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Proceedings of the International Conference on Power Systems Transients (IPST)

ISSN: 2434-9739

Conference Location: Thessaloniki, Greece

Paper #: 23IPST001
Zero-current Suppression Control for Fault Current Damper based on Model Predictive Control
Author(s): Ajay Digamber Shetgaonkar

Paper #: 23IPST002
Transient Induced Voltages on Aboveground Pipelines Parallel to Overhead Transmission Lines
Author(s): Theofilos A Papadopoulos

Paper #: 23IPST003
Application of a Performance Assessment Method to Identify the Applicability Range of Distribution Network Equivalent Models
Author(s): Eleftherios O Kontis

Paper #: 23IPST004
Protection Issues for Under-Impedance relay used as starting supervision for large synchronous motors
Author(s): Paolo Marini

Paper #: 23IPST005
Development and Laboratory Testing of a Lightning Current Measurement System for Wind Turbines
Author(s): Franjo Vukovic

Paper #: 23IPST006
Instantaneous Incremental Current-Based Faulted Phase Selection Algorithm
Author(s): Jagannath Wijekoon

Paper #: 23IPST007
A Tool For Automatic Determination Of Model Parameters Using Particle Swarm Optimization
Author(s): Willy Arnaud Nzale Mimbe

Paper #: 23IPST008
Multi-Agent System-Based Microgrid Protection Using Angular Variation: An Embedded Approach
Author(s): Pedro Henrique Aquino Barra

Paper #: 23IPST009
An Accelerated Detailed Equivalent Model for Modular Multilevel Converters
Author(s): Shaahin Filizadeh

Paper #: 23IPST010
Synchrophasor Network-Based Detection and Classification of Power System Events: A Singular Value Decomposition Approach
Author(s): Reza Pourramezan

Paper #: 23IPST011
A Simplified Transient Model of Surge Protective Devices Employing Varistors
Author(s): Thomas Tsovilis

Paper #: 23IPST012
Modeling of MMC-based STATCOM with Embedded Energy Storage for the Simulation of Electromagnetic Transients
Author(s): Anton Stepanov A

Paper #: 23IPST013
Extended vector fitting for the assessment of subharmonics, harmonics, interharmonics, and supraharmonics in electrical systems
Author(s): J.A. Gutiérrez-Robles

Paper #: 23IPST014
Accurate Transformer Inrush Current Analysis by Controlling Closing Instant and Residual Flux
Author(s): Byungchul Sung

Paper #: 23IPST015
Ferroresonance Mitigation for the Unconventional Rural Electrification System
Author(s): Raúl Enrique Rojas Varela

Paper #: 23IPST016
Influence of a Shield Wire Flashover on the Indirect Lightning Performance Assessment of Distribution Lines
Author(s): Akifumi Yamanaka

Paper #: 23IPST017
GMD Impacts on Hydro-Québec system
Author(s): Luc Gérin-Lajoie

Paper #: 23IPST018
Use of Ultracapacitor for Provision of Inertial Response in Virtual Synchronous Generator: Design and Experimental Validation
Author(s): Georgios Kryonidis

Paper #: 23IPST019
Extraction of Transformer Saturation Curve from Ferroresonance Measurements Based on Nelder- Mead Optimization Method
Author(s): Viktor Milardić

Paper #: 23IPST020
Study on IEEE 2800-2022 Standard Benefits for Transmission Line Protection in the Presence of Inverter-Based Resources
Author(s): Moisés Junior Batista Borges Davi

Paper #: 23IPST021
Transient Performance of a Unified Control System for the Provision of Ancillary Services in Low-Voltage Distribution Networks
Author(s): Kalliopi D. Pippi

Paper #: 23IPST022
Analytical and measurement-based wideband two-port modeling of DC-DC converters for electromagnetic transient studies
Author(s): Pablo Gómez A

Paper #: 23IPST023
High-Frequency Transformer Winding Model with Adequate Protection
Author(s): Farzad Nasirpour

