines
Author(s): B. F. Küsel, F. V. Lopes, K. M. Silva

Paper #: 15IPST063
Background harmonic amplifications within offshore wind farm connection projects
Author(s): Y. Fillion, S. Deschanvres

Paper #: 15IPST064
AROPO-Complex diagnostic system based on transients analysis
Author(s): M. Švancar, L. Kočiš, P. Spurný

Paper #: 15IPST065
A Reliability Analysis of Low Voltage DC Distribution
Author(s): C. H. Noh, D. U. Kim, G. H. Gwon, Y. S. Oh, J. Han, C. H. Kim

Paper #: 15IPST066
An EMTP–RV Based Analysis of the Line Surge Arrester Energy Duty Due to Lightning Discharges
Author(s): S. Grebović, S. Pack, S. Sadović

Paper #: 15IPST067
Difficulties in high frequency transformer modelling
Author(s): B. Jurišić, I. Uglešić, A. Xemard, F. Paladian, P. Guuinic

Paper #: 15IPST069
Rational Approximation to Full -Wave Modeling of Underground Cables
Author(s): A. P. C. Magalhães, A. C. S. Lima, M. T. Correia de Barros

Paper #: 15IPST070
Hardware in the loop simulations to test SVC performances on the French Grid
Author(s): Y. Vernay, C. Martin, D. Petesch, S. Dennetière

Paper #: 15IPST071
Influence of HV inductive voltage transformers core design to the ferroresonance occurrence probability
Author(s): D. Krajtner, I. Žiger

Paper #: 15IPST072
Implementation of accelerated models for EMT tools
Author(s): B. Clerc, C. Martin, S. Dennetière

Paper #: 15IPST073
Parareal in Time for Dynamic Simulations of Power Systems
Author(s): G. Gurrala, A. Dimitrovski, P. Sreekanth, S. Simunovic, M. Starke

Paper #: 15IPST074
Transient system behavior under DC fault conditions in meshed HVDC system
Author(s): A. Yanushkevich, N. A. Belda

Paper #: 15IPST075
Transmission Line Model Based on Vector Fitting and Rank Constrained Minimization
Author(s): R. Mirzahosseini, R. Iravani

Paper #: 15IPST076
Parameter Estimation for a Jiles-Atherton based Current Transformer core model
Author(s): Y. Chen, D. S. Ouellette, P. A. Forsyth, P.G. McLaren, Yi Zhang

Paper #: 15IPST078
Definition of a new formula for the characteristic impedance of vertical conductors for lightning transients
Author(s): P. Gómez

Paper #: 15IPST079
A Pyrotechnic Fault Current Limiter Model for Transient Calculations in Industrial Power Systems
Author(s): T. C. Dias, B. D. Bonatto, J. M. C. Filho

Paper #: 15IPST082
Impedance and Admittance Calculations of a Three-Core Power Cable by the Finite Element Method
Author(s): A. A. Hafner, M. V. Ferreira da Luz, W. P. Carpes Jr.

Paper #: 15IPST085
Parametric Analysis of Two-Terminal Impedance-Based Fault Location Methods
Author(s): F. V. Lopes, K. M. Silva, B. F. Küsel

Paper #: 15IPST088
Setup and performances of the real-time simulation platform connected to the INELFE control system
Author(s): S. Dennetière, H. Saad, B. Clerc

Paper #: 15IPST089
Investigation into Oversheath Failure of a 275 kV Cable
Author(s): F. Ghassemi, P. Haigh

Paper #: 15IPST090
Numerical Evaluation of Cable Earth Return Impedance through a Reliable Algorithm based on a Taylor-Series Expansion
Author(s): R. Iracheta, N. Flores-Guzman

Paper #: 15IPST091
A Comparison of Transmission Line Fault Detection Methods
Author(s): Y. M. P. Melo, F. V. Lopes, W. L. A. Neves, D. Fernandes Jr.

Paper #: 15IPST092
Comparison of the fdLine and ULM Frequency Dependent EMTP Line Models with a Reference Laplace Solution
Author(s): A. Tavighi, J. R. Martí, J. A. Gutiérrez Robles

Paper #: 15IPST094
Enhancing Phasor Estimation in Digital Protective Relays
Author(s): A. K. X. S. Campos, W. L. A. Neves, D. Fernandes Jr.

Paper #: 15IPST096
Recording and ATP Simulation of Ferroresonance Phenomenon in an SVC of Mexican Electrical System
Author(s): E. Godoy A. and E. Martinez M.

Paper #: 15IPST098
Benchmarking of hysteretic elements in topological transformer model
Author(s): H. K. Hoidalen, A. Lotfi, S. E. Zirka, Y. I. Moroz, N. Chiesa, B. A. Mork

Paper #: 15IPST099
Placement of Fault Current Limiters in Power Systems by HFLS Sorting and HIGA Optimization Approach
Author(s): H.-T. Yang, W.-J. Tang, C. Wang, P. Lubicki, S. Wang

Paper #: 15IPST101
Modal transformation matrices for phasor measurement based line parameter estimations
Author(s): K. Tuttelberg, J. Kilter

Paper #: 15IPST102
Comparison of Geometry-Based Transformer Iron-Core Models for Inrush-Current and Residual-Flux Calculations
Author(s): R. Yonezawa, T. Noda

Paper #: 15IPST103
Distribution Substation and SVR Models for Electromagnetic Transient Simulations of Distribution Systems
Author(s): N. Tomohiro, T. Noda, I. Watanabe

Paper #: 15IPST104
Network parameters identification using a comparison between on site tests and simulations
Author(s): B. Zouch, F. X. Zgainski, B. Caillault

Paper #: 15IPST105
Effect of DC biasing in 3-legged 3-phase transformers taking detailed model of off-core path into account
Author(s): A. Lotfi, H. K. Hoidalen, N. Chiesa

Paper #: 15IPST106
Modeling of Arbitrary Shaped Cables Using Novel Single Source Integral Equation Formulation
Author(s): A. Menshov, V. Okhmatovski, H.M.J.S.P. De Silva, K.K.M.A. Kariyawasam, J.E. Nordstrom

Paper #: 15IPST107
Analysis of surge arresters failures in the installation of broadcasting transmitter
Author(s): V. Milardić, I. Pavić, A. Tokić

Paper #: 15IPST108
Controlled Switching of Transmission Line with Series Compensation
Author(s): D. D. L. T. Barros, W. L. A. Neves, K. M. C. Dantas, D. Fernandes Jr., L. Fonseca

Paper #: 15IPST109
High Impedance Fault Modeling Based on Statistical Data
Author(s): W. C. Santos, N. S. D. Brito, B. A. Souza, F. A. Pereira

Paper #: 15IPST111
Frequency-dependent cables and overhead lines for the calculation of short-circuit currents of HVDC converters
Author(s): A. Wasserrab, G. Balzer

Paper #: 15IPST114
Interactions Studies of HVDC-MMC link embedded in an AC Grid
Author(s): H. Saad, J. Mahseredjian, S. Dennetière, S. Nguefeu

Paper #: 15IPST118
FPGA-based on-line Neural Network in Energy Storage System for Power Regulation of Wind-turbine Generator
Author(s): Y. Y. Hong, Y. T. Ye, Y. R. Chang, Y. D. Lee, P. W. Liu

Paper #: 15IPST119
Decoupling Technique for Real-Time Simulation of Power Electronic Using Short Line
Author(s): L.-A. Grégoire, Y. Bouzid, H. F. Blanchette, K. Al-Haddad

Paper #: 15IPST120
Backflashover Simulations of Multi-circuit Transmission Tower with AC/DC systems
Author(s): A. Mackow, M. Kizilcay, D. Potkrajac

Paper #: 15IPST121
A Comprehensive Study on the Influence of Proximity Effects on Electromagnetic Transients in Power Cables
Author(s): U. R. Patel, P. Triverio

Paper #: 15IPST122
A Modeling Methodology for Inductive and Capacitive Voltage Transformers for High-Frequency Electrical Transients Analysis
Author(s): M. C. Camargo, G. Marchesan, L. Mariotto, G. Cardoso Junior, L. F. F. Gutierres

Paper #: 15IPST124
Accuracy Assessment of a Phase Domain Line Model
Author(s): M. G. Vega, J. L. Naredo, O. Ramos-Leaños