Paper #: 23IPST024
Co-simulation of Real-Time Electromagnetic Transient and Transient Stability Simulations Using Dynamic Phasor T-Line Model
Author(s): Harshani Konara

Paper #: 23IPST025
Impact of Solenoid Effects on Series Impedance of Three-Core Armoured Cables
Author(s): A. I. Chrysochos

Paper #: 23IPST026
A New Resonant Fault Current Limiter for Improved Wind Turbine Transient Stability
Author(s): Baimel Dmitry

Paper #: 23IPST027
Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring: Comparative Analysis of Transient State Clustering Methods
Author(s): Mozaffar Etezadifar

Paper #: 23IPST028
Novel Busbar Protection Scheme for Impedance-earthed Distribution Networks
Author(s): Milan Jankovski

Paper #: 23IPST029
The Swedish Transmission System Operator's Perspective on Planning Series-Compensated Network Sections Containing Wind Power Plants
Author(s): Robert Rogersten

Paper #: 23IPST030
Transient Recovery Voltage Investigation on HV Circuit Breaker in Hydro Power Plant
Author(s): Bozidar Filipovic-Grcic

Paper #: 23IPST031
A Faulty Feeder Selection Method for Distribution Network with Unintentional Resonance in Zero Sequence Circuit
Author(s): Mert Bekir Atsever

Paper #: 23IPST032
Transformer and Line Energisation via Grid Forming Converter based on Multi-Loop Droop Control
Author(s): Zia Emin

Paper #: 23IPST033
Multivariable Analysis and Control of a VSC Back-to-Back Converter Interfacing Two ac Systems
Author(s): Pedro Machado de Almeida

Paper #: 23IPST034
Rural electrification method based on floating wires induced voltage: Technical and economical analysis
Author(s): Joan Sebastian Chaves Huertas

Paper #: 23IPST035
Analysing the Performance of Incremental Quantity based Directional Time-Domain Protection near HVAC Cables and VSC HVDC Converters
Author(s): Joachim Vermunicht

Paper #: 23IPST037
Parametric Study of Equivalent Homogeneous Earth Method for Overhead Lines Above A Multi-Layer Earth
Author(s): Haoyan Xue

Paper #: 23IPST038
An Investigation of Electromagnetic Transient Characteristics on A Practical 500 kV Submarine Cable System
Author(s): Haoyan Xue

Paper #: 23IPST039
Analytical and Numerical Study of an Iron-Core Shunt-Compensation Reactor on a Mixed Transmission Line
Author(s): Nils Pfeifer

Paper #: 23IPST040
Sparse Solver Application for Parallel Real-Time Electromagnetic Transient Simulations
Author(s): Boris Bruned

Paper #: 23IPST041
Neural Architecture Search (NAS) for Designing Optimal Power Quality Disturbance Classifiers
Author(s): Dmitry Baimel

Paper #: 23IPST042
Modeling of a Capacitive Voltage Transformer for Evaluation of Transient Response in Conformity with the IEC 61869-5 Standard
Author(s): Felipe Luis Probst

Paper #: 23IPST043
Power Differential Protection for Half-Wavelength Transmission Lines - Software in the Loop Analysis
Author(s): Aline Flavia Nonato da Costa Moro

Paper #: 23IPST044
Real-Time Wavelet-Based Distribution Systems Disturbances Detection
Author(s): Rodrigo de Almeida Coelho

Paper #: 23IPST045
Transient Overvoltage Transfer and Amplification in a 400kV - A Case Study
Author(s): Selma Awadallah

Paper #: 23IPST046
Analysis of Interactions Among Parallel Grid-Forming Inverters
Author(s): Shaahin Filizadeh

Paper #: 23IPST047
Small Signal Analysis of a Grid-Forming Modular Multilevel Converter with a Novel Virtual Synchronous Generator Control
Author(s): Chen Jiang

Paper #: 23IPST048
An Investigation of Earth and Sea-Return Impedances of Power Electrical Cables
Author(s): Felipe Uribe