Paper #: 15IPST126
Distance Protection for Half Wavelength Transmission Lines
Author(s): R. G. Fabián E., M. C. Tavares

Paper #: 15IPST127
Methodology for testing and development of parameter-free fault locators for transmission lines
Author(s): M. Popov, S. Parmar, G. Rietveld, G. Preston, V. Terzija

Paper #: 15IPST130
High-frequency Transformer Modeling for Transient Overvoltage Studies
Author(s): G. Marchesan, A. P. Morais, L. Mariotto, M. C. Camargo, A. C. Marchesan

Paper #: 15IPST131
External and Internal Overvoltages in a 100 MVA Transformer During High-Frequency Transients
Author(s): A. Holdyk, B. Gustavsen

Paper #: 15IPST132
Pseudo-stationary capacitance and conductance for open air artificially generated long electrical arcs considering arc elongation
Author(s): A. Garcia, M.C. Tavares

Paper #: 15IPST133
Enhancing the transient stability of distributed generators with adaptive time-overcurrent protection augmented with transient based unit protection
Author(s): A. N. Pathirana, A. D. Rajapakse

Paper #: 15IPST136
Simulation of Transients with a Modal-Domain Based Transmission Line Model Considering Ground as a Dispersive Medium
Author(s): A. De Conti, M. P. S. Emídio

Paper #: 15IPST139
Islanding detection improvement in Distributed Generation by using of mathematical morphology for frequency oscillation characterization
Author(s): G. Marchesan, M. R. Muraro, G. Cardoso Jr., A. V. E. Cortes

Paper #: 15IPST140
A method to detect the position of internal short circuit in power transformers
Author(s): A. H. Soloot, M. Khanali, H. K. Hoidalen, S. Jayaram

Paper #: 15IPST141
Electromagnetic Transient Study of a Transmission Line Tuned for Half Wavelength
Author(s): J.A. Santiago, M.C. Tavares

Paper #: 15IPST142
Undesired Trip of a 230 kV Transmission Line due to 500 kV/450 MVA Autotransformer Energization
Author(s): J. F. Piñeros, J. A. Vélez, J. M. Salas, O. Monroy, M. T. Gutiérrez, F. Montaño

Paper #: 15IPST147
Comparative Solutions of Numerical Oscillations in the Trapezoidal Method used by EMTP-based Programs
Author(s): L. F. R. Ferreira, B. D. Bonatto, J. R. Cogo, N. C. de Jesus, H. W. Dommel and J. R. Martí

Paper #: 15IPST148
Ferroresonance in a 115 kV Network Due to a Single Line Fault
Author(s): J. F. Piñeros, J. A. Vélez, D. Rodríguez

Paper #: 15IPST149
A Transmission Utility Approach to Electromagnetic Transient Analysis
Author(s): A. Khursheed, F. Ghassemi, P. Haigh, F. Moore, D. K. Tiong Aik, J. Peng, K. Smith

Paper #: 15IPST150
Time-Domain Simulation for Voltage Collapse Prediction and Wide-Area Control
Author(s): Z. Shahooei, B. A. Mork, M. Kavimandan, L. J. Bohmann

Paper #: 15IPST151
Energization Simulations of a Half-Wavelength Transmission Line when Subject to Three-Phase Faults
Author(s): E. A. Silva, F. A. Moreira, M. C. Tavares

Paper #: 15IPST152
Stochastic Analysis of Transient Overvoltages at Substations by Applying the Monte Carlo Method Integrated with ATP
Author(s): L. Kraulich, A. C. Marchesan, L. Mariotto, F. Loose, M. C. Camargo, G. Marchesan, G. Cardoso Jr.

Paper #: 15IPST155
Current and Voltage Dependent Sources Modelling in MATE–Multi-Area Thévenin Equivalent Concept
Author(s): B. D. Bonatto, M. L. Armstrong, J. R. Martí, H. W. Dommel

Paper #: 15IPST156
Lightning Overvoltage Analysis of a 380-kV overhead line with a GIL section
Author(s): M. Kizilcay, C. Neumann

Paper #: 15IPST160
Simulation of Transients in Very Large Scale Distribution Networks by Combining Netlist and Graphical User Interface
Author(s): I. Kocar, J. Mahseredjian, R. E. Uosef, B. Cetindag

Paper #: 15IPST161
Real Time Compensation Algorithm for Air-Gapped Current Transformers Saturation Effects
Author(s): F. A. Pereira, F. C. F. Guerra, B. A. Sousa, E. N. A. Santos, N. S. D. Brito, U. A. Carmo

Paper #: 15IPST166
Ferroresonance Conditions in Wind Parks
Author(s): U. Karaagac, J. Mahseredjian, L. Cai

Paper #: 15IPST168
Parametric Study, an Enhanced Methodology for analyzing Power System Contingencies
Author(s): O. Saad, E. Ouellet, L. Gerin-Lajoie, D. Vinet, S. Dennetière

Paper #: 15IPST171
Optimization of a FACTS control device using Real Time OE-EMTP technique
Author(s): In Kwon Park, P. Forsyth, A. M. Gole

Paper #: 15IPST174
Transients in VSC-HVDC due to control and cell failure
Author(s): W. Z. El-Khatib, J. Holboell, T. W. Rasmussen

Paper #: 15IPST175
Methodology of Calculating Harmonic Distortion from Multiple Sources
Author(s): D. Vujatovic, K. Leong Koo, Z. Emin

Paper #: 15IPST176
Fault Induced Transient Detection in Power Systems: An Adaptive Approach Considering Noisy Environment
Author(s): L. U. Iurinic, R. G. Ferraz, A. S. Bretas, A. L. Bettiol, L. F. N. dos Passos, A. Carniato, I. K. Khairalla, R. Z. Homma, A. Baader

Paper #: 15IPST178
Neutral Reactor Optimization in order to Reduce Arc Extinction Time during Three-Phase Tripping
Author(s): P. Mestas, M. C. Tavares

Paper #: 15IPST179
Lightning Overvoltage Performance of 110 kV Air-Insulated Substation
Author(s): B. Filipović-Grčić, B. Franc, I. Uglešić, V. Milardić, A. Tokić

Paper #: 15IPST182
Traveling Wave Fault Location Experience at Bonneville Power Administration
Author(s): A. Guzmán, V. Skendzic, M. V. Mynam, S. Marx, B. K. Johnson

Paper #: 15IPST185
Modeling and Fault Simulation of Generator Control System using PSCAD/EMTDC
Author(s): Y. S. Kim, Y. Y. Park, K. M. Lee, H. J. Lee, C. W. Park

Paper #: 15IPST186
Hardware-in-the-Loop Validation of an FPGA-Based Real-Time Simulator for Power Electronics Applications
Author(s): R. Razzaghi, F. Colas, X. Guillaud, M. Paolone, F. Rachidi

Paper #: 15IPST188
Summary of Transients (Old and New) Affect Protection Applications
Author(s): C. F. Henville, M. Nagpal, R. P. Barone

Paper #: 15IPST192
A Study on Ferroresonance Mitigation Techniques for Power Transformer
Author(s): S. I. Kim, B. C. Sung, S. N. Kim, Y. C. Choi, H. J. Kim

Paper #: 15IPST193
The measurement of fast transients during shunt reactors 420 kV switching using electric field sensors
Author(s): L. Kočiš, J. Jíra, M.Švancar

Paper #: 15IPST194
Fast Breaker Failure Backup Protection for HVDC Grids
Author(s): W. Leterme, S. P. Azad, D. Van Hertem

Paper #: 15IPST195
Multi-Chamber Arrester Field Test Experience on Medium Voltage Overhead Line in Asia
Author(s): M. Zinck, J.-B. Frain

Paper #: 15IPST196
Overvoltage Protection Performance of the 110 kV Overhead Lines after the Line Surge Arresters Implementation
Author(s): M. Mesić, I. Uglešić, B. Filipović-Grčić, S. Piliškić, M. Mijoč, B. Franc

Paper #: 15IPST198
Spatial Correlation Based Adaptive Control of Wind Turbines for Improved System Frequency
Author(s): J. Miloševič, M. Cvetković