Paper #: 23IPST049
Equivalent Grid-Following Inverter-Based Generator Model for Fast Time-Domain Simulations
Author(s): Matheus Bassani Luchini

Paper #: 23IPST050
Re-examination of Small-Signal Instability in Weak Grid-Connected Voltage Source Converters
Author(s): Tao Xue

Paper #: 23IPST051
A Phase-Domain Synchronous Machine Modeling Technique by Using Magnetic Circuit Representation of Armature and Rotor Windings
Author(s): Rikido Yonezawa

Paper #: 23IPST052
Parameter analysis on the Harmonic Amplification for Offshore Wind Power Plants: a Case Study in the Netherlands
Author(s): Fani Barakou

Paper #: 23IPST053
Measurement of Switching Transient Overvoltages with a Capacitive Electric Field Sensor
Author(s): Felipe Luis Probst

Paper #: 23IPST054
Risk of voltage escalation due to a single-phase fault on the ungrounded MV network of an industrial plant
Author(s): Alain Xemard

Paper #: 23IPST055
Polarity Crossover Regions of Transient Earth Fault Relays in Non-Radial Resonant Grounded Networks
Author(s): Thomas Treider

Paper #: 23IPST056
The lightning performance of a 400 kV composite pylon with cable as down-lead
Author(s): Kai Yin

Paper #: 23IPST057
The Principles of a New Line Surge Arrester's Transient Current Measurement System
Author(s): Silvia Sincic

Paper #: 23IPST058
Phasor and EMT Models of Grid-Following and Grid-Forming Converters for Short-Circuit Simulations
Author(s): Vinícius Albernaz Lacerda

Paper #: 23IPST059
Protection Against Sub-Synchronous Oscillations, A Relay Model
Author(s): Dinesh Rangana Gurusinghe

Paper #: 23IPST060
Application of Artificial Intelligence Methods for Determination of Transients in the Power System
Author(s): Selma Grebovic

Paper #: 23IPST061
A New Protection Scheme for Feeders of Microgrids with Inverter-Based Resources
Author(s): Tarlochan Sidhu

Paper #: 23IPST062
An Enhanced Method to Achieve Exact DC Values for Frequency Dependent Transmission lines
Author(s): Jeewantha De Silva

Paper #: 23IPST063
Adaptive fault ride through control of VSM Grid-Forming Converters
Author(s): Ting Lin

Paper #: 23IPST064
Generator Out-of-Step Protection Using the Trajectory of Estimated Relative Speed
Author(s): Kasun Chamara Samarawickrama

Paper #: 23IPST065
On-Line Tracking of Inertia Constants Using Ambient Measurements
Author(s): Eleftherios Kontis

Paper #: 23IPST066
Inertia Estimation of Multi-Area Power Systems Using Tie-Line Measurements and Modal Sensitivity Analysis
Author(s): Eleftherios Kontis

Paper #: 23IPST067
Tribute to Prof. Akihiro Ametani for Contributions to Research on Power System Transients
Author(s): Haoyan Xue

Paper #: 23IPST068
Study of a Numerical Integration Method Using the Compact Scheme for Electromagnetic Transient Simulations
Author(s): Yohei Tanaka

Paper #: 23IPST069
Performance Evaluation of Communication Fabrics for Offline Parallel Electromagnetic Transient Simulation based on MPI
Author(s): Philippe Le-Huy

Paper #: 23IPST070
Inverter Controller with Synthetic Inertia and Adaptive Harmonic Damping Based on Fourier Linear Combiners
Author(s): Thiago Silva Amorim

Paper #: 23IPST071
Secondary Arc Duration on a 380-kV Mixed Transmission Line during SPAR
Author(s): Mustafa Kizilcay

Paper #: 23IPST072
Parallelization of EMT simulations for integration of inverter-based resources
Author(s): Sebastien Dennetiere

Paper #: 23IPST073
Hybrid SVC-VSC Modeling Approaches for Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation
Author(s): Philippe Le-Huy

Paper #: 23IPST074
Lessons Learned in Porting Offline Large-Scale Power System Simulation to Real-Time for Wide Area Monitoring, Protection and Control
Author(s): Philippe Le-Huy

Paper #: 23IPST075
Improved Methods for Optimization of Power Systems with Renewable Generation Using Electromagnetic Transient Simulators
Author(s): Shaahin Filizadeh

Paper #: 23IPST076
Ferroresonance case study in a distribution network and the potential impact of DERs and CVR/VVO
Author(s): Gaurish Gokhale

Paper #: 23IPST077
A Multi-Solver Framework for Co-Simulation of Transients in Modern Power Systems
Author(s): Shaahin Filizadeh

Paper #: 23IPST078
On Control Interaction Studies of HVDC-connected OWFs – Carbon Trust OWA Project
Author(s): Viktor Rudan

Paper #: 23IPST079
LF signal injection for earth-fault localization in unearthed distribution network
Author(s): Nina Stipetic

Paper #: 23IPST080
Modeling and normative instructions for the application of EMTP-based programs in the evaluation of medium voltage circuit-breakers in a real industrial system
Author(s): Murilo Leandro Franco

Paper #: 23IPST081
Fault Diagnosis in Bipolar HVDC Systems Based on Traveling Wave Theory by Monitoring Data From One Terminal
Author(s): Júlio César Cândido Vieira

Paper #: 23IPST082
Analysis and Mitigation of SSCI when Integrating Wind Power to Series Compensated Lines
Author(s): Isabelle Löfgren

Paper #: 23IPST083
Specific aspects of overvoltage protection in hydro power plant considering AIS and GIS connection to the transmission network
Author(s): Bozidar Filipovic-Grcic

Paper #: 23IPST084
33 kV Cable Connector Failures due to Shunt Reactor Switching by Means of Vacuum Circuit Breaker – A Thorough Investigation & Mitigation Analysis
Author(s): Konstantinos Velitsikakis

Paper #: 23IPST085
A New Tool for Calculation of Line and Cable Parameters
Author(s): Jesus Morales Rodriguez

Paper #: 23IPST086
Impact of Autotransformer Inrush Currents on Differential Protection Operation
Author(s): Bozidar Filipovic-Grcic

Paper #: 23IPST087
Modeling Lightning Flashes in Transmission Structures
Author(s): Brandon Steven Ardila

Paper #: 23IPST088
Wideband Model based on Constant Transformation Matrix and Rational Krylov Fitting
Author(s): Ilhan Kocar

Paper #: 23IPST089
An Interpolation-Based Solution to Use Low Sampling Rate Records in Traveling Wave-Based Fault Location Methods
Author(s): Eduardo Passos Aquino Ribeiro

Paper #: 23IPST090
Assessment of Communication Channel Effects on Time-Domain Protection Functions Tripping Times
Author(s): Eduardo Passos Aquino Ribeiro

Paper #: 23IPST091
Squaring and Lowpass Filtering Data-Driven Technique for AC Faults in AC/DC Lines
Author(s): Arif Mehdi

Paper #: 23IPST092
Instant EOFF measurement error in cathodically protected pipelines: A parametric assessment study.
Author(s): Christos Melios

Paper #: 23IPST093
Detection of Secondary Arc Extinction and Autoreclosing in Compensated AC Transmission Lines Based on Machine Learning
Author(s): Muhammad Saad

Paper #: 23IPST094
Comparison of harmonic emission in LV side of a large grid connected PV power plant
Author(s): Sergio Martin-Martinez

Paper #: 23IPST095
Assessment of Traveling Wave-Based Functions in Inverter-Based Resource Interconnecting Lines
Author(s): Felipe Vigolvino Lopes

Paper #: 23IPST096
Three-Parameter ATP/ATPDraw Transmission Line High Impedance Fault Model
Author(s): Felipe Vigolvino Lopes

Paper #: 23IPST097
An Improved High-Accuracy Interpolation Method for Switching Devices in EMT Simulation Programs
Author(s): Kyeon Hur