Paper #: 15IPST199
Enhanced Analysis of Oscillatory Undamped Overvoltages in Transformer Energization
Author(s): L. M. N. de Mattos, A. M. P. Mendes, J. F. de Lima Filho, M. C. Tavares

Paper #: 15IPST200
Analysis of Damaging Open-Phase Event on a Healthy Shunt Compensated 500 kV Line Initiated by Unintended Trip
Author(s): T. Martinich, M. Nagpal, S. Manuel

Paper #: 15IPST201
Methodology for Modelling and Assessing Harmonic Impact of HVDC Connections in the Vicinity of Renewables
Author(s): K. L. Koo, Z. Emin

Paper #: 15IPST202
Evaluation of the Impact of Transmission Line Unbalance in the Distance Protection
Author(s): S. I. A Souza, F. A. Moreira

Paper #: 15IPST203
Mode switching in modal domain models of overhead lines and underground cables
Author(s): I. Zlatunić, S. Vodopija, R. Goić

Paper #: 15IPST204
Simulation Study of a Lightning Initiated 3-Phase Fault on a 138 kV Wood Pole Line without Shielding
Author(s): M. Armstrong, P. Mayer, K. Mai

Paper #: 15IPST205
A Semaphore-based Parallelization of Networks for Electromagnetic Transients
Author(s): S. Montplaisir-Goncalves, J. Mahseredjian, O. Saad, X. Legrand, A. El-Akoum

Paper #: 15IPST207
Investigation into Transient SFO, FFO, VFTO Overvoltage Characteristics for Typical Gas Insulated Substations
Author(s): L. Czumbil, J. Kim, H. Nouri

Paper #: 15IPST208
Lightning current field measurement on a transmission line, comparison with electromagnetic transient calculations
Author(s): A. Xemard, M. Mesić, T. Sadović, D. Marin, S. Sadović

Paper #: 15IPST211
EMT Model of the ‘Sen Transformer’ for Fault Analysis Studies
Author(s): D. Fentie, J. C. Garcia, R. Gokaraju, S. O. Faried

Paper #: 15IPST213
Application of the Lightning Location System for the selection of Lightning Protection of Overhead Medium Voltage Lines using Long Flashover Arresters
Author(s): D. Bago

Paper #: 15IPST216
Simplified representation of tower-footing electrodes for assessment of the lightning performance of transmission lines using EMTP-based platforms
Author(s): S. Visacro, F. H. Silveira, M. H. M. Vale

Paper #: 15IPST217
Determining the source of harmonic distortion with a single measuring device
Author(s): M. Bazina

Paper #: 15IPST219
Power Quality Analysis in Electric Traction System with Three-phase Induction Motors
Author(s): B. Milešević, I. Uglešić, B. Filipović-Grčić

Paper #: 15IPST221
Revision of TRV Requirements for the Application of Generator Circuit-Breakers
Author(s): M. Palazzo, M. Popov, A. Marmolejo, M. Delfanti

Paper #: 15IPST222
Influences of Excitation Systems on the Dynamic Voltage Behavior of Power Systems
Author(s): H. Zimmer, M. W. Asmah, J. Hanson

Paper #: 15IPST225
A Generic Point-to-Point MMC-VSC System for Real-Time and Off-Line Simulation Studies
Author(s): S. Arunprasanth, U. D. Annakkage, C. Karawita, R. Kuffel

Paper #: 15IPST228
Efficient EMT modeling approach to studying resonance phenomenon in PV and wind energy systems
Author(s): M. Pielahn, K. Mudunkotuwa, A. Ranaweera, D. Muthumuni

Paper #: 15IPST233
A numerical investigation of a series solution for calculating Zg of underground power cables
Author(s): F. A. Uribe, J. L. Naredo, P. Gómez, P. Zúñiga

Paper #: 15IPST236
Large systems real-time transient calculation by means of simultaneous simulation of multiple equivalents
Author(s): W. C. Boaventura

Paper #: 15IPST237
Voltage-Behind-Reactance Model of Six-Phase Synchronous Machine Considering Stator Mutual Leakage Inductance
Author(s): N. Amiri, S. Ebrahimi, J. Jatskevich, H. W. Dommel