Paper #: 23IPST098
Evaluation of the Solid-State Breakers on the performance of Power Distribution Grids with high-RES penetration
Author(s): Ioannis F. Gonos

Paper #: 23IPST099
Model Predictive Control for Solid State Transformer
Author(s): Adriano Fazolo Nardoto

Paper #: 23IPST100
A Robust Method for Transmission Line Sequence Parameter Estimation using Synchronised Phasor Measurements
Author(s): Hemantkumar Hariram Goklani

Paper #: 23IPST101
Estimating the Shielding Failure Flashover Rate of Single-Circuit Overhead Lines with Horizontal Phase Configuration via Stochastic Lightning Attachment Simulations
Author(s): Alexios Ioannidis

Paper #: 23IPST102
Enhanced Voltage Relay for AC Microgrid Protection
Author(s): Gabriella Pinheiro Santos

Paper #: 23IPST103
Full-wave Electromagnetic Analysis of Lightning Strikes to Wind Farm Connected to Medium-Voltage Distribution Lines
Author(s): Anderson Ricardo Justo De Araujo

Paper #: 23IPST104
Evaluation of Lightning-Originated Stress on Distribution Class Surge Arresters
Author(s): Fabio Tossani

Paper #: 23IPST105
Inaccuracies Due to the Frequency Warping in Simulation of Electrical Systems Using Combined State-space Nodal Analysis
Author(s): Alexandre Akira Kida

Paper #: 23IPST106
Two-Terminal Traveling-Wave-Based Non-Homogeneous Transmission-Line Protection
Author(s): Jose Raimundo Raimundo Junior

Paper #: 23IPST107
Traveling Wave-Based Fault Locators: Performance Analysis in Series-Compensated Transmission Lines
Author(s): Raphael Leite de Andrade Reis

Paper #: 23IPST108
Characterization of a Capacitive Voltage Divider
Author(s): Jorge Andrés Zamora

Paper #: 23IPST109
A New Sequence Domain EMT-Level Multi-Input Multi-Output Frequency Scanning Method for Inverter Based Resources
Author(s): Lei Meng

Paper #: 23IPST110
A Comparative Study on Frequency Scanning Techniques for Stability Assessment in Power Systems Incorporating Wind Parks
Author(s): Keijo Jacobs

Paper #: 23IPST111
A Travelling Wave-Based Fault Locator for Radial Distribution Systems Using Decision Trees to Mitigate Multiple Estimations
Author(s): Caio Vinicius Colozzo Grilo

Paper #: 23IPST112
Impact of Superconducting Fault Current Limiter with Delayed Recovery on Transient Rotor Angle Stability
Author(s): Rohit Shrikrushnarao Thute

Paper #: 23IPST113
Single-phase PV Generator Model for Distribution Feeders Considering Voltage Ride Through (VRT) Conditions
Author(s): Luann Georgy Oliveira Queiroz

Paper #: 23IPST114
From pole-to-ground fault current return paths in a meshed HVDC network to a grounding modelling simplification for protection studies
Author(s): Myriam Ratajczyk

Paper #: 23IPST115
Grid-Forming Control VSC-Based Including Current Limitation and Re-synchronization Functions to Deal with Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Faults
Author(s): Taoufik Qoria

Paper #: 23IPST116
Phasor Correction of Coupling Capacitor Voltage Transformers for High-Performance Protection
Author(s): Eubis Pereira Machado

Paper #: 23IPST117
Tower-foot Grounding Model for EMT programs Based on Transmission Line Theory and Marti's Model
Author(s): Rafael Alipio

Paper #: 23IPST118
One-Terminal Traveling Wave-Based Transmission Line Protection for LCC-HVDC Systems
Author(s): Rafael Lucas da Silva França

Paper #: 23IPST119
Admittance-Based Modeling of Cables and Overhead Lines by Idempotent Decomposition
Author(s): Felipe Camara

Paper #: 23IPST120
Unified MANA-Based Load-Flow for Multi-Frequency Hybrid AC/DC Multi-Microgrids
Author(s): Nasim Rashidirad

Paper #: 23IPST121
Evaluation of Single-Ended Impedance-Based Transmission Fault Location Using Fixed and Variable Window Phasor Estimation Approaches
Author(s): Raphael Leite de Andrade Reis

Paper #: 23IPST122
Small-Argument Analytical Expressions for the Calculation of the Ground-Return Impedance and Admittance of Underground Cables
Author(s): Alberto De Conti

Paper #: 23IPST123
An investigation of distance protection function applied for shunt reactors
Author(s): Maria Leonor Silva Almeida

Paper #: 23IPST124
Comparison of Internal Voltage Vectors of DFIG-based Wind Turbine Generator and Synchronous Generator during Asymmetrical Fault
Author(s): Ilhan Kocar

Paper #: 23IPST125
Overvoltages Due to Line Faults on a HWL Transmission Line: Corona Effect and Mitigation Techniques
Author(s): Thassio Matias Pereira

Paper #: 23IPST126
Accuracy Analysis using the EMD and VMD for Two-Terminal Transmission Line Fault Location Based on Traveling Wave Theory
Author(s): Andressa Pereira Oliveira

Paper #: 23IPST127
Modeling and Studying the Impact of Dynamic Reactive Current Limiting in Grid-Following Inverters for Distribution Network Protection
Author(s): Sara Ahmed

Paper #: 23IPST128
Low-Sampling Frequency Two-terminal Traveling Wave-based Overhead Transmission Line Protection
Author(s): Flavio Bezerra Costa

Paper #: 23IPST129
On-site Measurement of the Hyteresis curve for improved Modelling of Transformers
Author(s): Juan Velásquez

Paper #: 23IPST130
Analysis of Overvoltages Across Line Insulator Strings Considering the Ground-Wire and Phase Conductors Corona
Author(s): Thassio Matias Pereira

Paper #: 23IPST131
Insulation Coordination for HVAC Cable Sheath Bonding Systems in Mixed OHL-UGC Connections Using the Lightning Statistics: A Case Study for the Dutch 110 kV Transmission Grid
Author(s): Konstantinos Velitsikakis

Paper #: 23IPST132
Assessment of the Transmission Line Theory in the Modeling of Multiconductor Underground Cable Systems for Transient Analysis Using a Full-Wave FDTD Method
Author(s): Naiara Duarte

Paper #: 23IPST133
A Novel Approach to Power Loss Calculation for Power Transformers Supplying Nonlinear Loads
Author(s): Kfir J Dagan

Paper #: 23IPST134
Differences on the response of transmission lines subjected to the currents of negative and positive lightning flashes: influence of ground terminations
Author(s): Silvério Visacro

Paper #: 23IPST135
Modeling Guyed Towers of Transmission Lines in the Assessment of Backflashover Occurrence
Author(s): Fernando Henrique Silveira

Paper #: 23IPST136
An investigation of factors affecting Fast-Interaction Converter-driven Stability in Microgrids
Author(s): Georgia Saridaki

Paper #: 23IPST137
Transient Overvoltages due to Intermittent-Ground Faults in an Industrial Power System Grounded by a Resistance connected to the Secondary of a Grounding Transformer
Author(s): Rodrigo Sousa Ferreira

Paper #: 23IPST138
A Steady-State Initialization Procedure for Generic Voltage-Source Converters in Electromagnetic Transient Simulations
Author(s): Guilherme Cirilo Leandro

Paper #: 23IPST139
A Study of Harmonics in a Dedicated Cable Supply System to Feed EV Fast Chargers
Author(s): Takuya Shoji

Paper #: 23IPST140
Passivity Enforcement of Wideband Model through a New and Full Perturbation Formulation
Author(s): Ilhan Kocar

Paper #: 23IPST141
Implications of faults on insulation coordination of dedicated metallic return on bipolar HVDC overhead transmission lines
Author(s): Domagoj Hart